The poor in Britain are among worst-off in Western Europe

Osborne’s austerity is not only unnecessary, gratuitously cruel in punishing the poor for the sins of ultra-rich bankers, but it has now emerged has hit the poorest in Britain far harder than in any comparable State in the EU.   What has now been revealed from OECD data is that poor people in the UK are now suffering enforced deprivation  not only harsher than in Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark but, shockingly, on a par with poverty in the former eastern bloc.   The truth is life is much worse here than it is for the poorest fifth in virtually every other north-western European country.   These facts put into perspective not only the experience in Britain of Osborne’s austerity, but the unique imposition of the bedroom tax, the near-million persons who have been deprived of all benefits in the last year as a result of DWP sanctioning, and the further million persons who have been shamefully taken off incapacity benefit and put on JSA at £71 a week on the utterly spurious pretence that they are able to work.

The OECD calculates the average income of the bottom fifth of UK households at £5,639 a year, or just £108 a week.   This is the average applying to no less than 13 million people currently living in the UK.   These are much lower figures than for the equivalent group in Germany (£7,918), France (£7,486), Belgium (£7,308), Denmark (£7,209), and Netherlands (£6,671).   Moreover, according to Eurostat, GDP per person is lower in west Wales than it is in Poland.   Similarly GDP per person in Tees Valley and Durham is lower than in the Czech Republic.   By contrast, London is the richest region in the EU.   In fact with average household incomes in Britain today of about £31,700 a year, the richest 20% in the UK were the third richest in their bracket of all EU countries except Germany and France.   Thus the rich are richer in the UK than in almost all other EU countries, but at the same time the poor in the UK are significantly poorer than in all other comparable EU countries.

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  1. You can now add the over-50’s group as a new set of targets for the DWP. As they are more prone to ill-health, and once unemployed more likely to stay that way, they have been singled out for a new set of “measures” by McVey for enhanced treatment, by the usual poverty pimps that have provided the work programme etc.

    They really are trying to kill us all off just to save money.

  2. I agree with the other posters, the Tories are indeed scum, but what I really want to know is labour going to be even harder on the unemployed as Rachel Reeves said, if so then they really are no better then the Tories, for a start there are no jobs, my husbands job went to China under a labour government, He worked for over 30 years paying tax and NI, as did I, Now we are being classed as scroungers for claming what is rightfully ours,

  3. Actually the very worst poverty that I’ve seen with my own eye’s anywhere was in America, (that other America; the one at the end of tracks, the one that most Americans desperately try to pretend doesn’t exist and which so many of them live in constant terror of falling into,) and also in rural Hungary, the Czech Republic was actually pretty prosperous by the standards of Eastern Europe when I visited it.

    But there’s nothing there quite like the work program, which is simply an unpleasant, pointless, expensive and bent racket, one being run by some of the most unpleasant and unscrupulous and incompetent individuals and organizations, (many of them charities,)that I’ve ever had the misfortune to have had to deal with.

    2 weeks ago I had to attend to job center, (which gets seedier and shabbier by the week,) to sign on where had the profoundly unpleasant experience of having to watch a client; vulnerable and desperate, (and homeless,) being what I can only describe as being ritually humiliated by an un civil servant, (it was just as demeaning for both people,) because he hadn’t made sufficient effort to find work, (there really isn’t any to be had round here not for love nor money,) backed up by a fat idle, G4S security guard, “if you raise your voice to me I’ll have you thrown out”

    Under this government, (and the last,) it’s become open season the disabled and the unemployed and a lot people, (many of the top 3% that includes MPs are making, a killing, literally out of all these nasty rackets, that essentially transfer funds from those most in need into the pockets of those least in need under the trite and spurious pretext that they’re helping people back into employment when in fact they’re doing nothing of the kind.

    The people only finding work, (and the unemployment situation hasn’t improved noticeably as far as I can tell,)would have found it anyway and the idea of punishing those who didn’t or couldn’t find work is just sick as is the idea of punishing the sick and disabled.

  4. This is entirely typical.

    Technical Operator.

    To deliver high standards of cleanliness and reliability of our production plant, machinery, equipment, and work areas is a fundamental requirement….

    1 job, 84 reviews/applications so far this morning – Manchester

    Do the sums?

  5. Take a look at this link. People who can’t get work are not scroungers, they are human beings in a desperate situation and should be treated as such. There is a big difference between people who can’t get work and people who won’t get work and every member of this present government needs to get that into their selfish greedy self opinionated little lives. Sick and disabled people are not scroungers they are human beings and have the right to be treated with the same courtesy and decency as everyone else and to additional support to live their lives as fully as possible. Britain is broken and that has been caused by selfish greedy decision makers at the top of almost every organisation in this country. There is nothing wrong with making money and being rich, what is wrong is achieving this by walking over the top of everyone around to get there and mistreating the people who actually create that wealth for you by working extremely hard every day of their lives. At the end of the day many of these hard workers barely have enought to live on. There are an awful lot of rotten apples at the top of Britains barrel.

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