Labour members in the country are crying out for policies they can believe in

I have just attended my party’s monthly General Committee meeting in my constituency and the mood was more despairing than any I can remember.   They simply cannot understand how the party leadership can be accepting time after time whatever callous and unjust cuts Osborne throws at us – bedroom tax, withdrawal of benefit for the first 7 days of unemployment, and now a welfare cap which hasn’t even the Tories themselves haven’t yet defined.   Is there no limit to how far this surrender goes, they ask?   When is the pain of what is being inflicted on our supporters going to register some passion in Parliament?   They don’t want to talk of betrayal, but they are bewildered, hurt, disoriented and despairing.   There are some in the party – Blairites – who feel that Labour has to show it is just as determined to take hard decisions as the Tories.   But that is a grotesque misreading of the mood of Labour voters.   None of them want Labour to out-tory the tories over cuts.   They want three things: that Labour has a positive vision for the next Labour Government that they can believe in, that Labour has a plausible alternative to endless austerity, and that Labour campaigns across the country with bold policies to build the alliance to throw out the most vicious Tory government in modern times.

So why doesn’t Labour do it?   Why are we so cautious and defensive, locked like rabbits in the Tory headlights?   Why do we allow Osborne, presenting the most dismal CSR since the war, to get away with saying: yes, it’s awful, but it’s the best that can be done after the legacy of gross Labour over-spending, and you wouldn’t want them back in power again with a record like that, would you?   Why do we never exorcise this canard by pointing the finger at the real cause of the debt – the bankers’ unforgiveable greed and recklessness?   Why do we never say, when there is a pile of debt which has to be reduced, there are two ways to do this, either by cutting expenditure (the Tory way) or by increasing income (the Labour way) through public investment to kickstart the economy, cutting the dole queues, boosting tax receipts, and thus paying off the deficit far more quickly?   Why do we allow ourrselves to be mesmerised by their narrative of unending austerity?

If Labour doesn’t change course on these fundamentals, the next election is going to be a lot closer than it should be.


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  1. Perhaps when the party has a leader, or MP’s who appear to be genuine there will be some support. That is not to say I think the Tories are any better, but they are after all in power and will do their worst before the next election. Isn’t there anyone who is actually dedicated to the people of this country instead of milking expenses and feathering their nests whilst the going is good. Bring back Alan Johnson,at least he knows what the real world is like and does appear to be honest.

  2. all i can say is when suicides crime and homelessness rocket and you need to police this, when they get organised and target the wealthy you will have no-one but yourselves to blame, no one should be so stressed as this generation is being pushed. all in the name of greed, i do not know whats wrong with humanity, where are their emotions they bury them and act as robotic sheep to the media lies they swallow as fodder for greed. we have a labour tory . there is no working mans politician they are all bought over by the wealthy conglomorates

  3. Mr Meacher, no one i know believes in the Labour party any more. and the reason is simple. The labour leadership is of a class that sees politics as a career, no belief, no passion. They can not understand the people and care little. Less pay and they would have chosen another career, maybe banking. They dont understand ordinary people, nor do they care. If there is a way of impeaching the leadership, i urge you to do so. The amount of people who will die this winter will rock this country to the foundations. It will be on you all, and the people will not forget. You are driving us all to extremism, we dream of revolution, not in the hope of better government, but for revenge.

  4. I would vote for Labour if only they were the Labour who worked for the people. Far too much is being permitted to happen at the hand of the Tories…far too many outrageous atrocities to this countries most vulnerable. I for one am feeling abandoned and have no clue as to who to vote for when the next election comes. Hopefully sooner than 2015, before many more people die and this government causes irreparable harm.

  5. Labour are a disgrace. I am a party member and so are some of my family. I will be burning my voting card and not voting. By voting the people of this country consent to what is happening in this country. How can people condone the way the poor, the sick, the disabled and the elderly have been treated by the Tories and Labour not willing to change anything. Do not condone the mass unlawful killing of people through harsh policies by voting. Not one banker has been put in jail and yet many many have been victims of the welfare reform act aka genocide act and many have died.

    Ed Miliband needs to be forced out as leader and Ed Balls would be a worse chancellor than Osborne. Infact Ed Balls is incompetent. He has no idea or policies whatsoever. If friends of mine can come up with policies which can wipe the alleged national debt, bring income tax to 0% and even allow people to work 3 weeks and take tje 4th off if they wanted and live a decent standard of life, then why cant Ed Balls or any other Politician? No matter what party is in government they will not do anything for the people. This country or correctly should I say UK PLC is bankrupt. Why is it bankrupt? Because the bank of england a privately run bank run for profit creates our money and charges us and makes us pay interest it never creates. Bring the power of money making money into the control of the people, give the bank of england a gold coin worth the same as the alleged debt UK PLC owes them and watch the people prosper. Quantitive Easing is being abused. The only one who is beneifitting from making money out of thin air on a computer screen (thats what quantitive easing is) is the Bank of England. Not the people. Labour will be no different to the Tories. Labour will bow down to the banks. The vast majority of mp’s are in it for themself. Michael you are in a minority. You care for your constituents and others.

    There is mass fraud going on in this country and all committed by the banks ie Libor and the vulnerable people are paying for it. DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS NONSENSE BY NOT VOTING. THERES MORE OF US PEOPLE THAN POLITICIANS. VOTING FOR LABOUR WILL NOT MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

  6. The last bit should read:


  7. I resigned my membersip and will be voting “none of the above” if the peoples voice counts for anything and we can get it added as a legitimate voting response.

  8. What is often called the realities of government are really a self-inflicted construct, that means democratic power is subservient to the City of London and Wall Street financiers and the military industrial complex. From revolving doors to ill-advised privatisation, this corrupting force has relentlessly reduced representative democratic principles to the state we are in now.

    The final outcome of these shifts are all too predictable. For a taste of the future, look at what has happened to our young people. They are for the most part rightly despondent and disillusioned with the system, to them it is inherently unfair. They have been at the sharp end of the reduction of state help and all the good things that make a society equitable and egalitarian. Education was once free at the point of need, that was replaced with student loans. The safety net of social security has been progressively withdrawn for young people. The dream of getting your first place is no longer a dream but a nightmare. No wonder so many have become what the media like to call chavs. If I was young again and could see all this happening, I would do a lot more than walk the streets with an attitude, I would be out tearing them up.

    This attack of the young and other groups like single mothers is now being spread amongst other groups, the disabled and unemployed have been hit unmercifully, soon the people on low pay and short term hours are to be targeted in a hideous scheme called universal credit.

    Labour should be far higher in the polls than they are if you think about all the harm done to people by this coalition grouping. You point out eloquently the reasons for this in this article. I am in totally agreement, but if you think this is bad, wait till the effects on the introduction of universal credit are felt in October, if Labour fail to show that it wants a stop putting to such nonsense, then expect further reduction in support not just in the party system but in being a constructive part of society from its constituent parts under such attack. The course the leadership is following is not a recipe for election victory, but will be part of its and democracy’s demise.

  9. I suspect that we will have a lot of coalitions for the forseeable future. This is because we’re a naturally centrist culture. The shift to the right (UKIP)and so on is significant but they’ll be busted soon enough. What we need is something so radical it goes beyond the tired, rigged, corrupt ‘democracy’ that’s never fully applied. It’s not true that no politician talks about the impact of various antics of the global banking industry, I have heard this mentioned. Many of us feel that directly and indirectly the global banking industry, led by Goldman Sachs, a private company intertwined with that other private company the US Federal Reserve, is basically, and psychotically, hell bent on ruling the World. I think we are all incredibly connected and you can no longer read the UK administration out of context with World affairs. For me, when people in America finally wake up to the fact that they are never, mostly, going to be rich/president/live forever, there will be bloodshed. Theirs is an aspirational culture. Once the fighting is over, the fallout may, hopefully, mean a return to sanity here. And that won’t include traditional party politics if we have any sense.

  10. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – that seems to be Labour’s plan for 2015. Even if Labour win the election the Tories will have won since Labour have adopted their bloody policies!

  11. Tribune revealed a plot in 2010, orchestrated by Peter Mandelson et al, which was aimed at Labour losing its majority and forming a coalition with the LDs. Unfortunately for them, Labour just failed to get enough seats but in any event, Clegg was determined to go in with the the Tories.

    Potentially, this looks like a similar sabotage by the right. For example, the Guardian/New Statesman constantly undermines Ed Miliband, Len McClusky etc through the agencies of Diamond, Wintour, Watts, David Miliband,Peter Kellner etc.

    I don’t know what pressures the Eds might be under or if this is what they really want but it didn’t seem to be. However, Mandelson, like Karl Rove, expressed that the centre party, formed by excluding the left and coalition with the LDs, could be the ‘permanent majority’in government.

    The Blairites would rather see another Tory government/coalition than the election of a leftish party such as Ed M appeared to be proposing.

  12. The mood you describe is echoed in my constituency – Leicester West & even worse our MP, has no response! When the Shadow Cabinet has no idea has no idea, but worse, doesn’t listen; what hope is there?

  13. I am afraid Michael that Labour has brought in peple who are to young and they cannot pssible understand the fight against the Tories. They do not understand why the fight has taken so log to win small victories against the Tories. All of which will very soon be eroded, and they extras to really screw down the working classes, and please DON’T tell me Working Classes dont exist its one of the main reasons you the party have lost its way. Voting Ed Milliband was a massive christmas present for e entire Tory Party.
    I could go on and on but I do have other things to do. If you really want to hear WHY YOU let the country down then I am open to discussing indepth Politics but, I must warn you, you may not like it.
    Contact my if you dare. My Labour MP Rosie Cooper won’t, more than her jobs worth, another Tony Blair Cock up. The man lost it in his fight with Gordon (Flash)

  14. I totally agree with Michael Meacher. What is the Labour Leadership playing at? How can ordinary members (like myself) tell them that even if the country wants Tory-lite policies (debateable), their supporters – the people who vote for them and work to put them in government – overwhelmingly do not!
    Labour’s policies are a such a complete mess that it is destroying democracy in this country. People see no point in voting. How can I go door-knocking and ask people to vote Labour so as to get Conservative failed financial policies continued? We all know that there will not be any money after the election, except in banks. How about policies to share what money and work there is left around more fairly?

  15. This website is a breath of fresh air. The Labour Party, as it presents itself in Parliament and the media, appears to have lost its way. It comes across as an echo of the Tory Party. The way is wide open for a new direction.

  16. The way is wide open for a new party made up of those MPs from both parties who are themselves disaffected and wish to represent the disaffected voter. Bring on the anti-neoliberal party!

  17. I wonder if the shadow cabinet is aware of the extent and depth of this problem? I put an article on Vox Political – – and so far not one person has spoken up for what the Labour leadership has been doing.

    Not one.

    Many are either deserting the party or have done so already. The prevailing feeling is of utter despair – the belief that Labour has now become a right-wing clone of the Tory party and they have nobody to speak up for them.

    My article asks whether a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the Labour leadership is necessary. So far the response is a resounding “YES”.

    Labour members want them out, and they want them out YESTERDAY. I have no idea how a speedy ejection can be carried out, but that appears to be the will of the people – based on the results of my very unscientific survey.

    Can a proper poll, involving ALL Labour members, be carried out in the near future – while there are still some Labour members left to ask?

  18. It is my honest belief that the Labour Party died on 12 May 1994, with her leader, John Smith

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