The security services are out of control

Britain’s involvement in rendition is, like the early stages of the Murdoch hacking scandal, a vital issue where the evidence initially is sparse, but there is enough to suspect that this is a far bigger scandal here than has yet been admitted.   The claims of Binyam Mohammed that he was abducted and tortured in one country after another were at first dismissed, but are now found to be true.   Another rendered terrorist suspect, Rangzieb Ahmed, had his fingernails torn out, but though a British citizen his claims have not yet been investigated in court.   Other British ex-inmates of Guantanamo tell similar stories of questioning under torture in rendered destinations such as Syria, Jordan or Morocco where it is claimed British security officers worked closely with the actual torturers.   And now we know by chance, from discoveries in government buildings in Tripoli after the fall of Gadaffi, that Abdel Hakim Belhaj

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