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Youth Unemployment at Record High

Unemployment jumped in the final three months of 2010 by 44,000 to 2.5 Million, a jobless rare of 7.9%

Youth unemployment rate is now 20.5% following a rise of 66,000 in the last quarter of the year making almost 1 MILLION young people out of work.  THE HIGHEST FIGURE SINCE RECORDS BEGAN.


Michael Meacher MP said,

 This is a disgrace and a tragedy for a generation of young people.  Youth unemployment is a loss for the whole community not just the young.  This Government is failing miserably to get youth unemployment under control, in fact, their actions of slashing spending across the Public Sector is increasing the problem significantly.

Unless rapid action is taken on this issue it will lead to disaffection among young people and will ultimately lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour and crime.  The vast majority of young people want to work, to contribute to society and have some control over their own lives.  At the moment they are finding this very difficult because they are being denied their right to work.

Young people have been targeted by this Con/Dem Government by the withdrawal of Education Support Grant, most benefits and rising tuition fees along with most central training projects being cut. There is also the knock on to the economy, unemployed people of whatever age cost the country money, how will young people ever be able to save for their old age, which is what this Government want people to do, if they are not earning money.  It just does not make sense.  Let’s hope that this Government see that their actions are harmful not only to young people but to our society as a whole and change their course.”



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    And I thgohut I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me straight.

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