How many hundreds has Atos Healthcare killed so far?

Last Thursday I used an Adjournment debate I had won in the Common ballot to raise the tragedy of one of my comnstituents, Colin Traynor.   He was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy at the age of 14 months.   At the age of 25 in 2008, striving to be independent, he was interviewd at Oldham Jobcentre to try to find an employer who would be willing to give him a job.   Remploy was contacted, but assessed his condition as so severe that he was deemed unemployable.   In August 2011 he got a letter from DWP, again summoning him for a medical assessment.   On the Atos Healthcare work capability assessment scale he was awarded 6 points, but told he needed 18.   He was judged fit for work, and for that reason was told by letter on 19 December that his Incapacity Benefit was being cut by £70 a week.   Colin worried he would lose his home, not be able to pay his bills or even afford food to eat.   His health deteriorated, his seizures increased due to stress, and he lost a lot of weight.   On 3 April this year he had a massive seizure that killed him.

This is far from an isolated case.   After my speech in the House I received several other similar heart-rending accounts by email.   I quote from two:

“I was sent to an Atos fit-for-work assessment medical.   I was unwell at the medical and pointed out I have had 7 heart attacks, 2 of which were within the prior 18 months.   At the medical the doctor took my blood pressure with a machine and it read 174 over 145.   She said That’s high, so took it on the othjer arm, and it read 172 over 142.   Then the doctor said The machine must be broken, you look fine to me.   That is the first time I have known a doctor to see visually that a person’s blood pressure is fine.   As I walked out, I asked for my taxi fares, and was told I am not entitled any.   As I walked to get a taxi, I got about 50 feet from the medical centre door and had a heart attack…..10 days after the medical I was allowed home (from Hospital), only to find that I was found fit for work in a letter and all my benefits were stopped”.

“I have been fighting for 18 months now for DWP to accept that my clinical depression rules out my capacity to work for the foreseeable future………How many people who have been mentally ill for 15 years or more have found lasting jobs after being forced onto JSA?   The real purpose of this process is to force mentally ill people to live on less money and ‘look for work’.   In my opinion every Conservative and Liberal /democrat minister is guilty of murder.   I am 52, and have never been so terrified (literally terrified) of what this government will do next”.


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  1. I have been to atos three times passed one medical failed 2 with 6 point won two appeals i have to go again on monday for the fourth time,what more do there need to know,hate atos just tell so many lies

  2. I was seen by two doctors a one was being trained I was a postman for 20 years but had to retire because of ill health.I have been blind in one eye since birth I was asked by the doctor if I thought that just having sight in one eye was different to seeing out of both I asked How should I know as I do not know what it is like to see with two eyes. Just think of it this way if I get something in my good eye I will be near blinded but with two eyes there is still one to see with.

  3. I was recently at an atos wca iwas in pain during the assessment.the hcp asked if I was in pain I answered yes.5.5 months later I received a letter the hcp observed no pain.I fully explained my conditions and how I can’t function due to nerve dammage ticks seven degenerated discs and my complex regional pain syndrome.I also suffer axiety stress and depression.

    The atos nurse said I sat for 30 mins which contradicts my medical of 10.18am till 10.43 am by their clock.

    They edited my answers into their favour by lies and missing out vital information I gave,of both conditions.

    The discriptors are the biggest load of rubbish I ever read.if you do one thing undermental health in your favour they document the one you did not do and use it against you.

    We are the victims of a state who refuses to acknowledge it maims people physically and mentally.

    NI should be abbolished as it does not pay out this is an abbuse of peoples trust.disabled people did not create austerity fsa goverment banks and world wide bad lending did.

    This government will withdraw more subsidised work for disabled remploy a prime example.there is no change to employers,insurers,or governments own attitudes to illness stinks.

    Human rights is our only hope even now this act seems to be taking a back door to governments what you must to survive fight appeal whatever it takes to get this crooked organisation fired from its contract.

    If any of you wonder I worked for sixteen years before injury,thus far in seven years I had my money stopped six times but I still fight.don’t give up people.fight for your rights.

  4. Such a pity the cumulative assessment vote was lost. I am wondering if next time it would be a good idea to focus more on the harm that is caused by the cumulative effect of government cuts and u turns. It was great to hear so many Opposition MPs on the subject and the case studies were moving but I felt there was no decisive summing up by one representative.

    Proving the WCA kills is very difficult. Proving harm would be much easier. Perhaps a survey with 6 questions using a lickert scale?

  5. Iain Duncan Smith: Do you not fear god? You will get to face him one day, he is keeping up with your cruelty on earth – don’t forget that.

  6. Iain Duncan Smith: Do you not fear god? You will get to face him one day, he is keeping up with your cruelty on earth – don’t forget that.

  7. What happened to having a duty of care?, I have lost more than 2 years progress cos of these benefit making my goal of returning to work and moving past my physical restrictions a lot harder to achieve… to be frank I have half a mind to find a lawyer that will take on Atos healthcare/the current government and start a class action law suit against them, far too many people have been hurt by this (and it just seems to be the genuine cases that have been effected by it).

  8. When I went for my WCA in November 2012, I mentioned to the so called assessor that I didn’t go out when the weather was bad such as snow and ice. I also said that I didn’t go out pubbing and clubbing it. The idiot assessor said that I had a problem with going out full stop. When she asked me to get on to a couch for a ‘physical examination’. I explained to her that the couch was too high and, as such, I couldn’t get on to the said couch, she apologised for the fact that she couldn’t lower said couch but there was a step there and she would help me to get onto the couch which she did. On the report, she had put that I had trouble getting on to the couch but did so without any help. The assessor even spent a few minutes admiring the earrings I was wearing at the time!!

    I go for my Tribunal hearing on 28th August so wish me luck.

    I suffer from arthritis and I am my mother’s carer. My mother is 81 and has a serious heart condition. I have to take my mum for doctor’s and hospital appointments and I also sort her prescriptions. As my mother has been turned down for attendance allowance, I cannot claim carer’s allowance. I, along with many other carers, save this country millions of pounds and yet we are treated like rubbish.

  9. Dear Mr. Meacher,

    I have a daughter with learning difficulties – somehow I have got through the ghastly reassessment process and my daughter is in the support group – however I know a number of young people like her who are not and are upset and confused by their constant calls to the job centre – I can’t believe a labour government started this whole ghastly process of assessment, but what is even more unbelievable is that Liberal democrats who I have voted for for years are doing nothing about it while they have some power. Please will you and other mps like you continue your work against this attack on the sick and disabled.

    yours sincerely


  10. Just want to say thank you for raising awareness of what ATOS/DWP are doing to our most vulnerable citizens. There should be many more MPs speaking out. It is not only the disabled who are affected. It’s shameful treatment all round from the DWP. Perhaps one day someone will finally be held to account. I hope so.

  11. Funny how the majority of ATOS[sers] assessments are for 6 points ?
    I received 6 points for bad hearing…and none for COPD or the ruptured disc and severe sciatica which, at that time, I was suffering from. Fortunately I have since retired.
    Examined by a “health professional” who was not a doctor, and not a nurse (I asked if the person was a doctor or nurse, and was told “No, but I’m a registered health professional”)
    They required written permission to access my health records, but did not ask my surgery for the records. My records are not held on any other system.

  12. I have had nothing but trouble with ATOS they use any means or excuse even a stupid missing national insuraance number on a doctors sick note to use as a reason not to pay you if not recieved by a said stupid date they deem fit.They have not payed me today this should be considered neglect as well because what they should do if it is not recieved yet although unlikely as was sent friday last week by recorded delivery,but any way they should pay an emergency payment that is issued immediately as someone like my self may barely make ends meet then be on the last scrap of money to live on,all that over a national insurance number they already have from other forms and is no excusew to cut your claim or set the payment date back to possibly use as an excuse to earn some extra interest when the payment stays in the bank.It’s just a stupid unacceptable position as they have the ni number,rest assured guys i’m going to my local MP for a fourth time it’s already a case he’s involved with i suggest everyone do this in neglectful cases they would eventualy be replaced because they are not deemed fit to be in the job role.

  13. The other matter with ATOS delaying payments and stopping payments to customers is that basicaly they should have onus placed on them for any missed payments to the bank as a resulting factor of any stoppages,i am still debating taking them to court for the last time as i incurred bank charges of around £40 for missed payments and had £0.00 for over 6 weeks,i was told this only “ask the state for food” my question in my mind at that point was which membewr of the state do i ask as i was left high and dry with no clue then,also mobile networks like 3 network prohibit 0800 for free and even regular landline numbers cost the customer just to call them,they should be forced to make mobile calls free on all networks for benefits agencies,all that because of a stupid questionaire,they actualy completed the fitness for work questionaire on the phone with me so why the hell is this then required in paper form? And why should they be allowed to waste tax payers money bombarding me and other customers with unescissary piles of letters that confuse me/others and i am unable to fill out my self any way? My particular case has gone to the house of commons and was aknowledged by another MP when mentioned who apparently had my info forwarded to him yet he hasn’t responded or even remotely bothered about it as far as can be seen so far this is weeks to a month ago now as well.But it does seem that ATOS aren’t scared of consequences,so we’ll just have to see how they fair if payment is not made to me in the next 48hrs then because it’s going straight back to the MP

  14. I have atos on the twenty fifth im not fit for work but i could kill murder all the scottish atos workers at york place this is how the english are getting to the scottish buy having english law in another country scotland no wonder the scotlish hate all the people in london england cant take over the world so it s going to fuck scotland up its scotlands oil and gas england wants that money ,scotland will be independant soon get this english law and money out of scotland were getting our country back get rid of police english law disgusting

  15. I would recommend people go and read Francesca Martinez’s WoW epetition- you will see it starts “We call for a cumulative assessment…”. Please sign it too, don’t let the location worry you either. IDS and McVey may be questioned about some of the issues.

  16. have suffered fibromyalgia 50 years now unable to work , was sent too one of these medical assessment farces got “0” points, appealed got to see another dodgy doctor, saw the first doctor whilst in waiting area, went over to him and told him how unprofessio nal he was and what a disgrace to his profession etc, he escorted me away from the cctv into a quiet corridor then walked off , i went and sat down having had my “polite” whinge , shortly after police arrive then im arrested !! yikes !! , this aprox 6ft4″ giant white south african doctor had claimed i had assaulted him verbally and physically!!, luckily for me a young lady his next patient had seen and heard everything , the police released me and refused to do anything about his actions err indeed ejecting me from the building 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. The reform of the WCA is the responsibility of parliament. Please go and look at Tyneside Mind’s excellent film “But I’m here for mental health” on youtube…

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  20. firstly this is rubbish, everyone know’s that all MP’s have to vote on what the DWP & atos do to the sick and ill and every MP voted the changes for the sick to save over 2.6 billion resulting in more and more people becoming very ill and sick, 2009 I was diagnosed with spin damage that press against my spine and result in weakness in the leg’s, as L2 to L5 in the spine have crushed/dehydrated/ruptured, along with left ankle tendon damage that is not repairing, I was accused of refusing to do a medical but turned up for it, if I refused to do the medical why would I turn up for it, this resulted in a combination combined that my left knee meniscus, the hardened bone between the joint’s ripping from the bone and resulting in me know having to have surgery that will make it even more stress, on top of this I find I have a heart condition, I suffer from depression and have on one occasion last year contemplated not being here any more (suicide for those who dont understand), government is doing a saddam hussain by a pen, if I could vote to dissolve government of what you have done to me and other’s I would do it in a heart beat make no mistake!!!,

  21. i am an ex drug addict(crack and heroin). I have been clean for a year now and even had a letter from the Herts CHIEF iNSPECTOR of police noting that he had not ever seen a change in a person like me in the 20 years hes been a policeman. Four weeks ago I got the dreaded ATOS letter telling me to travel all the way to Luton to see a healthcare professional. Even before I arrived I was upset, angry, depressed…I have issues. When the “doctor” asked me about my mental health I asked if she had any background in mental health issues and it turned out she wasnt even a doctor. I am uncomfortable talking about these issuesbut was expected to tell a stranger with no knowledge of me, mental health or my situation. I was signed off for life and am due to go to the Lister Hospital tomorrow(Thursday 26/6/2014).I am finding that trying to build my life from a 20year drug addiction and no close people around(all my family are dead now)is just too difficult. The only thing I have of any value and the thing that saved me from drug addiction is my I-Pad. According to the guy who lets me help him out at a recording studio, I am the hardest working musician alive. I was nearly happy for the first time ever. Since ATOS sent me the appointment, of which I cancelled 3 times, threatening to stop the pittance on which I survive, I eventually got to Luton. But got asked to leave. All I had to do was answer a few questions…but I couldnt. I was face to face with the people who have caused my depression and then expected to talk to them about something I hate thinking about, let alone telling others about. And even if Id have told her the situation it would have done no good as there is no way Id pass their test. Right now I am considering selling the only love of my life, my I-Pad so I can fund 5 bags of heroin so I can end this. Unfortunately the needle exchange is closed hence I have time to write this. The last song im happy with is titled “Suicide Song”. Its so apt in its chords and their progressions. Very simple 4/4 arrangement which is usually something I stay away from but it just works perfectly. And because I dont have the money to buy an audio interface or decent mic, I can not put the guitar or vocals on it.
    One day I pray that ATOS people will feel part of what I feel and if so…Welcome to Hell.

  22. yes,atos are stone cold killers,corperate murder as a company ignore health and safety law,people have died,they must be reigned in an serv people right or be disolved,death by any means of abuse or neglect is murder.

  23. You are, Mr, part of Government, so you should know that rules for assessments were created by Givernment and NOT Atos! Atos was told to follow rules as part of contract with DWP. If you don’t know that, you are not good MP.
    Regards –

  24. i was diagnosed with a cripling illness that has made most of my fingers useless and painfull i have had this since 1999 several operations and steroids pumped ino fingers this conditions ias getting worse and i have been found fit to work .i no whats comming next and am not going thru there hoops anymore i am in a mental health unit as i attemped sucide and i will try again when free and pray dear god that it works this time

  25. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I have fought with ATOS for years to have my condition recognised. Years of being called a sponger and a liar. After I finally got my case seen in court I was given my ESA and PIP and I thought the fight was over for a little while. Yet I have been harassed through a company called avanta who are trying to get me ready for work. I am so ill I cannot leave my house because of anxiety. Now, ATOS are after me again. I am filled with dread. I don’t know if I can face another encounter with them.

    I can’t help it, I just keep thinking it would be easier if I were dead. Then I could stop fighting. I am so tired of fighting.

  26. I have just cancelled my PIP Assessment Appointment. I am not well enough to face the demented holy war this government has declared on people with genuine disabilities. Congratulations David Cameron, you have managed to defeat another disabled person so they wont be costing you any money.

  27. Hi, my son, has epilepsy he went yesterday to an Atos medical assessment, as we walked to the room and sat down I said to the women hcp that I would be recording the assessment.she got realy defensive and said no you cannot so I said ok I will require a copy of your report she wasn’t happy about it bout she said yes I have been told these hcp lie on reports and I needed some sort of back up if this goes to tribunal she was very inappropriate with the way she spoke tomy son told him he would grow out of his epilepsy.wich he was told by a neurologist he won’t I am so angry about that by son didn’t need that comment.

  28. im a 45 year old diabetic with bam/bsm and colitis and my disabled partner karen suffers from servere epilepsy she has two boys from previous marriage who are both autistic the youngest gets no help at all and the older 21 year old has had his dla cut by (notgiving)atos to £20 per week. im lucky i can still just about work with my problems having to change from lorry driver to fork lift driver because of bowel problems….. working tax credit is a joke we have to fund the 21 year olds life as he cant work and gets no benefits we have two kids 21 and 15 who both have low mental ages and cant be trusted to be left alone but either are not autistic enough to get dla/pip the stress of bills debts and keeping these guys is awfull stress causes me problems and increases karens fits. but no help . ive found out that if i went off sick we would be better off financially. atos your scumbags with no medical knowledge just making a fortune creating misery for others…..

  29. I was sent for an esa Atos assesment in Jan 2013, I was asked a lot of questions about my health all of which I answered truthfully. then I was asked stupid questions like how often do you speak to your son? have you been to a super market recently to buy food? I answered i speak to my son often and yes i was at a supermarket last week my perants took me as i cannot travel on public transport due to spinal problems and do not have a driving licence due to sleep apnea..

    On the descriptor it said can carry out his weekly shopping unaided and carry it home. has no problem in conversing with people and contrary to claims of no feeling in all fingers on both hands can text his son regular on his mobile phone.. I recieved a letter from DWP saying I was fit for work as I had gained no points on the descriptors.

    I appealed went to the tribunal on the 2nd jan 2014 after supplying the tribunal with documents supplied by my Doctor and various consultants from the hospital.

    My appeal was succesful and I was awarded 30 points. Since then I attempted to claim PIP, Again I was refused by Atos telling lie after lie in their report. I appealed again and won. Now here is the crunch my health has deteriated and both doctors and consultants said I should be on a higher rate of PIP. I claimed again also sent to Atos again now awaiting to see what lies they have told this time. I especially made a point of telling the assessor that I had assessments by them before and that their reports were not in my favour but I won the appeals each time. Her reply was really? that is unusual our assesments are rarely that inaccurate. (yet another lie from them)

  30. Are people asking to see the HCP credentials ?
    Why are these cases in the hands of unprofessionals? It is so obvious that people are being set up, something needs to be done.

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