Tory lies: why no Labour rebuttal?

One of the few good things that Blair did as party leader was to set up a prompt, robust and effective rebuttal machine to counter lying Tory propaganda.   It worked.   Within hours of false, misleading or selective Tory claims being aired, a strong Labour rebuttal was in place in the media.    It is worrying that such a mechanism seems to have been dropped since the last few days and weeks have seen a veritable cascade of Tory folderol which not only demands instant repudiation but offers the opportunity for a stinging counter-blast, ending along the lines of “I’ll stop telling the truth about you if you stop telling lies about me”.   But alas it hasn’t happened.   The Tories are being allowed to get away with outrage after outrage.

The defenestration of Miller has taken place without scarcely a word from Labour, even when the Standards Committee made the unconscionable decision to reduce her payback by 90%, when you might expect Labour to be demanding her head from the start.   Cameron has the gall to claim the NHS has been performing better than ever before when in fact he has nearly brought it to breakdown because of remorselessly rising pressures and mounting debts and when patients now have to wait up to 4 weeks to see their doctor and then far, far more than the 18 week limit achieved by Labour to see a hospital specialist for an operation.   But the opportunity for a powerful rebuttal was missed.   Osborne makes the risible claim that he’s aiming for full employment when he himself is responsible for holding the level of unemployment at the highest level for 30 years – a golden opportunity to throw back in his face that not only has he kept joblessness stuck at 2.4 million or more for 4 years, yet at the same time he has hardly reduced the deficit at all (it’s still stuck at £111bn).

Schapps (if you haven’t heard of him, he’s the cowboy chairman of the Tory party) had the effrontery- unless it was a sick joke – to pretend that the Tories were the ‘Workers’ Party’!   But instead of being buried in catcalls that the Tories are the party of the rich, by the rich and for the rich and Tory bankers and businessmen are creaming off wealth unheard of since the Edwardian age, Labour went schmm.   Cameron has the audacity to keep claiming this is the greenest government ever when the list of its anti-environmental measures is as long as your arm, climaxing with turning this country into an oasis for fracking.   Cameron solemnly proclaims that on the question of personal privacy the spooks have a clean bill of health as though we didn’t all know that actually they have been indulging for a decade in the biggest programme of unsanctioned mass surveillance in history.   But from Labour, answer came there none.

It’s time for Labour to learn that if it’s going to win the election, on every one of these occasions the party must be seen going in hard and aggressively, and if need be brutally.   That’s what the public expects and wants.

3 thoughts on “Tory lies: why no Labour rebuttal?

  1. And when you say Labour you mean of course, Miliband the nondescript, beige in tooth and claw. I feel myself that a man who has to have this explained to him can never and should never be a leader but then, I didn’t elect him. Nor would I.

  2. 2 things worth bearing in mind. Blair was in Office , and the media were not controlled by a right wing authoritarian government. Secondly, labour have rebutted the lies,and reported all of the key ones to authorities such as the ONS, which have rebuked the tory ministers concerned, and publicly, too. I am just researching for an article about all of the rebukes

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