Obama wants jihadi cancer to be halted, but how?

It is extraordinary that after an 18 month ISIS rampage of beheadings, torture and executions across northern Iraq and Syria, and after the killing including crucifixion of 500 Yahidi men because of their Christian faith, the brutal murder of one man has now aroused such passion in the West.   But that of course is because he was an American.   It even brings Cameron scurrying back from his holiday to take charge – but to do what?   This is a real turning point in the West’s confrontation with the international jihadism that was unleashed by the illegitimate and disastrous Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq a decade ago.   The jihadist movement is now far stronger in the territory it holds, in its related clusters in Nigeria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, in its resources from kidnapping, control of oilfields and smuggling, and in its tactical capacity to disrupt the West.   They face Western nations in the mirror reverse of uncertain response, bruised by a decade of war weariness in Iraq and Afghanistan, hobbled by the veto on boots on the ground, and rather lamely having to appeal to allies in the Middle East to take a leading role.

Even Obama’s main instrument of retaliation, American airpower, may be constrained by the ISIS threat of further beheadings of foreign nationals, especially US citizens, if air attacks continue.   Already another captured US journalist has been threatened with the same fate if US bombing continues, and ISIS has taken another 4 foreign hostages near Aleppo, bringing to 20 the number they hold.   Another constraint is that whilst US air strikes continue in Iraq, ISIS acts with impunity in Syria because of the earlier Western decision to withhold bombing or missile attacks on that country.   That still leaves other potential means of exerting pressure against ISIS, notably the use of drones to destroy personnel or munitions targets, the use of SAS specialist troops to pinpoint targets and pass back key intelligence, the squeezing of ISIS funding lines especially from wealthy donors (including Saudi Arabia), and attempts to concert Arab resistance against extreme Sunni militancy.   But this is hardly a full-blooded pushback against a rampaging enemy resorting to psychopathic violence.

The ultimate ISIS objective is the disruption of the Western-dominated international order that is perceived to suppress the billion or more Muslims across the world, beginning with the territorial establishment of of an Islamic caliphate, according to al-Baghdadi’s mediaeval revival, across the Middle East.   The ending of the imperial boundaries arbitrarily drawn in 1916 and the right to self-determination for both Sunni and Shia populations in the Middle East (so long as it includes protection for ethnic or tribal minorities) must certainly be on the agenda.   And it will ultimately require a conference of all the key regional powers – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, the US and the EU as well as ISIS itself – under the auspices of the UN to establish the new principles of the Middle East free of external imperialism.

3 thoughts on “Obama wants jihadi cancer to be halted, but how?

  1. The USA and Britain could start by telling their nationals that venture into the danger zones that they do so at their own risk. These people, however well intentioned, leave us with our hands tied when they are abducted. They also risk the lives of our Special Forces when they attempt to rescue them.

  2. Even ignoring the war criminal Blair’s illegal participation in the pointless and barbaric attack on Iraq 10 years ago; Cameron is the same lying sociopath who so casually and callously ordered to RAF to fly over 60,000? sorties against Libya, (a country that posed far less of threat to us, if any, than the current endemic anarchy and escalating violence in the region,) targeting schools, hospitals, roads, water plants and power stations and so on.

    And with actions such as the extra-judicial execution (or murder, to use a shorter word) of suspected terrorists without a trial, the Americans and their followers, (including us,) have lost our claim to moral superiority.

    Formerly civilised society has descended to the same level level as the terrorists.

    The root cause of this being the total and complete destruction of every single civil, social or political institution or organizing principle, other than hard core fundamentalist religion, that would otherwise hold a society together.

    We did that.

    Without for moment condoning any of this, I can still see their, (the Iraqi rebels and other’s,) point, as always; what’s criminal and barbaric when some guy in turban does it to, “us,” is just unfortunate and a sad but regrettable necessity when we do the same or worse to them.

    So what goes around comes around, but meanwhile back in the USA:

    “A 9-year-old boy was killed and at least eight others were wounded, one fatally, in separate shootings on the city’s South and Northwest Sides, officials said.”

    “The boy killed had been shot in the 1200 block of East 71st Street in the city’s, (Chicago,) Grand Crossing neighbourhood, police said. The boy was in a backyard near train tracks when he was shot in the chest, hands and arms, police said.”

    (Chicago Tribune,yesterday; thank you.)

    Just another day in the land of the free.

    Something to think about perhaps?

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