How many persons has Atos killed today?

“You have nothing to fear…It is a proud duty to provide financial security to the most vulnerable members of our society, and this will not change.   This is our contract with the most vulnerable”.   That was Iain Duncan Smith in 2010.   He added: “This government and this party don’t regard caring for the needy as a burden”.   But judging by the remarks of Lord Freud, the Tory DWP minister, maybe they regard it as a big money-spinning project for private companies.   This is Freud: “We’re going to go at this (moving people off IB on to either ESA or JSA) very fast and hard….The scale of the potential market is large…I have no doubt that this will be an annual multi-billion pound market”.   So what has happened?   The People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has just published this month a searing indictment of the human casualties of this policy, including those absurdly assessed as fit to work but who then died or committed suicide before their appeal was heard.   The report, which I strongly recommend others to get hold of, makes grim reading.   Here are 3 examples of the 14 quoted in detail.

The family of a 47 year old man said the decision to stop his benefits was a “major trigger” in a spiral which led him to overdose on heroin, cocaine and alcohol.   At his inquest, which lasted 2 days, the court heard that his medical assessment took just 23 minutes and his allowance was stopped despite him suffering from HIV, hepatitis C, sciatica, severe depression, insomnia and dental pain.

A man was found hanging at his home just a day after he received a text message telling him to attend the Jobcentre.   He had been unable to work after he suffered a brain haemorrhage and a stroke and had his his leg fused following a football injury.   He wore a calliper and couldn’t grip with his hand.   His partner said: “The text scared him so much.   He had been depressed for years, but he could keep that under control.   It was the text which pushed him over.   I want people to realise the effect of these changes on people’s lives.   These changes are terrifying to vulnerable people and their concerns need to be listened to.   It can have a devastating effect on people’s lives”.

A seriously ill woman died 2 days after trying to kill herself when she was told her incapacity benefit would be stopped.   The coroner’s court was told she had received a letter from the DWP saying she should go back to work.   The 53-year old, who suffered breathlessness because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was so distressed she took a cocktail of drugs.

A man who had a serious blood disorder, had blood clots in both lungs, two deep vein thromboses in his legs and had to have his big toe amputated, was diagnosed with Hughes syndrome, a life-threatening condition.   He had been left without work by the Benefits Agency for 10 weeks, despite being signed off as unfit to work by the doctor.   He committed suicide and was found by his fiance’e.

I have put down a PQ asking how many persons have died or committed suicide each month over the last 3 years after being required to attend for a WCA or having been assessed as fit to work and then appealed, but died or committed suicide before the appeal was heard.   I shall publish the figures when I have them.


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  1. there are very very many killed by our favourite Nazi party sorry this is all people like me can call them yet on it rolls day in day out more deaths around 77 deaths a week yet not a lot done about it by the spring of 41 the Nazi party hadseen off 75000 peoples who were sick disabled or just insane gassed by two trucks outside the shower room fast forward to today around10000 were killed by this government yet it daily raises ,afew months ago my life time mate who took me fishing on the boat quietly told me about his wca with atossers yet hedidnt seem put out by it believing that he could put it right after me shouting out to him showing telling him about this he said that Thursday coming four days away that at his jcp appointment he would show he wasn’t fit for work but wends teatime my wifes shouting out to me Richards dead he had died at his kitchen table 12or15 hrs before his appointment with jcp to show hes fit to work how how have we come to this its unbeleavible we didn’t allow banks to rip the rich off we didn’t embesel all that moneybut yet we pay we payed into that pot in my case 40yrs or more yet get deemed that 365 days rule so no more money but appeal and after 4yrs finally into the sg but why do you all allow this myself myself my memorys going spelling poop but more deaths its all we ask is do your jobs show them up has whot they are killers of the weak and disabled

  2. Dear Mr Meacher

    On behalf of everyone who is being targeted by this government in what appears to be a cull of the sick and disabled, I want to thank you for all your efforts in bringing the government to book for their vile and inhumane attitude.

    I am not one of your constituents but I wanted to thank you for fighting for all of us ordinary people who are having to rely on the state through no fault of our own. I personally have worked since I was 16 (10 if you count my paper round!) and now in my early 50s can no longer work. With the jobless figures as they are, even if I recover from my condition (which is chronic, so Im not holding my breath!) I cannot imagine finding employment any time soon.

    Again, thank you for all your hard work.

  3. I never ever thought I would see anything that even resembled the Nazis in Britain , and it saddens and horrifies me that this government we have becomes more and more extreme every day and certain of it’s policies so resemble Nazi behaviour – as individuals so many of them could easily don the Nazi uniform as their behaviour seems to relish the brutality they are inflicting on the poor and sick in this country. They have no shame, no compassion, all they are interested in is lining their own pockets and to hell with the rest of us. They have the audacity to call the sick , poor and unemployed scroungers yet when you examine all their subsidies , expenses etc; they are the biggest scroungers of all and do not give a toss for Britain and it’s people.

  4. I bet all that you get, at best, is a reply saying they don’t have that info to hand and they will look it up as a reply then sweep it under the carpet with all the other lies this corrupt government have told.

  5. Good luck with your Parliamentary Question! I hope you get a better response than I did when I submitted my Freedom of Information request – the DWP refused it as ‘vexatious’ because a couple of dozen readers of my blog read the article about it and followed my advice to do likewise if they felt strongly about the issue. According to the DWP, those few requests, over a period of days, constitute a co-ordinated and sustained campaign of harassment against the department.

    I appealed to the Information Commissioner, who upheld the refusal on the grounds that my blog was created to attack the DWP. As one of my commenters pointed out, even the most cursory examination of it (Vox Political – it’s one of the more popular political blogs and may be found at will reveal that it is about British politics in general.

    I am now in the process of taking the Information Commissioner (and by extension, the DWP) to a tribunal. The hearing will take place between the end of March and mid-May.

    All that is just for mortality statistics relating to 2012. This is why I do not have much hope for your request. So far, the DWP has managed to delay the release of these figures for very nearly an entire year.

    If you do succeed, there will be no need for the tribunal hearing, though – so don’t let them fob you off with claims that they don’t collect the figures (they do) or cannot collate them with any ease (they can). They accepted over the summer that there is public interest in these statistics and that they should release the figures regularly. Although nothing has actually been released since then, the admission suggests that they should be doing something about it – or they were lying to me.

  6. if all the deaths came out then ids wouldn’t be laughing at his seat in parliament yet he hides this away nowing full well it awake the masses to whot they are doing killing the disabled sick and now familys by their sanctions yet on it goes I cry for my fellow man that some can do this to others yet on it goes jeff3

  7. Unfortunately, my FOI request on how many claimants argued that the Atos report was flawed fell on deaf ears. It will take them too long to find out. Wouldn’t this be a significant factor on a quality of provision check? Therefore, it seems to me that there is no quality check on the work Atos does.

    Perhaps Atos feel that as long as some of the reports are accurate, they can send in as many fake ones as they want? Where is the trust that claimants can be sure that the report on them is true and not flawed?

  8. As I sit in my flat that is so cold my fingers and toes are numb unable to afford electricity to make a hot drink , I wonder at what stage are my basic human rights going to be addressed? I have calculated that thanks to a seventeen minute ” examination ” by atos I was deemed fit for work and as a result I have less than ten pounds per week to feed myself . Does this mean that my doctor and all the other health professionals that diagnosed my health problems do not know what they are doing? I have been prescribed anti deppressants , codeine , morphine , to name but a few for years now , are these medications not needed? Good luck with your question but I will not hold my breath . After all , no politician is going to admit murder are they ?

  9. I also would point out that as soon as the credit on my phone runs out I will lose what little contact I have with the outside world . Still , that’s only to be expected , if they don’t like what you say they simply take your voice away .

  10. I have Athritis and Fybromyalgia I just got the lowest DLA allowance that helps as I lost my job through these conditions I still have same bills to pay even when I was working so I do not want DLA to stop

  11. When all the deaths are taken into consideration since 2010 and in some cases before it’s very likely that IDS and those responsible will have to account in law as to why these deaths have occurred in the first place

    A judge may find it necessary to take a full look into what has happened and for the police to charge those responsible for the needless premature ending of peoples lives through the very severe stress that was inflicted on them from causing their hearts to stop right the way through to those committing suicide

    Also a national remembrance day needs dedicating to the families of those that have died and that the country understands the full horrors of what has gone on and safeguards are put in place so that no one can enter politics with the idea that they can abuse to their death a fellow human being ever again

    Those already in politics with a mindset to inflict pain or suffering on others should be made to resign

    Hopefully the united nations will make sure that the sick and disabled not only in the uk but worldwide are protected from mindless politicians out to cause harm on others

  12. Dear Mr Meacher,
    Thank you (from the bottom of my heart)for being one of the few politicians who are defending the sick and disabled in the UK. It has become clear to many of us that the aim of the government is to eradicate the unemployed,sick and disabled as we are not contributing enough for the benefit of the elitest few. Our only hope for survival is through support from good people, like yourself, and we are extremely grateful for everything you are doing. Bless you.

  13. The law appears to have been bought where are they? They are supposed to protect and serve the people yet allow this fascist government to Exterminate the poor and weak in society!
    The time is near when the people will have no option but to sack those MPs responsible and take real action against bankers who continue to dictate and enslave society with the help of many corrupt thieving MPs! These MP’s have gone to far and are guilty of sending citizens they are supposed to serve to early graves! This MODERN NAZI REGIME are GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY of CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THIS LAND!

  14. I am one of lucky ones in that I have recently been placed in the Support Group for life but I had a fight of approximately 15 months to get there. This included two Work Capability Assessments and one Tribunal hearing. The lies that were told at the first WCA and the Tribunal hearing where absolutely ridiculous.

    I had to have my right ankle joint removed nearly 30 years ago due to arthritis. Eventually, I had to have a bone graft which was compromised at the first WCA and ATOS wondered why I wasn’t happy.

  15. I am 62 have had 3 heartattacks suffer with severe asthma, severe arthritus and terrible depession,on my first assesment carried out by ATOS 6 years ago I was assesed as compelety fit for work I appealed against the decision and had to wait 2 years for the appeal during I was interrigated and bullied which completely broke me mentally I was found unfit for work after this interrogation which would have made the Gestapo proud .My torturer then appologised to me stating that they are told to treat all people like this by their employers at this point I broke down in tears. Yesterday I received a letter from ATOS and told my wife in tears that I could not go through this again and took an overdose on various tablets.Ufortunetly I was found in time I then took another overdose this time again unsuccessfully. I am now dread the assesment to come and do not know how I will cope.ATOS is nothing short of a bunch of bullies who seem to delight in inflicting suffering on true disabled people and a bunch of Nazi scum.

  16. I have suffered at there hand’s, My feel and back suffer sever pain even if I am up on them for only a half hour and that pain can last from all day to all week, I may have nerve damage in my lower spine.

    I worked for many years in industry having been sent to Japan and Holland on occasion’s before moving on as my health was already deteriorating and I could no longer work the excessively long hours I used to (6am to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and usually all day Saturday and Sunday as well in the 1990’s) and eventually becoming a retail security officer working at Tesco for the last ten years of my working life before becoming ill, I made a point of putting off the shop lifter’s rather than entrapping them which worked well for me.

    In 2013 I lost my job as it became apparent I could no longer walk around the store due to the constant agony I was in I then applied for sickness only to be sent to ATOS in BOOTLE as I live in west Lancashire, I was ill even before going down and struggled, a woman asked if I was OK in the lift so I said “I think I’ll be OK” but she did look concerned and I felt awful to say the least.

    They made me wait for over half an hour in the waiting room on a chair that did no favours for my back only then for me to be called in to see the same woman I had been in the lift with, she decided that I was fit for work, well I am a man and want to work but let me tell you I am far from fit for work and in pain.

    X ray’s revealed no damage to the skeletal structure of my spine and because I saw too many people that were customers at the local Tesco were I worked end up in wheelchairs after ‘exploratory!’ operation’s on there back’s I made it clear I was not going to have someone open my back up, they sent me for acupuncture and all that did was move the pain down to my knee’s for a few day’s before the physiotherapist said that because I would not allow an operation on my back there was no point continuing the treatment as I was not improving.

    I have since been through three doctor’s only to find that I also have an arrhythmic heart beat with an extra beat my doctor called Ectopic on the phone, I had told the previous two doctor’s that I had pains in my chest and dizzy spell’s, that I had feinted in work twice and felt tired all the time but it took a nurse to detect it were they had failed, I now have to wait two months to have my heart scanned.

    Since I was said to be fit for work I was thrown off the work related sickness benefit then I did not want to apply for jobseekers allowance as that was the only road left so languished penny less for three month’s only to then be told as I am not looking enough for work that I can not claim that either, I am actually genuinely Ill and this is the way Our government treats born and bred British Citizen’s who have worked all there lives.

    Somebody called them Nazi’s in disguise, I concur and should like to add that new labour are not much better having gone so far to the right that there really was no were else for the Tory’s to go but further right which is exactly what they have done, I really can’t believe the nation is so illiterate that they would vote them in after the harm they did in the coalition but unfortunately weather the election was correct or not they are in power and god help the children of this country when the same man that is doing this to us Llain Duncan Smith has also moved the goal posts on child poverty, at least the Nazi’s cared about there own people – those they did not murder that is but this bunch are more corrupt than half the military junta’s in south America’s recent history.

    One cure for this malaise would be an IQ test for both Voters and Political candidate’s as only idiot’s could have voted this bunch of self serving narcissist’s back into power.

    I have now be left with absolutely no money by west Lancashire DWP FOR OVER SIX MONTH’s as they say that since I am not actively looking for work I am not entitled to any money, I am too ill as I say and these people are inhuman, if I had not family around me I assure you I would certainly be dead now so is it there policy to work a class (based on financial status) based genocide and murder of our people in a mass cull using poverty in place of gas chambers and firing squads as it certainly look’s like it.

    So YES they are closet NAZI’s of that I have absolutely no doubt and am not casting slur’s but in there case the difference is they are for those with money and not racially motivated.

  17. Paul they are just like the nazi party who if one pops into a search engine action t4 youl find that they did kill their own peoples
    but please please please donot give in to this torture of our government there is help out there to fight back if ones looking for help youl find many sites who do not charge and its members will help each other jeff3

  18. Paul –
    I’m so sorry at how you (and many, many others) are being treated by ATOS and the DWP. Please get some proper advice, probably from the CAB or ring the DWP. There IS an appeals procedure, possibly with some sort of time limit, so get cracking asap. Also go and see your MP, who could have your case looked into.

    I went through this myself and didn’t have any family back up to help, but got through it in the end and won my case. Get a good letter from your specialist; that’s what eventually worked for me. There are also groups on Facebook of people going through all this, which can be supportive and helpful. You are not alone (sadly).

    In the meantime, I hope if you and your family are not members of the Labour Party, that you will register to vote for Jeremy Corbyn who, if he gets in will form a strong opposition to the Tories in parliament. He’s very sympathetic to people who are unable to work as well as all vulnerable people.

    To register, join as a supporter by 12 noon on Wednesday 12th August.: or text SUPPORT to 78555 – £3 fee.

    Best wishes.

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