Our corrupt, self-protective, unaccountable Establishment

By chance several events in the last few days have highlighted poignantly how the British Establishment – the small political-economic-financial elite who went to the same public schools and the same universities (usually Oxbridge) – automatically close ranks to protect each other when they come under pressure.   Jonathan Burrows, a former MD of Blackrock Asset Management with a multi-million salary, was exposed as a chiselling fare dodger who had cheated Southeastern Railways out of £43,000 over several years, but because he was allowed to make an out-of-court settlement he avoided prosecution and wasn’t sent to prison.   What ordinary employee would have have been allowed such a getaway?   The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) feebly admonished him as “falling short of the standards we expect” – can you imagine that being said to a burglar who had raided houses for several years and got away with £43,000?   The FCA is the same toothless body which is supposed to be holding the City to account after a decade of stupendous financial crime, but has yet to send a single City grandee to prison.

The mood of this corrupt closing of ranks to protect one of their own is best caught by the machinations reported today of how the Tory government in 1963 (nothing has changed since) sought to frame Mandy Rice-Davies in order to ‘get’ Stephen Ward because he was about to expose Profumo for lying to Parliament about his affair with Christine Keeler.   The Establishment cranked into action.   A corrupt Scotland Yard officer had Rice-Davies arrested for a non-existent theft of a rented TV, softened up in prison, and told she would only be released if she testified against Ward.   She was subjected to the corrupt bullying of the police, the moralising cant of the prosecutor, and the deep bias of the Old Bailey judge.

Nor is this a one-off story of 50 years ago.   The rampant child sex abuse of Savile over decades was hushed up, just as the sexual depredations of Cyril Smith MP were similarly never followed up even though detailed reports of the evidence were sent to the Home Office.   In order to ensure that nothing much would come of the child sex abuse inquiry she set up, Theresa May tried to get away with appointing blatantly pro-Establishment figures to chair it.    We now learn that the Met has enough evidence to validate allegations of a VIP-led child sex scandal operating for years among senior Westminster figures, but though known about it was hushed up for decades.

The police officer who shot an unarmed Mark Duggan dead has not been prosecuted.   MI5 was not called to account over the two terrorists who murdered the soldier Rigby, even though they were both known to the authorities beforehand.   The senior police officers who ran the secret unit of undercover officers spying on environmental activists and using illicit sexual liaisons to cover their tracks have never been prosecuted.   Not a single death in custody over the last 25 years which has led to open coroner verdicts has ever been prosecuted and the perpetrator convicted.

Britain has an Establishment worthy of any Third World autocracy, it’s just that the British are more subtle about it.

14 thoughts on “Our corrupt, self-protective, unaccountable Establishment

  1. And they wonder why people don’t vote. Can we expect a change in the near future? Much appreciation to you for your honesty and outspokenness. We need more politicians like you.

  2. Once again, who pays for the FCA to exist? The banks, financial institutions. Why would the FCA bite the hands that feed it. This country has beem corrupt for God knows how long. Only cromwell stood up and tackled the issues. It will not happen again because the armed forces are stupid enough to side with the establishment, ‘for queen and country’. Osborne is the biggest fraudster in this country at present . He said he would bring the deficit down but has he? NO.

    Nobody is allowed to take a MP to court and hold a MP accountable. It is the taxpayer who has to pay for the misconduct and incompetancy of MP’s. Why should we pay for a deficit that Osborne has created because he cannot balance the books.

    I watched the film cromwell on tv a week or so ago. Oh how we need him alive now to sort out the corrupt establishment now. To think this country preaches against Russia, Iran, China etc. Atleast they do not pretend to be fair and just countries like the UK does.

  3. Most of the British public with any intellegence have known about this, many have probably experienced some form of corruption based along similar lines. How can we fight it? the power is not with us. Even ballot boxes can be played with. It must be fought from within. The level of corruption today within government is at a level never seen before, committed by politicians who will stand before a nation on TV, and lie through their back teeth, trip over their own tongue, smile or in one case laugh, because they know they are untouchable. Where are the honest judiciary, Law enforcement, and Prosecutors to bring Justice back to this country? We have people like you Mr Meacher and the likes of Mr Skinner so it is obviously not 100% corrupt.
    Thank you 100% for your genuine concern , it is nice still to know there are people such as yourself who have Honour, Compassion, Empathy and Concern.

  4. the way to solve it is to take the economy out of the hands of the private central banking cartel that runs the world. no government, however well meaning, although as we know this one is certainly not, can do anything without exercising its sovereign right to create and issue money for its people’s needs.

    i know you know this well, as you were one of only a handful of mp’s that turned up to the money creation debate on the house of paedophiles not long ago, and your speech did the rounds on the social media truth cicuit – though money is such a boring subject for most; i try to jazz it up with ‘if we change how money is issued everyone will have lots more of it.’

    the other thing of course is we need to remove the freemasonic/ illuminati network from all corridors of power, in the police, the judiciary, the government, the civil service, military, education, media, business, religion – all areas are covered by this not-so-secret network which at its highest levels aims to subvert and destroy ordered governments in favour of a one world global dictatorship – and those who doubt its eixstence by using the cia invented term ‘conspiracy theory’ would do well to look at how close to completion their plans are – the ttip, the lisbon treaty, the dominance of global corporations and the hegemonisation of the west (we used to think it was americanisation, but they will take shit from anywhere,) and the draconian surviellance and police powers legislation successive governments have slipped in since the phony war on terror began.

    that’s the other thing they call ‘conspiracy theories’ – those terrorist events they keep playing for us on the msm which we call false flags. they’re false flags – we’ve looked into them and they do not add up outside of the msm narrative – a quick google search will debunk all of them – woolwich, sydney, isil beheadings, 7/7, and the daddy recently that rneewed the middle east conquest – 9/11.

    having had america admit the gulf of tonkin never happened and pearl harbour was allowed to happen, and with the recent senate cia torture report showing the horrors of what the west has been up to in the name of democracy and freedom, it is hard for anybody to defend the story they are selling us through the paid-for government and controlled msm, isn’t it?

  5. So, Jonathan Burrows, a former MD of Blackrock Asset Management, is a lying thieving scumbag.

    Worse are the lying scumbags who have been complicit in his crime by allowing this criminal to settle out of court.

    Name and shame the establishment scumbags who allowed the thief Jonathan Burrows to walk free with his get out of jail backhander.

  6. The FCA are currently turning a blind eye to JP Morgan operating a fake ‘mortgage provider’, which is engaged in repossession abuse in the UK (widely practices by JP Morgan in the USA).

    The FCA deliberately withhold clarification of financial regulatory information that would otherwise assist members of the public seek financial redress for branches of financial regulations by JP Morgan and cronies/associates and fake ‘mortgage provider’.

    So, why be surprised that the FCA’s hand slap has effectively endorsed theft by a bankster!?

  7. When is the elephant in the room going to come into focus? I’m talking about Free Masonry. This is the cancer that rules the world.

    The police, judiciary, MP’s and criminal fraternity join the same lodges and swear to protect each other, even of murder.

    As long as this body remains a ‘secret society’ the Rule of Law will never prevail.

  8. Dear Michael,
    The best way to start flushing out the evil b’stards, is to get the Hollie Greig case into the public domain.
    The establishment have already spent approx £2million of public funds trying to cover it up.

    Give Hollie and her supporters the best Xmas present possible.

  9. I get angry when I see comments like “We have no power” and “I or the taxpayers can’t do anything about it”. What the hell is wrong with you people? We ARE the people. Politicians, the police, the establishment are only there because you agree to them being there, they are our employees not vice-versa. There is plenty you can do about it – don’t vote for them for a start (there is not a single politician in the country – even the so-called ‘good’ ones – who want a genuine democracy with citizens able to freely live productive, fulfilled lives without interference and restriction from government. The first aim of any politician is control of the masses, period, no matter what they might tell you otherwise. We don’t need politicians and we don’t need ‘leaders’ but that would mean each and every one of us taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions and sadly, most people haven’t grown up enough yet to realise or embrace that concept. If only a few thousand people sat down outside parliament and got themselves arrested every day, day after day, week after week, until the paedophile MPs are named, or corrupt politicians like War Criminals Straw, Mandelson, Campbell and Miranda Bliar are brought to trial, or the next psychopathic ‘war on terror’ is halted or whatever issue needs to be addressed, then the whole rotten legal, judicial, political and financial system would grind to a halt and we’d start to see change pretty fast. But, of course, it’s far easier to whinge from the sidelines and hope ‘someone’ else will somehow fix things (which of course they won’t) rather than stand up and speak your truth and put yourself on the line for the issues you claim really matter to you. By taking the lazy way out and professing an inability to help change the situation yourself, you are not only part of the problem in denying your own sense of worth and self-empowerment but also actively encouraging the now accelerating fascist police state that this country is fast becoming. And when you do finally wake up to the terrible realisation that you should have joined others to at least try to bring about meaningful change, or been your own leader rather than looking for ‘representatives’ to make your decisions for you… inevitably, it will be too late.

  10. Sadly, the vast majority of people have been virtually conditioned never to question this kind of political/industrial behaviour which has existed for hundreds of years. None of it is new. The democratic system has always been manipulated to ensure a wealthy, powerful elite not only pull the real strings but soak up most of the wealth of a nation. The internet seems to be the only glimmer of future hope by allowing ever increasing numbers of the general populous to see what the truth is and has been for a long time and get angry enough to want to seriously change things. And, with the right numbers, we can. I guess it’s now a case of just how much more lies and disgust will it take for us to seriously demand change?

  11. Thank you for your courage and honesty, sadly so rare in politicians today.

    Please let the Labour Party stop being Tory -lite. You’ll be amazed by how many people will support that move. Take on the corporations: change tax laws to make avoidance, by use of tax havens, evasion; oppose TTIP; stop making the poor pay for the bank bail out, oh by the way, where is our money plus interest?

  12. The power of the Establishment over the ‘lower classes’ is the probable cause of high blood pressure in Britain. Instinctively I knew Stephen Ward was set up, police not interested in truthful outcome for Stephen Lawrence, Mark Duggan’s murder would be excused and that Chilcott and the hacking enquiry were cover ups costing us millions. `The public schools are allowed charitable status while those who can never get together a deposit for a house are game for the rentiers. Socialism was and is the answer and the Labour Party should bne fighting inequality not wallowing in status and establishment career paths.

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