Destination of the species: the riddle of human existence

For a year, from when the date was set, I had been looking forward to Friday 29 January, until it was rather soured a fortnight ago by being named as the time when Blair would defend his infamous record over Iraq at the Chilcot Inquiry. On, I hope, a rather more uplifting note, my book ‘Destination of the Species: the Riddle of Human Existence’ is being published today by o-books, which seeks to answer some very fundamental about the universe and the meaning of human existence.
It is a systematic review of all the scientific evidence which shows that the Dawkins and neo-Darwinian view that the universe is driven by pitiless, directionless chance is seriously wrong and misleading. The evidence shows: astronomically precise fine-tuning in the construction of the universe; early life driven for billions of years by symbiotic and cooperative networking, not blindly by mutations; and the spontaneous transposition of matter and energy into new higher organisational states at certain thresholds of complexity both in biological and cosmological systems.

Instead of an analytic, reductionist and arbitrary model of the universe, it uncovers a dramatically different subjective, holistic and purposeful one. The book is not parti pris, not written from the propagandistic viewpoint either of science or religion, rather that of a spiritual agnostic. It is written as a sceptical searching after how all the component parts of human experience fit together within a single indivisible reality, and what that totality means.
The book comprehensively analyses the scientific evidence from the origin and development of the universe, the origin and evolution of life forms on Earth, the absurdly unlikely but probably inevitable evolution of the human species, and the intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual uniqueness of humans. It repeatedly asks the central question: what does all this mean? What is it telling us?
The evidence shows that religion and science, so far from being incompatible, are in fact mutually complementary, though based on very different paradigms of experience. The book reveals how the latest scientific findings about a designed and purposeful organisation of the universe and of life forms within itpoint to an ultimate reality, not of the human race as the summit of evolution, but of an overarching cosmic plan of which we may be a key part.

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  1. I received a pre-publication copy of Destination of the Species for review. You may not have received your contractual author copies yet, so I wanted to bring to your attention that the publishers have left out all the reference numbering, severely reducing the value of your 143 refs. You may want to contact O Books about this!! My Amazon revue (temporarily withheld) suggests withdrawing the book until these are inserted!! Regards, Howard Jones, Brynteg, Whitland, Carms SA34 0BH

  2. i loved listening to you on coast to coast last night. since 1990 i’ve been consumed with everything you talked about last night. i agree with much of what you say except for the point you made about it not being possible to find out what god is. i agree with steven hawkings on this point. you probably assume i disagree with the whole thing, but that’s not the case.

    i have an m.s. in physics from a university in america, but unfortunately i’m just like the guy you are defending with aspergers. i discovered a pair of equations that can easily be derived from conservation of momentum and energy for an electron-positron pair annihilation process in a moving frame. both equations begin with mc^2=.

    it means god can be summarized for all practical purposes in an 8 word statement.

    if copper is high, molybdenum is low, iron.

    i don’t read books anymore, but i’m seriously thinking about getting yours because when you talk it sounds the way i feel when i think.

  3. we very much enjoyed your discussion of this material and your views expressed on the Coast to Coast am radio show. thank you for such an effort.

  4. I just heard about your book last night on CoasttoCoastAM. I will look for a copy. I am trained, as most US physicians, to believe that science answers all (and who knows, maybe it will) but I’m with you in believing there is a force to be dealt with in the Universe. I wish everyone could go through the first two years of medical school and find the wonder of the human body and it’s magnificence. It is such a complex machine (haha) that it is hard to imagine it occurred by chance. It changed my life and the way I look at the Universe. Keep up the good work, you have already impressed on person a long way away.

    Jeffrey W. Bleakly, MD

  5. Mr. Meacher:

    Your interview on Coast to Coast was excellent and I look forward to (buying) reading your book. The only “bad” part about the interview was the interviewer. Mr. Noory is a nice guy, but he was completely unable to ask any of questions that would/could have expand the discussion to an even more enlightening level. Regardless, you acquitted yourself very well.

  6. Dear MP Meacher,
    Along with many, I greatly enjoyed your explainations regarding your book and world view on Coast to Coast. I agree that your point of view that the natural laws that govern the function of the universe are to well tuned to be random in their origins. Moreover you correctly stated that for a creator-god to create beings with whom he was to have a meaningful relationship required that there be free choice, free will, on both parts to imbrace or reject the conditions for that relationship. It came through clearly in the interview that you have closely investagated the history and story of the God of the Bible and there we learn that evil in this world is a consiquence of man’s rejection of the condition for relationship. From that wrong choice we see the deadly disease of evil everywhere around and in us today. However, that wrong choice did not deter the God of the Bible from re-establishing the lost relationship. He first promices and then sends a deliver who permanantly deals with the disease of evil in our lives. I am sure you know this story.
    I would suggest [I beg your pardon for thinking I can] that you might now investigate whether the eye wittnesses who recorded their observations about Jesus of Nazareth can be believed. In the end we [I include myself] must answer two questions:
    1. Does Jesus’ miracles prove that he is The Son of Man?
    2. Did God validate his sacrifice on the cross by raising him from the dead?
    The lives of the eye wittnesses who saw him raised from the dead were totally transformed. Perhaps these are the kind of people you are longing to find in this world.

  7. Hi, another Coast listener, great show. Time originates FROM God, God is OUTSIDE of time, of course it’s so obvious. Can’t believe how long I’ve been pondering this question, I feel so silly now.LOL No wonder I couldn’t grasp it. I’m getting this book. Primeminister Meacher!

    Kaf Kensington, songwriter

  8. I was surprised to hear you on coast to coast,enjoyed the show.I live in Chelmsford(UK)we download the shows off of the internet.As you said at the end it is a shame we don’t have anything like it over here in the UK.Cheers

  9. Just wanted to say, many thanks for the ‘Destination of the Species’ book. Although I don’t claim to understand all of the science (I know more about cosmology than biology), nevertheless you have brought together the information in a clear and accessible way.

    You have explored related questions about the universe, evolution and spirituality coherently. Personally, having asked myself a number of these questions in a far more superficial way, I found this very helpful.

    I think at the end I was expecting you to bring it all together in a neatly – tied reconciliation of all the various strands, but wisely I think, you didn’t do this. Instead you leave the reader with paradox – and perhaps paradox is all we have.

    Many thanks once again!

  10. Dear Sir,
    What can I say? As you know from our brief conversation at Winchester writers conference we are on different sides of the political ‘divide’.
    The amount of research which must have gone into this work beggars belief. The end result is testament to your intellect, which in turn begs the question, why an M.P rather than an ‘Oxbridge’ professor?
    Quite how so much information and reasoned discussion can be incorporated in such a volume is beyond me.
    Any one who is remotely interested in anything from the origins of the universe, religion, never mind life in general and mankind in particular really ought to read this book.
    Somehow Mr Meacher has managed to make these huge issues comprehensible to the likes of little old me. The logic of his arguments is relatively easy to follow, and his conclusions make sense.
    This is worrying when you consider the future, there are simply too many of us and I totally agree with him, the seeds of mankind’s’ demise are rooted in greed. Is this inevitable? Probably, considering the seemingly insatiable need to accumulate wealth and possessions.
    As to the role of religion [various] could be this down to an inherent insecurity of man, and the need for a ‘moral prop’ to help cope with an ever changing, often incomprehensible world. Just a thought.
    I also agree with the underlying theory the various religions are not a case of right or wrong, but simply different. What is right for one may not be right for another. All that is required for peaceful co-existance is an acceptance of this, to me, simple premise.
    As to how to deal with the ‘greed problem’, this is open, one thing is crystal clear from Mr Meacher’s remarkable book, a way has to be found, and quickly if we are not to go the same way as those we evolved from!
    For anyone with any interest in life this is a ‘MUST READ’.
    Sir, I take my hat of to you.
    All the best Paul Rix [oldgeezer]

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