The Osborne forked tongue is already cranking up for the Autumn Statement

The Chancellor’s response to the £1.1bn windfall handed to him by the fine on the banks is a classic in Osborne double-speak.   We’re told the money will be “used for the wider public good”.   He means tax cuts as an electoral bribe.   He says “today we take action to clean up corruption by a few so that we have a financial system that works for everyone”.   Today?   Why not when the corrupt manipulation of the £3.5 trillion a day foreign exchange markets was uncovered years ago?   “Taken action to clean up corruption”? – almost nothing has been done to prevent another banking crash and the foreign exchange market remains, breathtakingly, unregulated.   “Corruption by a few”? – the truth is the whole industry was (and still largely is) rotten to the core as the chatroom exchanges between the traders of all the main banks clearly reveal.   “A financial system that works for everyone”? – one can only wonder at Osborne’s gall in spitting out a lie with such bravado, which he knows is a lie, and probably knows too that everyone else knows it’s a lie.   The bankers’ bonuses, overseas speculation, contrived tax avoidance, and mortgaging of prime property in central London works works in no-one’s interests except their own.

But the Chancellor hadn’t finished the stream of untruth.   He went on: “It’s part of a long-term plan that is fixing what went wrong in Britain’s banks and our economy”.   Part of a long-term plan? – in that case why is the deficit this year about £100bn instead of the £40bn he predicted in 2010?   Fixing what went wrong in Britain’s banks? – what went wrong, among repeated acts of criminality, was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which severed investment (casino) banking from retail banking, and which Osborne himself has latterly refused to put right.   Fixing what went wrong in our economy? – what went wrong was the bankers’ ramp which Osborne then massively exacerbated by deploying the dead hand of austerity to deal with the deficit rather than stimulating the economy to pay down the deficit much faster through growth.

No doubt he’ll us in the same vein in the Autumn Statement on 3 December that he’s using the £1bn windfall, or other unfunded giveaways, to plough back increased resources into the NHS, without mentioning that he’s stolen £20bn in cuts out of the NHS in the last 5 years.   And no doubt too he’ll tell us that he’s getting tough on the hated bankers even though none of them are being sent to prison for embezzlement and misfeasance on a industrial scale, yet more than a million poor and disabled persons have been sanctioned (i.e. had all their income taken away) for trivial infringements not a billionth the size of the bankers’ corruption.   But then, that’s Osborne for you, through and through.


4 thoughts on “The Osborne forked tongue is already cranking up for the Autumn Statement

  1. Its without doubt that with George and carney the figures have been manipulated to show growth and healthy britain but alass it all lies but now hes getting his mites on this monies I wonder were it go it wont go to help the poorest in society it go towards those who truly believe him yet we now he’s stated that more monies being put into health yet doesnt state atos crapita salus now maximus have benefited from this extra monies not the nhs yet the lies continue labour will have one hell of a job putting right their breaking up of the nhs welfare and social housing but mostly they need to listen tell the truth not lies like cam and co it seems it needs to be told the story of great greed were companies through the tories ruled not paying their way will labour stand and put right whot the tories took away that we have to see jeff3

  2. Most informative, thank you.
    No wonder the NHS is struggling, what with losing £20bn, coupled with having to deal with more old people than ever, probably exacerbated by the fact they can’t afford to eat properly and heat their homes, and councils can no longer afford to pay for carers to look after them; even many younger people are suffering from malnutrition these days.

    It really is a great injustice that people struggling to put food on their tables are being prosecuted and even imprisoned for stealing a little food, whilst the bankers get off scott free.

    So, why exactly are bankers and other financial wrongdoers not being imprisoned!? At the very least, they should pay the fines out of their own pockets, full of ill gotten gains as, presumably, when banks are fined it’s the taxpayer and their clients who actually end up paying for them.

    So, are Labour going to continue with austerity or will they follow your advice and “stimulate the economy to pay down the deficit through growth“?

    I had a ‘phone call from Labour HO today and suggested the slogan “Austerity is hurting but not working” I think he liked it, as he said he’d pass it on!

  3. Rock the apple cart michael..ise parliamentary privelidge if need be..but state the fact as outlined..on the floor..for all and sundry to see him squirm..

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