What have disabled people done to be punished as biggest victims of cuts?

The scale of what is about to hit the disabled is without precedent since the 1930s, and to rub salt in the wound they will be hammered on the same day that 14,000 millionaires in Britain get a tax break worth an average £2,000 a week to each of them ( a rise in their income averaging £108,000 a year).   On 6 April disabled people will be faced with a cascade of cuts simultaneously in up to 7 benefits, worse thananything experienced during the 1930s.   Research has found that 700,000 will lose £4.4bn from time-limiting of employment support allowance to 1 year, 600,000 will lose £2.6bn from reassessing personal independence payments (already a major reduction on the disabled living allowance they replaced), 825,000 will lose £2.4bn from changes to local housing allowance, and 1 million will lose £1.7bn will lose from freezing child benefit.   Including some additional benefit losses, 3.7 million disabled people are expecrted to be deprived of £28.3bn over the next 5 years.  

Even that is not the whole story.   Some 600,000 currently on Incapacity Benefit will lose a massive £5.6bn as a result of the infamous work capability assessments carried out by the French firm Atos Healthcare.   Another 420,000 will suffer the loss of £1.1bn from the imposition of the bedroom tax.   The 3.7 million disabled people, like others forced to depend on benefit, will find all their benefits reduced in real terms because of the 1% cap on benefit upratings (which compares with inflation now running at CPI 2.8%.

Worst of all, the social fund is being abolished – something Thatcher never did – which removes the final safety net against abject poverty.   The social fund has hitherto paid repayable loans of some £50 to help people left desperate by delays in benefit payments or having money stolen.   It also provided cash grants of around £1,000 to help disabled people, ex-prisoners or victims of domestic violence to acquire items (beds, clothing, kitchen equipment) to enable them to set up again independently.   The government  are now seeking to replace this withdrawal of the safety net by, for the first time ever since the 1930s, voluntary donations of food and other necessities by the general public.   Again for the first time, vouchers and food stamps will be issued, though on a much lesser scale than the social fund.   The Labour government spent £230m on the social fund in 2009, but this year in circumstances of much deeper poverty the Cameron government is allocating only £178m for a similar purpose.  

This is in the same society that Lloyds has just announced it paid 25 senior staff more than £1m a year each last year, and Barclays over £1 million last year to no less than 428 top executives, including the aptly named Rich Ricci who got £17.8 million (£342,307 a week).

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  1. The following is a comment on Mail Online today…… — red silk cushion covers, £79; toilet roll holder,£25; chrome shower rack,£100; toilet brush;£10; LCD television,£749; curtains,£1,600; music centre,£199. All of them claimed by one Mark Hoban MP as part of his parliamentary expenses. His total claims under the Additional Costs Allowance over four years – £82,662. This figure does NOT include his salary of a little under £2,600 a WEEK or, £134,565 a year. But remember: We are all in this together.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2300140/Get-ready-cuts-Ministers-warned-need-slash-10-budgets-age-austerity-goes-on.html#ixzz2Opkflcod

  2. Thank you for highlighting the cuts facing the sick and disabled and their carer’s. WOWpetition.com has been calling for a cumulative impact assessment since Dec with over 27k signatures. If a government professess to protect the vulnerable you would think they would want to assess the impact of changes in support. Not doing so reinforces the discourse around their ideology that they have set a course for distruction of the welfare state at all cost, and it is costing alot, both in human and economic terms. I ask that you support this ad hoc band of disabled wowpetition

  3. Mikchael summarises succinctly &clearly the cruelty of the incompetent Bullingdon millionaires in Govt towards the disabled. They live off our taxes and kill us with #Atos. Is this fair or reasonable? we fight illness only to be treated with Govt contempt & incompetence. Oh for a bigger platform to scream this message as they scoff at us from their “clawssy” comfort Zones. Once a Bullingdon Boy always a Bullingdon Boy. Manners maketh the man – not too many “men” in Govt

  4. Perhaps the answer’s here http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/mar/28/jobcentre-scorecard-areas-stopping-benefits?
    Just as Job Centre advisers, under pressure from above to sanction claimants, pick on the sick and disabled as they’re easy targets, so do governments. One might wonder who it is could be pressuring government. The answer would be the banks, threatening as always to crash the economy altogether if their increasingly outlandish demands aren’t met.

  5. I said it before and I will say it again.
    Thank you Mr Meacher, on behalf of all the sick and disabled of this country being attacked and persecuted by this government and the crooks known as ATOS. IDS should hang his head in shame for the atrocities he is responsible for.
    And yes, this government DO have blood on their hands, whether they like to hear it or not.

  6. Thanks Mr Meacher, you are one of the few mp’s i would not spit at, I would rather shake your hand sir.

  7. I have just come back from my hospital visit which was more bad news but this lot take the biscuit by denying us any rights or benefits should we just get our bar of soap and towel and do whot the Nazi party did to people who didn’t fit its agenda I cry for those who don’t or cant see whots coming but then they walk about pointing fingers at us well its their turn next as most work on low wages but still claim benefits are they going to point the figer at themselves nah well neither are we scroungers worked 40yrs until the sh– hit the fan but never in all my 60 yrs seen so much greed by so few is beyond belief jeff3

  8. What have we done? Why we became or were born disabled Mr Meacher, that’s the crime we have committed in the eyes of Cameron and the government. I worked all of my life, including 11 years of military service and Gulf War service where my lungs were damaged beyond repair from the chemicals and smoke from 600 burning oil wells. When I was 59 I was diagnosed with leukaemia, nothing I could have done to prevent it, never smoked in my entire life nor did I drink to excess, couldn’t really afford it. I am now 62 and a pensioner and I earned every penny of that pension.

    We didn’t need much to be found guilty of the crime of being disabled, old or sick, but at least we have never used our disabled child as some kind of banner for being in support of the disabled society, nor did we claim Disability Living Allowance without actually needing it, unlike Mr Cameron, who apparently couldn’t even make a visit to a pub without forgetting his child! And this man is in charge of the country?

    Seriously nobody needs to ask why the country is in such a state, the lunatics are apparently running the asylum.

  9. It’s not really about wether we are sick,disabled, unemployed etc its because we don’t have millions in the bank.We are simply not rich enough for those we put in power to have to be accountable to…..

  10. thank you Mr Meacher for shouting long and hard in our support! may God grant you the strength and energy to keep up the good work you are doing 🙂

  11. I remember a meeting at the houses of Parliament that I attended during the miners strike. You spoke at that meeting Mr. Meacher. You left a great and lasting impression.

  12. God bless you Mr Meacher I have just come back from the doctors she describes my condition as “chronically ill” and is in disbelief that I am in WRAG that I should be in the support group as I am incapable of work she also thinks the new fit notes should be abolished and is very worried about the mental state these benefit changes are having on her patients how come no-one is listening to GPs? Their very integrity is being questioned.

  13. Thank you at least one person with some authority is listening to those affected in the cuts that are being implemented. It is barbaric as to how disabled people are being treated by a Government whose leader themselves had a disabled child who had they lived would have been a disabled adult. I wonder if that thought had ever crossed his mind. If not he should be ashamed of himself for allowing a company called Atos who I believe have been banned from most of the countries in the world because of their unfavourable activities.

    These people have done nothing to become disabled, it wasn’t their fault and therefore there is no reason to condemn them because of it. It is all well and good saying that the cuts have to come from somewhere, then please tell me why the Banks and the offshore accounts haven’t been even looked at.

    This is the Holocaust in a modern society. What comes around goes around and when both the prime minister and IDS do, I sincerely feel that they and all those concerned will realise what they have done. They have taken action that will be extremely hard to change. Will those feel guilt, I doubt it, as it will always be that their actions were for the country. Like Hitler his actions weren’t for his country but for himself and this is the same tactic as I said in a modern society.

  14. @Big Bill, you are spot on. The banks own this country and have done since the 1930s when the USA went bankrupt. Lets get this clear, we have been living in bankrupcy for years. The Rothschild family rule the world and via Goldman Sachs they are financially raping us all for their own benefit. The guys running greece was a ex gold man sachs. The Bnak of England is ex goldman sachs. Until we the people have control of making our own money and not a private company which the bank of england is, then nothing will change. Also nobody is making real money. What is happening is fraud. Creating money out of thin air (Quanitive easing) is fraud.

    Here it is for you to read Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio)United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 http://www.afn.org/~govern/bankruptcy.html

    @Big Bill, the problem with society is very simple. We dont hold the politicians accountable. We have the power not them. Theres more of us than them. Theres very few who do the job they are supposed to and Michael meacher is a rare shining example of what a MP should be. Never give up hope even if all political parties are the same but with different colours. Let me make it clear to people, if you think Labour would do better, then your mistaken. By voting you give the politicians your consent to do whatever they want and they will say they are doing it in your best interests. I for one will never vote again aslong as I am alive. I can represent myself, I do not need a fraud like most MP’s are respresenting me. keep sending your positive vibes to Michael Meacher and his team. They are good people.!!

  15. Hi Mr Meacher, I hope you are really on the side of the needy and not just trying to promote yourself.I do not trust MP’s as I feel most of them are just getting as much money as they can in such a short time, just like a football player would do. LOL. What David Cameron is doing to poor ,needy and vulnerable is a catastrophe,helping the rich and killing the poor. What he is missing is that the poor gives the rich their life style.He will be remembered as the most hated PM in English History.It’s not just the people that have to claim for benefits that are suffering, it’s the family too.Please help us all as we have nobody to turn to.This is what I feel as a husband and can’t do a thing about it!John Martin
    The last thing I want to do is complain about what this government is doing to the country and especially as things are so hard for everyone. But I must say as a loving husband I’m ashamed to think how they can treat my wife as if she was a piece of shit on their shoes! They are putting her through the most degrading test just for her to have enough to survive and live. I am so upset and worried about her mental health and I can’t do nothing about it.I never thought our mp’s would treat our own people as scum, Cameron and co. have a lot to answer for. Difficult decisions Mr. Cameron has probably made is what he’s having for dinner tonight.He will be gone in a few years time, making shit loads of money making speeches and my wife will be????????????????? hopefully still with me.Love you Susan. xxxxx By the way, my wife asked in desperation our local Labour MP for help. Her reply was that she would write a letter of support as she lived local, she would drop this in by hand. This was over 3 weeks ago following 2 more Emails from my wife to her, no reply and no letter. PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING FOR THE NEEDY AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

  16. Dear Michael Meacher MP, we would like to take your hand sir and thank you from all the sick and disabled in this broken country. For what have we done to deserve such cruelty, inhumane, undignified, humiliating and depraved discrimition which makes me and each one of us sickened and heartbreaking. For why is it that you kind sir seem to be our only voice witin the goverment who stands for and with us, in our fight for humanity a right to live a dignified and decent life and for the overdue support we need for our health and sanity. For we all are a force to be reckoned with, we will not lay down and die. This Cameron Government has blood on its hands, with the thousands of sick & disabled being culled for the sake of his rich bum chums and tory bully boys. It is the Cameron Tories who need to be culled with Foot n Mouth & Mad Cow Disease, as this Cameron Government is Corrupt right to the core. God help us all. One day the day will come when they will have to stand before the LORD and confess in absolutions their crimes against the sick & disabled, poor, meak and lowly. God Bless you one and all and Thank you again Mr Michael Meacher as you have our full support. My the Lord give you strength nd Courage to keep up the good work and support you give to us. Blessing, Peace & Prayers Amen 🙁

  17. Thank for raising a voice for all the sick and disabled.what do you call a society that refuse to look after the vulnerable?

  18. As a disabled lady of nearly 61yrs. I am disgusted with both Labour and Conservative parties. I left school at 15yrs old. I carved out a very good career for myself. I worked so hard, even though i was diagnosed with my illness in 1980.I fought to survive and get my children educated. I had to retire with my health in 2006. First time in my life that I had to ask for help from the goverment. I was treated appallingly. Took me 6 months to get any help. I nearly lost my home and my dignety.I paid into private pensions. But the goverment just deduct this from my benefits. So why did I bother. Because I am bloody English. Were has my goverment pension gone. O yer!! I cant get it till November 2014. When I will be 62 and a half. I think hoping I will die, as my father did at 60 No pension no bloody nothing.

  19. Dear Mr Michael Meacher, we would like to thank you from all the sick and disabled in this broken country. What have we done to deserve such cruelty, inhumane, undignified, humiliating and depraved discrimination of the sick & disabled, poor, meek and lowly, which is sickening and heartbreaking. We all are a force to be reckoned with and we will not lay down and die. For we will have our say and will fight for our right for humanity, dignity and for a decent life and the right to all the over-due support that need for our health and our sanity. This Cameron Government has Blood on its Hands for the Culling of Thousands of Sick and Disabled. It is the Cameron Government that needs to be Culled with the Rot and Corruption which is of epidemic proportions. There will come a day that they will have to stand before the LORD to confess in absolution and explain how thousands of sick and disabled have been culled for Cameron’s Tory rich bum chums and bully boys. May God Help Us All.

  20. Mr. Meacher, Sir, you are a fine man. I am sure I speak for many when I say how much we respect and value you. Thank you for speaking up for truth and justice, and for bringing to this society some common sense and conscience.

  21. Thank you so very much Mr Meacher.

    I worked for over 20 years until a genetic defect I was born with became a threat to my life and destroyed any chance I had of a normal life.

    This ConDem government would rather brand me as a shirker or a curtain twitcher in an attempt to justify the witch hunt they are now engaged in, where by they are systamaticlly (whether they admit it or not) killing people through stress of the W.C.A Atos test or by leaving people that worse off they can not afford to live.

    There are so many cries for help and yet no one listens.

    You sir are the exception to that rule, branded as Spartacus by an out of touch minister who may have been closer to the point than he thought..

    You are our champion the only person that is prepared to take a stand against oppression and fight for in our corner..

    Thank You..

  22. I just did a quick calculation… 14,000 x 108,000 and am horrified. TOTALLY horrified. That works out to £15,200,000 a year.

    HOW can Cameron, et. al. justify giving away that amount of money in these days?

    It is nothing short of criminal.

    And as for the bankers…

    Incredible and UTTERLY reprehensible.

    Thanks Michael.

  23. Thankyou for saying the truth of it all..disbled people are being the scape goats.

    But i do have to say…it was Labour that brought in ATOS….and started the cruel way sick and disabled people were treated.

  24. I prey for the day someone will shoot cameron.
    He is the scrounger here, never done a hard day graft in his life, spoon fed with a silver spoon.
    I hope he dies a horrible MOST PAINFUL DEATH.

  25. I concur with everyone above in Thanking You for your constant support. However the question you asked at the top of your post – just what have we done to deserve these penalties, has received no responses; maybe this is because we’re to weary and to ill to address this query, and perhaps this is exactly what the Tory Govn relied upon?

  26. Mr Meacher is probably the only one in that house of Mp’s that can truly be called ‘The Right Honorable Gentleman’ He is Our New Lord Alf Morris, which is the highest accolade i can give to him. Thank you Mr Meacher and don’t let the inhuman,sneering toff’s grind you down.

  27. Mr Meacher is one of only a Handful of Mp’s who can accurately be called ‘The Right Honorable Gentleman’ and the Highest Accolade i can Bestow on this Gentleman for all his hard work/lobbying is to call him The New Lord Alf Morris who truly was ‘The Disabled People’s Champion’ Thank you Mr Meacher and remember, God is always on the side of the Righteous

  28. Meacher is just a gatekeeper. He couldn’t give two sh-ts about the disabled. I’m sure he cries into his glass of £3000 whiskey every night on our behalf. I’d like to see a call to action of some seriously violent and bloody vengeance. We need martyrs not apologists.

  29. Thank you for your support it’s heart warming to know you are still fighting our corner
    we have done Nothing to deserve this WE ARE
    scapegoats … I caunt listen to anymore of there lies…. Disgusting example of greed.. I’m Frightened of what the future holds for us here in UK

  30. Thank you Mr Meacher for all your hard work , for speaking up for the poor, sick and disabled and the unemployed in this country , the way we are been treated by this government is inhumane and shameful and i hope that one day soon they are made to be accountable for their cruel actions .
    It’s such a shame that more MPs (particularly Labour) are not speaking out about these atrocities

  31. Mr Meacher I am absolutely appalled at the way this so called ‘civilised-society, and its ‘so-called’ public-paid-servants (yes that would be the vast bunch of worthless, spineless, gutless MPs) yourself excluded here – that treat vulnerable people in the manner currently manifesting.

    To my mind, having never seen anything like it in all my 61 years, I actually believe it is the fulfillment of Agenda 21 which is not aboiut sustainability, but that is the cover story – rather the continuous ONSLAUGHT perpetuated onto an already heavily pummelled poor/vulnerable/disenfranchised/disabled/ population is DUE to MPS NOT HAVING THE SPINE to say NO to their Masters – NONE!

    They have sold their souls to the devil and indeed have blood on their hands, because they are pushing ahead full steam with this foul agenda which is determined to :

    a) reduce the population
    b) eradicate the middle classes
    c) force people from rura to Smart Cities
    d) provide a pool of slaving poor

    I wont go into all of it, but basically, we have done nothing wrong, but we are all considered ‘unsustainable’ and therefore need to be ‘culled’ the paymaster general says so.

    Our ‘sin’ – allowing apathy and ignorance to allow and permit this foul agenda to ever have been written and bought and therefore having sold ourselves out.

  32. Thank you Mr Meacher for putting into words what I have been thinking for a long time now. The Tory Party is obviously determined to earn its epithet as the extremely Nasty Party.

  33. I left the district in the late 50’s, things had started to decline even then. My parents told me of the great depression in the 30’s, my grandparents of the threat of the workhouse in their lifetime.
    Are we returning to either of the above?. Bad enough if you are able bodied
    The right wing press points the finger at ‘disability scroungers’ and are using a broad brush. This sets the agenda for swingeing cuts.
    In this so called civilized society, this ‘Big Society’, the weak and vulnerable suffer. We used to even get a few crumbs off the table. Now this bunch of swine with their snouts in an even bigger trough, would deny you even a few crumbs. Charities, churches and voluntary groups have to pick up the pieces and even then it is a limited resource. I used to think when watching those old newsreels of how the Nazis treated the vulnerable treating them as useless and expendable, that it could never happen here. I would never have thought that ANY government in power would treat the less able with such disdain.

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