Atos debate in the House now fixed for Thursday 17 January

I am very pleased to announce that the elected Back-Bench Business Committe in the Commons has now arranged for a full 3-hour debate on Atos work capability assessments to take place in the main chamber (not in Westminster Hall where there has already previously been a debate on Atos) on Thursday 17 January starting shortly after 11am.   I have already spoken to a large number of Members of all parties and am assured there will be a big turnout, so that people in a large number of constituencies (perhaps as many as 30) will be directly represented in the debate.   I hope the speeches will cover a great many cases, though tragically there are so many hundreds of horrifying accounts flooding into MPs’ that not all of them can be specifically included.   However I’m sure this will be a breakthrough in the fight against this appalling injustice, and we must all organise to ensure that it is.

I have myself received hundreds of heart-rending accounts from all over the country, and it’s difficult to do justice to the fear, indignity, distress and panic attacks that have been perpetrated on so many hundreds of thousands of disabled people (a total of 1.6 million recipients of Incapacity Benefit now being assessed at the rate of 10,000 a week).   I just give a handful of examples:

*  “I went in to the assessment expecting a medical.   What followed was the most humiliating experience of my life.   The Atos ‘medic’ treated me worse than a piece of shit on his shoe.   For 40 minutes I was subjected to his disapproving and disbelieving glare every time I opened my mouth to answer on of the very personal questions.   I felt stripped of all dignity, belittled and degraded”.

 *  “I live with the constant fear that if my mental health gets worse again, I will be left with nothing.   Because of Atos’ quotas and inhuman tests, I feel that I am living without a safety net.   I’m only a few steps away from living on the streets because I know I will be denied benefits as have thousands of others because mental illness is invisible and easy to deny”.

*  “I have a genetic, debilitating, degenerative condition that has no treatment and no cure.   Even when Atos knows I can’t even attend one of their centres and has to send a doctor out to my home, why then do they start the whole procedure again and again?”

There’s a great deal to be said about reforming a patently flawed and failing system.   As Linda, DPAC co-founder, has written: “The original groups, i.e. the support group and WRAG, are totally wrong.   Because of this some people who have physical disabilities but who WITH THE RIGHT SUPPORT could work (if there were any jobs available) go into the support group because they can’t touch their nose, lift a pint of milk above their heads, etc., while people with mental health conditions, fluctuating impairments, or who have long-term illnesses are found fit for work simply because they can do a range of simple physical tasks, and that is more or less all the WCA tests for – purely functional abilityand the ability to do something once not repeatedly”.

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  1. This government is the worst national government since the rise of Adolf Hitler. They have introduced measures akin to themes found in the Movie “Schindlers list”…IE the fitness test by Nazi Doctors in the movie compares readily to the nature of ATOS medicals. Both forget the remit of the Hypocratic Oath and act as puppets to their political masters.

    The fact that there are some 73 suicides a week in response to governmental directives…Means we have a situation that I believe is “murder by proxy”…Cameroon and Clegg have a lot to answer for!

  2. My young DeafBlind student does not wish to draw any attention to herself but I think it is important that her experience is known about. She was called in for a mandatory WCA before Christmas and attended with a support worker from her sheltered housing to interpret for her. After contracting meningitis when she was a year old, this young woman was left with deteriorating sight and hearing and ataxia, resulting in mobility and balance difficulties (she is able to ‘lurch’ along rather than walk, has slow, slurred and delayed speech and needs sign language support to be able to communicate using her remaining useful periphereal vision). She thought she was attending a medical with a specialist employment adviser who could help her find some meaningful employment. Instead she received a letter saying that she had been found ‘fit for work’ and advising her to apply for Job Seeker’s Allowance as her I.B was being withdrawn the following week. My student is a highly intelligent post-graduate who at the time was puzzled by the questions she was asked, such as ‘do you have any friends?’. Confused and upset that she was not being offered help towards finding work, I was also distressed to hear her talking about her situation in the language of the tabloids – she talked about how wrong she had been to be so dependent on ‘government handouts’ and that she knew she couldn’t do manual work but that she really had to find something – anything to be able to pay her way and lead an independent life.

    Since then her support workers contacted the welfare rights people from the local authority here in Bristol and they have been helping her to appeal, but as you know this process can take many months. A basic level of benefit has been re-instated but she is very stressed and worried about losing her home.

    I think it is disgraceful that so many sick and disabled people are being forced to go through this process. I advised my student that of course she has much to offer (with the right support in place) and to continue to look for work, but that financial support for her disabilities was a right not a ‘hand-out’. Isn’t how we support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society a reflection of how civilised we are?

  3. I’m waiting to go for my assessment and dreading itI’ve got nothing to hide I’m genuinly ill BUT mine is a hidden illness (stroke) I know I’m going to be made to feel small and like a fraud.but I will go because I won’t give in to these so called medics.

  4. I have an ASD (Asperger Syndrome) and am currently in the Support Group for ESA. I have a reassessment due this summer and am dreading it as I have nothing to fall back on if I am called for an assessment and ‘fail’ the medical; in 2011 I was placed in the Support Group without being called for a medical. I presently do some supported permitted work and voluntary work under the ESA rules.

    I also receive DLA and have done since 1993 on a lifetime award. DLA is being phased out from April this year and I can’t see where I fit into the descriptors for the replacement PIP. Again an interview will form part of the application process for this benefit. Part of my condition is that I will answer “yes” to a question if I feel under pressure to do so, and the thought of these face-to-face assessments is filling me with fear and anxiety.

    While I understand the need to cut the benefit bill, those like myself who have hidden conditions such as an ASD and are genuinely entitled to the money feel under constant persecution and it isn’t helped by a lack of understanding of the conditions. From what I have heard ATOS assessors simply aren’t interested even if you have a terminal illness, and the lack of compassion being shown by David Cameron (who pledged at the last election that the genuinely disabled would be protected under a Tory government) and Iain Duncan-Smith simply defies belief. We shouldn’t have to continually prove ourselves to show that we are entitled to benefits and the assessment process being used to determine eligibility is simply wrong and immoral. I use my benefits to get out and about and to lead a good quality of life; if I lose either or both of them, I will be unable to do so and will even have to give up my part-time job as a lollipop man.

    I know this may have come too late for use in the debate next week, but if you are able to, feel free to do so.

  5. I can only pray that the powers that be bestow some real sense of fairness and shame on this crazy policies being run by this nasty collection of people in the coalition.

  6. Am I right in my information that when we attend assessments that if we refuse to give our consent,thus not entering into a contract with Atos then the procedure becomes void, and they can take no action against us,|I wonder,

  7. Something has to be done as what is happening is morally wrong that people who are sick and/or disabled are being deemed fit for work when obviously they are not, the present setup it not fit for purpose and needs to change.

  8. I’m dreading it when it comes to my turn to be migrated from IB. I have anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, social phobia and fibromyalgia. A member of my family has similar and had a fight to get into the Support Group and Atos kept sending her ESA50s just after she won her appeal.
    I could only manage to do a few hours a work from a week on a good week, or perhaps a little bit of voluntary work as and when. But I have to be in control and have support and encouragement and most of all a financial safety net. How difficult is that? But the government keep on with their punitive rhetoric and if we are unable to be economically self-sufficient because of illness and disability then we are nothing. ‘Something For Nothing’ says it all when actually many disabled people get ‘Nothing For Something’ be that voluntary work or some creative work. The government don’t care about us. It’s the DWP who have implemented these cruel policies and Atos are just the stooges who carry out. If Atos went there would be just another rotten-at-the-core private and unaccountable company to fill their shoes.

  9. Apologies. I made an error in my first submission so I’m resubmitting my response with the error corrected.

    I’m dreading it when it comes to my turn to be migrated from IB. I have anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks, social phobia and fibromyalgia. A member of my family has similar and had a fight to get into the Support Group and Atos kept sending her ESA50s just after she won her appeal.
    I could only manage to do a few hours a work from home a week on a good week, or perhaps a little bit of voluntary work as and when. But I have to be in control and have support and encouragement and most of all a financial safety net. How difficult is that? But the government keep on with their punitive rhetoric and if we are unable to be economically self-sufficient because of illness and disability then we are nothing. ‘Something For Nothing’ says it all when actually many disabled people get ‘Nothing For Something’ be that voluntary work or some creative work. The government don’t care about us. It’s the DWP who have implemented these cruel policies and Atos are just the stooges who carry out. If Atos went there would be just another rotten-at-the-core private and unaccountable company to fill their shoes.

  10. i have had a Atos medical they found me fit for work i appled against there dission and won it they then put me on EESA i have terminal illness i have crohns kidney problems,I have problems with my nerves as well .I have problem with my feet and bad walking, also other things wrong with me as well as heart problems yet i am fit for work they say. I am classed as disabled and have been for 12years now and got disabilaty for life and went through another test about 2 years ago now told will have to go thought it again after getting indefetey again and will have to have another test when pip comes in i live on the bread line now and they are also putting a bedroom tax on us as well this year we may as well live on the streets again like the did in the 1500 and up till 1900 he say he is putting the country back on it feet more like putting us in the gutters

  11. I have just underwent the wca and been placed in wrag without a medical… Apparently I ave to attend interviews at jc+ well let me tell you this is impossible… I take 300 mg of morphine daily and 300 other tablets weekly … I have severe pain and can not walk 1 cm without being in agony… … Atos in October acknowledged my mobilty issues by awarding dla hrm and mrc ,and now suddenly I can walk. Miracles do happen… I can work full of morphine for an employer lol

  12. i have fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Raynaurd’s syndrome, suffer vertigo attacks which need meds to manage flares. im maxed out on all my pain meds and my doc has admitted he doesnt know what to do to help me, im hoping the pain clinic can give me nerve block injections. i have to use two crutches if i am walking further than my local shop (where i only use 1, if i have to use two i dont leave my flat). im in constant pain and constantly fatigued, simply getting the bus to town to see my doc exhausts me. the combination of meds, pain and fatigue can leave my short term memory in tatters, having to ask friends what we were talking about it there is a break in conversation or asking what program we were watching during the adverts – and this is a normal day. on a bad one i cant care properly for myself and need people to make sure i have food and drink
    yet i was given ZERO points in my assessment and after a year of existing on the ‘appeal’ rate i have my tribunal coming up on the 31st of Jan.

  13. “While I understand the need to cut the benefit bill” Stephen. I’m not being personal, I’m just using this as an example, but we’re buying into a notion that isn’t true. The fraud and error rate on these benefits is less than 1%. That doesn’t justify cuts. Politicians have got us fighting amongst ourselves instead of uniting against the nastier aspects of capitalism.

    And sorry, Michael, but Labour, whilst not as bad as the Coalition, introduced this system and is now buying into the skivers/strivers rhetoric. There are precious few, like you, willing to speak out about it. Thank you for having the guts to do so.

  14. I await the results of my 4th ATOS assessment.

    Every year they cut my money by £30 per week in the winter.

    Every year my appeal puts me back in the support group.

    Cruelty beyond belief! Words fail me. I am tired. So very tired. I have paid all my taxes and National INSURANCE for 35 years. I am 52.

  15. My wife has just had her WCA appeal rejected by a Tier 1 tribunal.

    The WCA was not carried out correctly, and the Approved Professional invented information and downright lied. (We have her papers)My wife was found capable of working.

    My wife appealed for reconsideration, giving grounds. This was rejected by the reconsidering officer whose working papers showed no sign that the grounds of appeal had even been considered. Reconsideration confirmed the first decision.

    My wife, not easily put off, appealed again to the tier 1 tribunal. The guidance notes say she has the opportunity to be heard and represented. At the tribunal I was admonished in the most unprofessional of terms by the chair before I had sat down, or introduced myself, with a “we dont want to hear from you” (exact quote). My wife and I had prepared notes outlining our case for the tribunal. These were not read, and when either me or my wife attempted to read them or refer the tribunal to them we were agressively admonished. My wife was given no opportunity to present her case, which was very well prepared, honest, relevant and based on the law and goverment medical evidence. The original libellous decision was confirmed less than 24 hours later. What kind of tribunal is this?

    If a Labour MP wants the working papers of this case we can courier them down to London. My wife is willing to forego anonymity, if it will help her or others get justice, and discredit this oppressive, dishonest process.

  16. I have been going through the reassessment process now for 11 months. ATOS decided I can’t attend their centre but have so far failed to carry out assessments on 5 occasions. I simply cannot cope with the stress any longer and am therefore withdrawing my claim and will live off my DLA and my family. Even if they did manage to finally assess me, I know I’d only have to go through it all again in a year or two.
    I am a former public servant, injured and disabled in the course of my employment. I paid NI from the day I left school to the day I was sacked on health grounds. I AM NOT A SCROUNGER and I’m sick to death of being treated like one. Unfortunately my MP is Conservative and though he knows my story I doubt he’ll support me.

  17. A Department for Work and Pensions FOI reveals that people having their claim for Employment Support Allowance stopped, between October 2010 and November 2011, with a recorded date of death within six weeks of that claim ceasing, who were until recently claiming Incapacity Benefit, totalled 310. Between January and November 2011, those having their ESA claim ended, with a recorded date of death within six weeks of that claim ending totalled 10,600. Bearing in mind that those who were successfully migrated to ESA from IB were assessed and deemed unfit for work, (under a different assessment process, originally) one would expect that the death rates would be similar to those who have only ever claimed ESA. This is very clearly not the case.

    Furthermore, there are NO alarming increases in death rates amongst those who are still in receipt of Incapacity Benefit – there were approximately a million and a half claimants, compared to less than a million ESA claimants for this period. Many of those migrated so far have not yet had a Work Capability Assessment, as the Government decided to re-assess those people when their review from the Incapacity Benefit Personal Capability Assessment is due, for practical reasons. The migration process won’t be completed, it is anticipated, until 2014.

    David Green from the DWP has urged that “care should therefore be taken when interpreting these figures”. Well I HAVE taken care interpreting this data, Mr Green. My careful interpretation is that the Government have MURDERED a significant proportion of those 10,600 people claiming ESA via it’s “Reforms”. Incapacity Benefit was fair, and reflected genuine welfare provision. The Reforms, including the new Tory-shaped ESA benefit, by stark contrast, are all about taking support and provision away from the vulnerable.

    Indeed, the Tories have been very keen to articulate the welfare “savings” that they anticipated with regard to the disability benefits, including PIP, which is replacing DLA. But of course, these anticipated “savings” reflect a dark truth: the Government are setting targets to remove benefits from people, regardless of the impact of that imposed deprivation (and frank State theft of our tax funded welfare) on their well being, health and safety.

    Those on Incapacity Benefit were not required to have continuous assessments, whereas those on ESA are constantly required to have the Work Capability Assessment. Many claimants have described a “revolving door” process of endless assessment, ceased ESA claim, (based on an outcome of almost invariably being wrongly “assessed” as fit for work), appeal, successful appeal outcome, benefit reinstated, only to find just 3 months later another assessment is required. The uncertainty and loss of even basic security that this process creates, leading to a constant fear and anxiety, is having a negative impact on the health and well-being of so many.

    A significant proportion of those required to have endless assessments have very obviously serious illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure, lung disease, heart disease, severe and life threatening chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, myalgic encephalomyelitis, rheumatoid arthritis, brain tumours, severe heart conditions, and severe mental health illness, for example. To qualify for ESA , the claimant must provide a note from a doctor stating that the person is unfit for work. There can be no justification for subjecting people who are so ill to further endless assessments, and to treating us as if we have done something wrong.

    Negative labelling, marginalising and stigmatising the vulnerable via propaganda in the media, using despiteful and malicious terms such as “workshy” and “feckless” is a major part of the Government’s malevolent “justification” to the public for removing the lifeline of support from the sick and disabled. We are climbing Allport’s Ladder. That gives us a clear view of the Nazi realm. I have often suspected that Iain Duncan Smith is channelling the spirit of Goebbels.

    In addition to justified anxieties regarding the marked increase in disability hate crime that the Tory-led propaganda campaign has resulted in, many sick and disabled people have also stated that they feel harassed and bullied by the Department of Work and Pensions and Atos. Many talk of the dread they feel when they see the brown Atos envelope containing the ESA50 form arrive through the letter box. The strain of constantly fighting for ESA entitlement and perpetually having to prove that we are a “deserving” and “genuine” sick and disabled person is clearly taking a toll on so many people’s health and well being. Many families of those who have died have said that the constant strain, anxiety and stress of this revolving door process has contributed significantly to their loved ones’ decline in health and subsequent death. The figures from the DWP, and the marked contrast between the ESA and IB death statistics certainly substantiate these claims.

    The unbearably horrific, unforgivable and massive increase in deaths over this period coincides with the Government’s totalitarian styled rapid fire legislation of the Reforms, in the face of protest, horror, disbelief, fear and mass opposition. The Tories cited “financial privilege” to trample over opposition, and drown out the voices of protest. Those protesting and challenging this Bill notably included many from the House of Lords.

    David Cameron made a Freudian-style slip when he announced to Ed Miliband recently, during Parliamentary debate, that “We are raising more money for the rich”. Not that we didn’t already know this was so. Many of us – around 73 sick and disabled people every week – are paying for that wealth increase for the already wealthy with our very lives.

    There are many who have so tragically lost their lives because of this malicious Government’s brutal and grossly unjust economic war on the vulnerable, and because of the Tory-led ransacking and plundering of our welfare provision, and social support programs.

    We must never forget this Government’s culpability. We must succeed in ending this systematic State murder, and we must also ensure that this evil and abhorrent affront to decent and civilised human beings – this catastrophic and silently unfolding Holocaust by stealth – never happens again.

    Sue Jones

  18. I have just my money docked by £40 a week. The DWP are doing my head in at the moment. They keep asking me for a medical report from my GP and my GP has already told me that they request the medical report from him.

    I had my right ankle removed and had my foot fused to my leg. A few months later, the fusion came undone and I had a bone graft done. The Atos assessor said that I had slight movement in this ankle. As there is no joint there, there is no way there can be any movement.

    I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis at the base of my left thumb which affects my grip. The assessor said in the report that I had good grip in both hands!! The way my grip was tested was devious to say the least. Because I managed to hold a piece of paper in my left hand, I had, supposedly, good grip in both hands.

    Also, in the assessment, the assessor said that I had no problem in going out. However, on the shortened version of the report that I received from the DWP, they said that I had indicated a problem with going out.

    With all the lies told by both ATOS and the DWP, does anyone think that we could sue them for libel?

  19. I had an ATOS on 26th Sept 2012 and recieved no word on the result. I recieved word on the 27th Dec that I fit for work and cut off ESA. As it was the holidays I was unable to do anything until 3rd Jan as that is when the welfare rights advisors went back to work. I then had to return to my doctor for another medical statement as the previous one was declared void from the cut off date, the 27th Dec. I was almost 4 weeks without any income and had to rely on family and friends for support.

    The report was an absolute pack of lies!!

    I am almost 57 years old and have a working history of 40 years as both a tradesman and university graduate.

    I am classified profoundly deaf and suffer from severe tinnitus after 30 years in heavy industry, been struck by cars twice resulting in muscular and skeletal damage in my legs, hip and back. I suffer from high blood pressure and cholestoral.

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD which the doctors have struggled to get under control. The breathlessness and 4 stone weight gain through being unable to work or excercise is making me depressed and I recieve counselling at the minute to try and postpone the need to take anti-depressants. I was recently diagnosed also with an enlarged prostrate that was causing additional problems.

    Before the COPD was diagnosis I was a 13 stone 3rd Dan practicing martial artist who ran clubs and taught adults and kids self defence, health and wellbeing. I swam, ran played football and cycled amongst other outdoor pursuits.

    I now have the cloud over my head that I have to appeal and hope that the decision is in my favour. I don’t look sick, just overweight. Bit my problems are mainly invisible.

    These people in government are no better than the dictators in history who killed so many millions of their own people because they openly disagreed with them. People like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot and numerous others.

    They should hang their heads in shame the way they are treating helpless people, many of whom have contributed to the wealth of this country and also the poor disabled people who have been dependant all their live through no fault of their own

  20. I commend you for bringing this debate but am somewhat skeptical that it will change anything.

    Social Security policy is currently being driven by the Insurance Industry. Peter Lily in the 80s invited UNUM to hold 2 positions on the SSAC (Social Security Advisory Committee) where they’ve sat ever since dictating policy. How can this be right?

    The “new” Bio-Pscyho-Social model of disability came out of the University of Cardiff. The Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research set up/funded by UNUM

    LIMA (ESA/ATOS computerised test software) licensed adapted version of UNUMs disability claim handling software.

    Now if you search google for Lawsuits disability denial and methods of + UNUM the results for how claims are denied looks remarkably like how ESA works.

    With the way ESA works, I just can’t wait for PIP and the 500,000 who were eligible for support under DLA but now…

  21. The fact that they’ve even contemplated removing benefits from claimants who appeal Atos’ wrong decisions [effectively removing from most claimants’ the right to appeal and condemning them to a life of misery] tells us all we need to know about this disgusting, inhumane govenment.

  22. It seems to em that both the present test for those being moved off Incapacity Benefit and also the future assessments for Personal Independence Allowance are both tailored to getting as many people off benefits as they can which includes those who are genuinely sick and disabled.

  23. I work in health and social care. I am disturbed regarding the affect if ATOS. Fortunetly one of my team visited a gentleman diagnosed with a number of Mental health difficulties, he had tried to take his own life and would have succeeded if not for my colleague and the police. This gentleman, is now resident in a mental health hospital, why? Because ATOS said he was fit for work despite high levels of anxiety and agoraphobia. This gentleman had worked for years defending his country. It is so wrong!

  24. Thanks you Michael Meacher for bringing this subject up, sadly Hoban just did not listen, please keep up this campaign.

  25. Yes I know what is like to be under pressure from ATOS and The DWP I have had serious mental health problems for years ie suicidal,self hurt,and violence ect I think I have tried to commit suicide at least four times but have being saved by my family as they know when I get the dreaded brown letters from The DWP I have to be watched in November 2012 I got the dreaded letter went to my Doctor for help and he went off it he has written to them four times about my health I was contacted by DWP and said they would send for me in six months time needless to say I have now had a stroke through all the worry by the way I am nearly 62 years old

  26. Thank you indeed for your stand against ATOS. I feel that the ‘medical professionals’ who declared the thousands of people who died fit for work be brought to task to explain how they arrived at this conclusion. ATOS must accept some responsibility .

  27. I am due to leave my job as a youth worker aged 55 in august 13 due to varied medical conditions that I can no longer keep working. I have arthritus in the pelvis, dibetis type 2 I have chronic astmer and COPD. I can’t walk more than a few yards or use stairs due to being so breathless. I am what you would say winging it at work at this time I have to get a cab there and back as I can’t walk to the bus stops etc. I am also deaf person. I have worked all my life never been on benifits and after reading up about benifits I will have to go on the horror story of Atos has now caused me great distress. I have had 3 weeks of work though sheer stress of knowing I will have to face this extermination squad. I am fearful of the future and feel all them taxes I have contributed in my working life account for nothing now I am ill. It seems to me they won’t be happy until they work us to death. How does somebody who has been told they are fit for work is able to sign on the dole? I thought you had to be availabe for work…….. What happens to the sick then? What do they live on? being a dibetic means i must eat 3 times a day what will happen if I have no income? where will I live? who will feed me? Something has to be done about this please…….

  28. What about tackling this through how Atos breach the Welfare Reform Act Section 8? If the Atos doctor or nurse disregards objective fact of a recognised bodily or mental disease that causes the disablement at the WCA then he/she is surely in breach.
    The relevant quote from the Act Section 8:
    “The question of whether a claimant has limited capacity for work is determined by an assessment of the extent to which a claimant is capable or not of performing certain activities due to disease or bodily or mental disablement”
    Nowhere does it say the assessment relies on Atos generated “evidence”.
    Unfortunately they are instructed in the DWP Handbook to prefer Atos LiMA generated “evidence” over GP reports simply on the basis of Atos Disability Analyst staff training given at Derby. This also means a senior consultant’s report is devalued. This has got to be wrong.

    As so many claimants’ cases go to First Tier Tribunal and win the DWP/Atos approach does seem to be acknowledged as a breach of this and other law at least by the Justice department. Thank goodness.

  29. I lost my sister to cancer a few months ago, then was told I also have cancer. I have remained calm and brave throughout, until I then realised that due to the dodgy way the government we are supposed to trust has twisted benefits for the sick and disabled I will not receive the basic help I need to try and save my life. I tried to ask for PIP but was treated like a criminal when asking for only the application form. I am now faced with the decision of chemotherapy to save my life but starving to death if I do, or no treatment and dying of cancer. These evil people in government are knowingly causing extreme suffering to the people in their care, whilst they have given themselves a wage rise, and sit gorging themselves on free meals and various other expenses paid out to them whilst sick people suffer and starve. How do these inhumane vultures sleep at night? Am I supposed to suffer and die at their evil hands?
    I have read so many stories like mine and want to ask any ministers who are trying to help us…WHY IS NO ONE ACTUALLY HELPING US????

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