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Did you know that two-thirds of our water companies are owned by foreigners?   Does it matter?   Well, yes it does.   They can major on water supplies in their own home country and neglect the UK arm of their business, they can fail to deal quickly or adequately with leaks in the UK even when it involves foul water, and they can decline to invest in urgently needed new facilities.   The classic example of the latter is Thames Water, owned by the Australian bank Macquarie, which is now demanding that the UK taxpayers shell out £4bn for a new so-called super-sewer, despite having drained off huge profits and imposed fast rising prices since privatisation.   Of the 10 big water companies most are now in the hands of private equity consortia, often foreign-owned, whose objective is not better water supplies for the British people but rather leveraging to procure rapid profits, sweating the assets, and then exiting within 5 years leaving behind huge debts.

More than £100 a year of an average household bill, that is about 30%, goes on profit, compared with 9% in the energy sector which is itself known for egregious profiteering.   In the last 10 years water bills have risen by a massive 64%, compared with an increase of just 28% in average earnings.   In the last 3 years alone average earnings have fallen by 7% while water bills have continued to rise remorselessly.   There is no competition in the water industry and the only potential constraint is the industry regulator, but he has chosen to succumb to corporate lobbying in allowing water bills to continue to shoot upwards to feed fancy executive bonuses and big dividend handouts.   Last year alone, National Debtline took a record number of calls for help with water debts, and there were more such distress calls over water bills than over problems with rent or mortgage payments.

So what should be done?   The water industry in England and Wales is subject neither to consumer (market) pressure nor to government control.   Unlike energy, it is rarely subject to political or media criticism.   The UK is also unusual in having a largely private sector-dominated industry, with France the only other OECD country in this position.   That’s why private water ownership in Europe is increasingly concentrated in two large French-based multinational companies, Veolia and Suez.   But the City of Paris re-municipalised its water supply in 2010, and where municipalities particularly across the southern eurozone countries are selling off their water assets, it is only under the pressure of austerity.   Clearly, because there is no competition in private water ownership, because the UK water companies are not investing to meet Britain’s national interest, and because they have put profits, management bonuses and shareholders’ dividends before consumers’ interests, the UK water industry should be taken back into public ownership along with the railways, Royal Mail, and at least some banks and energy companies.


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  1. thatchers way is coming to fruitation why oh why did she get away with it sold our silver ware now this lot want to sell off our nhs and post office isn’t nothing safe in their hands nah jeff3

  2. A question for all of you who read this blog and when you figure out the answer which is pretty simple you will notice something not correct. I will be back to give you my experience of a water company who expects me to pay for water which I will not and they have passed me to a debt collector knowing I have no money thinking I will be scared of debt collectors. Well I am not. I know how to deal with them and we all have to understand, water supply cannot be cut off. We need water to live, so if your having provs with water companies dont be scared of them. Will post more tomorrow. Here is the question:

    Where does water come from?

  3. Water is given to us by our creator. Whoever you believe to have made you is good for me. Last I knew, nobody had created a machine which controlled the output of rain in the skies. Thus one would expect to be able to freely use it etc. But think not. There have been instances all over the world, when people have collected rain in huge buckets or tanks and saved it for their own use and when the government has found out they have been fined. Thus charging for something which our creator deemed fit to give free to all of us.

    Water companies and others who back the charging of water come up with with what they think are valid reasons for charging us to pay for something they get free. They will talk about cleaning water etc but when you look at it much more closer, we are all being poisoned by water companies and the government allows it.

    Go and grab you toothpaste and you will read something similar to the following:

    Always follow the label directions. Brush twice a day and not more than three times, minimise swallowing and spit out. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Children of 6 years and younger:used a pea sized amount for supervised brushing to minimise swallowing. Incase of intake of fluoride from other sources, consult a dentist or doctor.

    So basically everyone of us is being poisoned by the water we are told to pay for as it has fluoride in it. If I was to own a restaurant and told you I am going to poison you when you ate, would you pay for your food? Of course not. So why are people paying?

    Another example of how people are trained into paying everything. As per my first post. My entitlements (not benefit’s, ENTITLEMENTS) were stopped because I would not be a slave and be assessed by by a company (ATOS) who employs fake DR’s and people who know nothing about peoples major illnesses. I have basically got nothing. The water bill was on my name and when it came I made to clear to Severn Trent that I have no money. They had three options. 1. Go to IDS and collect it. 2.I would issues a promissory note for my whole amount and also would cover enough for all my city. 3.Leave me alone they were not going to get anything.

    The customer rep told me after I went into further detail about my health that they could not stop the water. he knew what I meant by a promissory note, but could not accept it (BINGO) and as for IDS, he was not to pleasant about him.

    Now, over time and thanks to my friends at I have learnt a thing or 2 about legislation and here is one for the situation I was in.

    Bills of Exchange Act 1882
    42 Non-acceptance
    When a bill is duly presented for acceptance and is not accepted within the customary time, the person presenting it must treat it as dishonoured by non-acceptance. If he do not, the holder shall lose his right of recourse against the drawer and indorsers.
    43 Dishonour by non-acceptance and its consequences
    (1)A bill is dishonoured by non-acceptance—
    (a)when it is duly presented for acceptance, and such an acceptance as is prescribed by this Act is refused or cannot be obtained; or
    (b)when presentment for acceptance is excused and the bill is not accepted.
    (2)Subject to the provisions of this Act when a bill is dishonoured by non-acceptance, an immediate right of recourse against the drawer and indorsers accrues to the holder, and no presentment for payment is necessary.

    So basically I offered to pay the water company and they declined. The alledged debt is discharged. They have also passed it onto a debt collector, so that’s been sold. I did not ask them to pay for it. The debt collector has tried to contact me but I have not responded. It is a waste of my time. I will when I see fit and quote them section S1-S5 of the Fraud Act and the S1-S3 of the Misrepresenation Act and if time permits me to I will send them three notices ( and get them into tacit

    It is my God given right to have water without having to pay for it and it is all our right.

    The same goes TV License. I have helped people stop paying TV License lawfully. It is very easy and people who have had their ENTITLEMENTS stopped or reduced should not be watching live tv but via Tv catchup and online channel players. You only need a TV License if you watch live TV. All that fear mongering that the TV people will use a signal reader etc. Theres not been one recorded incident of this. They use binoculars to see if you have your tv on and you do not have to speak to them.

    Each of us should be helping each other reduce ways of allowing the corrupt system take whats rightfully ours.

  4. One thing I failed to add is that the names on a water bill etc are not you the living being, the name is your legal fiction aka as your birth certificate. This is the beginning of the fraud which gets people into financial slavery.

  5. Hi,

    I got a ‘bill’ today from Sever Trent Water for £536.07

    I refuse to pay for water I do not consider to be for for animal consumption let alone human ingestion.

    Why is it not fit to drink?

    Hydrofluoroscillic acid
    Feacal matter
    Dead animal matter
    Dead plant matter
    Toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic and other natural pollutants water picks up from the earth
    Prescription drugs which are either infested and expelled or flushed

    In short water companies take something which falls freely from the sky in abundance on our little water surrounded rock we call as island.

    They then ‘clean’ it by adding toxins like fluoride which contribute to poor health then they slap us by insulting our intelligence and charge is for it so they can profit.

    I like you are seventy percent water so why settle for anything less than pure h2o?

    My suction is to buy a distiller!

    I bought a distiller and ceased paying STW.

    They wrote to me threatening to pass my account to a debt collector called Advantis, I immediately upon receipt of STW’s letter rang Advantis and asked them some pertinent questions:

    1) who are you as I don’t recall ever consenting or contracting to business with you?
    2) can you supply me with a copy of my wet ink signature that contractually obligates me to you as I don’t recall ever entering into an agreement with you!
    3) if you’re a debt collector who bought this debt thank you but if you want me to pay a paid bill (they bought it, they paid) I’d need to see the following documents:

    3a) Certified copy of deed of assignment
    3b) Certified copy of deed of novation
    3c) List of all Dorectors of your company

    In short: give me proof I owe you or I’ll fight back against your entire board!

    The next day I got their first letter, binned it.

    The next day I get a letter saying sorry to bother you, we’ll leave you in peace now, thanks and bye!

    I then sent STW a bill for the cost of my distiller plus five grand for passing my account to a DCA.

    That was two years back, now when their so called bill turns up I ring them to taunt them and let them know I’m not stupid enough to knowingly pay to be poisoned!

    Two years now, two years!

    Buying a distiller was the best thing I ever did, am feeling so much healthier as a result of it, I can see the crap they say is fit to drink and challenge the chairman of Severn Trent Water to drink 100 ml of my distiller residue.

    When they do that I’ll settle the bill.

    Learn your rights!
    Use your rights!
    Don’t pay for poison!

    Like RedMakka above I too can vouch for it is a real eye opener and helps folks learn their rights so they can empower themselves.

    I’m that opposed to fluoride I now make a fluoride free toothpaste alternative called Most Minty. Either Google tooth oil or Most Minty as I don’t want to take as any age of the hospitality here by posting a link to a site I own.


  6. Please excuse my stupid typos, am on an iPhone in the sun and it seems determined to change some words around against my will!

    Suction = solution for example, smart tech, nah, come back Nokia 3310 all is forgiven!


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