Cameron: corrupt and unscrupulous slave to commercial forces

Several recent events have cast Cameron in a new light.   He constantly denounces Labour as subservient to its union paymasters, when in fact over the last 30 years it is almost impossible to identify anything that Labour governments have done to please the unions.   There is almost nothing on the other hand that Cameron won’t do, no commercial interest he will disdain, no policy he will refuse to alter if it will ingratiate himself with the sources of money and power.   He was quite prepared, indeed determined, to keep Andy Coulson the phone hacker at No.10 and to hand over BSkyB to Murdoch in order to buy the support of the Murdoch for the next election.   It is now clear that via Lynton Crosby he has prostrated himself before a wide range of commercial interests by changing government policy to suit them in order to recruit their money and power for himself and his party in the lead-up to 2015.   Five examples of this have come to light in recent weeks.  

Most notoriously it has emerged that Crosby Textor, the company of his ‘adviser’ Lynton Crosby, has lobbied on behalf of the tobacco giant, Philip Morris International, and suddenly the government has changed its position and ditched plans to require companies to remove branding from their cigarette packaging.   Then we find that Crosby’s Australian company has represented a drinks industry group campaigning heavily against plans to introduce a minimum alcohol price there.   Soon after Crosby was hired by the Tories, Cameron decided to drop his plans for a minimum alcohol price.   Crosby Textor also represents the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, an oil and gas lobby group that campaigns aggressively for fracking.   Now the UK government has just promised measures to encourage fracking across the country, including tax breaks for the companies involved.   It has now further emerged that CTF Partners, Crosby’s UK arm, represented the rebel forces in Syria for 6 months before bidding unsuccessfully to continue to do so for a fee of £180,000.   That might well explain the otherwise surprising and unexpected decision of Cameron to send weapons to the rebels, though he was later forced to renege on this by the almost united opposition of the Commons.

Then there is the Litvinenko affair.   Cameron has decided to deny his widow a public inquiry into how he was poisoned in London in 2006, almost certainly by Lugovoi, now a member of parliament in Moscow and protected by Putin.   Again it is a disreputable decision playing into the most cynical Cameronian instincts – that there is no such thing as the rule of law, and that the only things that ultimately matter are power, fear and money.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more..but whats worse? Cameron’s Brazen Actions..Or Ed Miliband not counter attacking the ‘bought by the unions’ jibes with EXACTLY the claims made EVERY PMQ’s

    Or any of the other 105 failures, lies and connivances list in the following blog.:-)

    Labour is simply failing the working man day..after day..after day…(yourself excepted) and my list of friends who keep reminding me they have been staunch labour supporters for years..but come 2015..without a serious about turn..they simply WON’T Vota AT ALL..because there’s nothing to distinguish them from the Tories under Ed M.

  2. Ask if the Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act will suddenly apply to the private companies that the NHS is using.

    The PHSO has decided that the privacy of these companies (DPA ) trumps the right of patients families to find out what happened in cases of admitted ( by the NHS ) negligent death, as they can with the NHS.( public interest)

  3. I totally agree with you, Michael. Of course the F in CTF is Mark Fullbrook, long time Tory party member and husband of Tory member for South Ribble, Lorraine Fullbrook. Also almost every member of CTF staff once worked for the Tories or on Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign. Seems an odd coincidence that these young hopefuls left Westminster/City Hall for CTF around the same time Crosby was hired by Cameron. There are a lot more dubious connections in other key areas, such as Wonga boss donating to Tories and no action taken to cap their usurious interest rates;Grant Thornton, author of ‘independent’ report on Furness Hospital,gave money to Tories and their report gave Hunt. the excuse to stuff the CQC Board full of Tory sympathisers.And the number of Tory MPs and Lords with vested interests in private healthcare is just staggering. A good source of evidence for this web of vile corruption is the Social Investigations website.

  4. I agree with you Michael, this is going to far and my belief about the Tories is that they will do anything for money and to try and win at the next election.
    I also believe that Ed Milliband is not the opposition leader we need. He agrees with the Tory party far too much, has stated that he will still keep the benefits for our vulnerable people low, and our low paid workers on low wages!
    He is saying that work pays just like the Tories, but hasn’t the sense to see that there is NO work and a lot of the low earners are in part time work with benefits topping their money up!
    His voice against the Tories is hardly heard and he has done nothing to make the Labour party members and voters want him as their leader. The voters also won’t vote for him unless he becomes stronger against the Tories.
    We really do need a new leader of the Labour party and others with voices in the opposition!
    By not doing anything the people of this country are letting the Tories walk all over us, by labour not doing anything then they will lose vast amounts of votes by people either voting for Ukip (which I dread), or not voting at all, which is what got us in this position in the first place!

  5. Thank you MM. It’s beyond high time the “C” word was common currency in describing this cesspit of psychopaths.

    Corruption is a bigger issue than austerity or cuts : Corruption defines such policy.

    £100,000 to £250000 is the advertised going rate to influence policy and NOTHING has been done to stop it.

    Such government is wholly illegitimate in any meaningful democratic sense. For the sake of brevity, MM has not detailed the half of it.

  6. spot on as always Michael,The thing that troubles me is that the public are getting more like Cameron every day and this needs to be addressed don’t we have any decent people left in the UK and if not why not

    At the next election we could be in a very serous situation where most people wont even vote at all as the choice is so bad overall and those like yourself who could run the country aren’t even given a look in and that is very depressing to say the least

    As for this being a democratic country personally i don’t see that. all i see is a man like Cameron who’s full of fhud a man who when opens his mouth complete garbage comes out with no mp intelligent enough to stop him in his tracks and say to him what a load of bull you talk

    As they say it’s a funny old world

  7. excellent article. there is so much more that could be said, too – especially on Cameron’s incredibly destructive policies on housing, the NHS and access to justice, legal aid and judicial review, all in the interests of corporations / rentier interests and at the expense of citizens. As the Vox Political site comments, the only disappointment with this piece is that it takes a back bencher to say it, and that this message is so muted from the front bench.

  8. Along time after your article was published, but now that the turkeys have voted for Christmas, it is just as relevant now as then. A quick internet search will reveal other skeletons from Cameron’s cupboard, including nuclear proliferation, collusion in suppressing investigation of paedophilia in ‘high places’ and the like, during his amoral climb to his present position.

    What I would like to know is why one of Cameron’s first acts after stealing power by using the idiot, Clegg, was to visit EDF HQ in France to set up the Hinkley Point C project, and why he continues to push this insane proposal uphill by any means available to him. The whole thing long since exited any commercial reality, and similar builds at Flammanville and Oikiluoto signal the likely outcome in terms of safety issues, build issues, delays and cost.

    Given Cameron’s obviously ethics-free disposition, I can only assume that his ‘pension’ now depends on the ‘new nuclear’ program in the UK.

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