Is the EU Commission on the side of Farage?

It is difficult to believe that some senior members of the EU Commission are not secret Ukippers.   To demand that Britain hands over more than €2bn because its economy is doing relatively well compared with the rest of the Eurozone, which is doing appallingly badly, is beyond satire.   The idea that Germany, where the Merkel doctrine of unwavering austerity has brought the eurozone low, should now receive a rebate at Britain’s expense of £780m  is the kind of black comedy normally associated with farce.   The UK contribution to the EU budget is already large at £8.6bn last year, and this surcharge would now make the UK by far the biggest top-up contributor.   What adds salt into the wound is that this surcharge stems from the EU charging the way it calculates gross national income to include more hidden elements such as prostitution and illegal drugs!

The unfairness of redistributing wealth is illustrated by the adamant refusal of Germany, the biggest beneficiary under this proposed surcharge, to redistribute debt across the EU which everyone recognises would resolve the massive and oppressive problems which is remorselessly dragging down the Eurozone.   This problem which is crippling Greece in particular, but also Portugal and even France and Italy, is being blocked by Merkel, the German chancellor, on the grounds that deficit countries within the EU must make huge expenditure cuts and market ‘reforms’ (i.e. cutbacks in wages and employment) to bring themselves into line with German productivity.   This is a deeply selfish policy on the part of Germany, especially when a programme of mutualising increasing wealth across the EU clearly has to be balanced by a programme of mutualising debt across the EU.   But Germany wants to have its cake and eat it.   Merkel’s policy is also foolish and destructive because lack of growth in the deficit countries makes it impossible for them to earn the means to pay down their huge interest payments and so their debt actually increases.

Politically, this could not have happened at a worst moment for Cameron or at a better moment for Farage.  It will become a major issue in the Rochester by-election on 20 November where the latest poll now shows UKIP 13% ahead.   This could unravel the Tory party.   It will undoubtedly increase the pressure on the Tory far-right faction in Parliament to defect to UKIP, and even before this latest development polling has shown that there are at least 4-5 Tory MPs who would be more likely to retain their seats if they defected to UKIP.   A further complication for Cameron is that there has to be a vote in the House before 1st December on whether the UK should opt-in to 35 EU justice and policing measures, including the European Arrest Warrant, on which 100 Tory MPs have threatened to rebel.

If the EU Commission wanted to drop a bombshell to rack up the changes of the UK exiting from Brussels, they couldn’t have done a better job of it.

7 thoughts on “Is the EU Commission on the side of Farage?

  1. The Three Laws of Bureaucracy:

    Some bureaucrat will inevitably enforce an official rule to the point of imbecility.

    To fix the mess this causes, the bureaucracy will write at least two new rules.

    The first law applies to each of the new rules.

  2. you miss the point micheal with cams and co his mate george and carney have lied about our situation that rtu ids has said that unemployed gone down infact stacking shelves at the salvation army they lied lied lied but the eu is the only ones who believed this drivell yet has mps you wont pay this it will come from the tax payers the biggest mistake is allowing a tom pepper into power it seems

  3. It would appear that we signed up to this agreement back in 2010, when George Osborne was already our Chancellor. Pat McFadden was quoted as saying that the ONS has known the actual figures for 5 months. So, were the people in charge of our finances really taken by surprise? If so, they’re not doing a good job are they!

    The Tories sound like a broken record, constantly repeating that Labour can’t be trusted with the country’s finances. Labour should therefore capitalise on this latest shambles.

  4. Although David Cameron demonstrated seemingly understandable anger at “suddenly” been told that the UK will have to pay £1.7 billion there are two questions that come to mind:

    1. This seems perfect timing – just before the Rochester and Strood by-election – to show UKIPs that David Cameron can get irate with the EU Commission as well as Nigel Farage and

    2. Why is it that David Cameron get’s upset concerning loss of money but sheds no tears or gets anywhere near so upset with the thought that Palestinians are being killed in GAZA or Eastern Ukrainians are being bombed and kiled in the east of Ukraine? Both regimes are actively supported by the UK Government.

  5. Another thought related to David Cameron’s apparent distrust of the EU Commission is why are they so willing to sell TTIP which is also an EU Commission project, to the UK Public?

    The EU was orginally a Trade Deal, it’s now a Government controlling 15% to 50% of UK Laws.

    There’s a simple alternative to the theatrics (though excellently performed) by David Cameron ( who no doubt, spent a day or two at RADA to sharpen up his skills before his “Angry” speech), have an EU Referendum now and get out of Federal Europe.

    David Cameron already misled us over not Privatising the NHS with the NHS Health Social and Care Act 2012 – which is the start of the Proivatisation of the NHS – TTIP will arrive to bang the bal into the back of the “Save our NHS”‘s goal.

    Nick Clegg lied about Tuition Fees. They all lied about Scotland – which will be slowly stripped of it’s resources to pay this latest EU Bill, and the Scottish NHS will be dragged kicking and screaming into the Target Sights of the Foreign Investors which TTIP is designed to help, just like the Investors were looked after when the Royal Mail was (ripped-off) sorry, Sold to the Private Sector.

    How on earth can we Trust David Cameron to look after our interests and represent us (despite the very believable speech) when the Tory Party is recieving over 50% of it’s Party Funding from the City of London – mostly from “Investors”.

    Many Health Care Professionals are saying that the NHS will be completely changed and restructured – which is precisely the opposite of what David Cameron and his accomplices said they’d do before they were elected.

    If he wants to get angry about something then he should get angry about the following:
    1. Supporitng NAZIs in Kiev, who are killing eastern ukrainians.
    2. The Western backed coup d’etat in Kiev in February. (against internation and Ukraine law)
    3. Destroying Libya – which is now in chaos.
    4. The rise of ISIS after a botched attempt at regime change in Syria.
    5. The loss of one billion pounds after the Royal Mail was basically handed on a silver plate to investors.
    6. The loss of MH17 and continued cover up of the investigation findings and lack of assistance by the Kiev Government – except when trying to pathetically fabricate evidence for Political Purposes.
    7. The Increase of our National Debt – which is headig towards 2 Trillion Pounds – with consequent interest payments.
    8 The housing Bubble and other asset Bubbles which are forming due to schemes like “Help to buy” – or is it “Help to Sell”?
    9. The limp wristed Bank Reforms which do nothing except protect the City of Londons money counterfeiting scheme as 97% of our oney is created by Private Bankers – subsidised heavily by Tax Payers.
    10. The utter and total dishonesty regarding Russia, Iran and Syria and continued acceleration of the propaganda machines which include Sky News, BBC News, ITV, of which we still have to pay a license fee to the BBC to mis-informing us – and nobody seems to mind or make it a election issue. If the BBC was cut-off from funding they wouldn’t have so much money to lie to us.
    11. Misleading the Scottish voters that the NHS is safe in Tory Hands – like Lambs are safe in Wolves hands, and they fell for it.

  6. One final short question:

    If David Cameron gets really upset and angry over a demand for £1.7 bilion, why didn’t he get upset and angry with Dr Vince Cable when he apparently lost £1 billion for the Tax Payers? Why didn’t he immediately sack him after he realised he’d messed it up?

    Is it because – anytihng upto £1 billion is NOT enough money to worry about, but anything over £1.5 billion, “Well! That’s a lot of cash, we can get angry about that! but a billion quid is not worth worrying about?”.

    At least that bilion quid landed int the hands of friendly investors – potential supporters of the Conservative Party.

  7. Another take on this by Dr Scott Cato, MEP:
    Quote: “What is clear is that this demand from the EU for a one-off additional payment exposes the big lie behind the government’s austerity agenda. It shines a light on the paradox of Tory austerity politics; trying to argue simultaneously that they are responsible for a successful economy, while still claiming to be poor.”

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