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Communities left in chaos as government stop housing market renewal

8 Dec 2010

The Government have withdrawn all new funding for housing market renewal (HMR), leaving hundreds of people living in appalling conditions, surrounded by boarded up houses, suffering rodent infestation, anti-social behaviour and dumped rubbish. Also many thousands of residents are living in communities that have derelict land and derelict buildings making their neighbourhoods dysfunctional, unhealthy and devalued.

HMR was a 15 year project that would have achieved investment from the government of £500m and attracted external investment of around £2 billion during its life and was intended to work in 19 neighbourhoods in Oldham to improve housing, living conditions, and bring about radical change in resident’s lives in the Borough.

After seven years the Government have abandoned the scheme and thrown local resident’s lives into chaos.

Without resources to finish what has been started, some areas will be left largely unoccupied and boarded up with a number of owner-occupying residents left isolated and potentially vulnerable. Michael Meacher MP said ‘

This is a disaster for Oldham and in particular Werneth and Derker, where HMR investment is part way complete, leaving the rest of the area derelict for what could be years. This cut back is totally irresponsible without an exit strategy; whole communities will be living in dereliction and squalor. I will be making representations to the Government and supporting an adjournment debate in Parliament. As well as writing to Oldham Council demanding any resources left in this year HMR programme is devoted to stabilising the areas of derelict homes.’

HMR was to bring about transformational change building up to 12, 000 new homes, changing the infrastructure of areas, refurbishing thousands of homes and demolishing derelict and little used industrial and commercial properties.

Cllr Fida Hussain said

I am outraged that this government can leave whole areas abandoned and derelict with so many people living in these areas. I have been approached by many of my constituents who are heartbroken and in despair at this government’s actions.’


  1. Brenley says:

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thgins like that?

    1. Chris says:

      I think I love you! You’ve got my vote! We, your Wilshire nhbgeiors, will be behind you tomorrow all the way. Thank you for being a voice of reason and real people.

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