Even by Osborne’s standards this is the most dishonest budget since the war

This was the thinnest Autumn Statement (mini-budget) in living memory.   There was nothing new in it of any significance except the change from the slab system to the stepped system for stamp duty.   But on the key issue which underpinned the whole statement, namely that this year the deficit is rising, not falling, there was a shock.   Since admitting that the deficit will this year rise from £86bn to about £91bn, and then next year to around £100bn, was too much loss of face for Osborne to bear, he decided to resort to an enormous lie.   He solemnly declared to the House that the cost of servicing government debt would fall £18bn a year by 2018-19.   Economists have pored over the small print of this mini-budget, and without exception no-one has been able to find any evidence whatsoever to back up this claim.   Osborne just made it up!   He sought to explain this away by an admission of “an error in our forecast model” which led to “over-predicting the stock of debt over time”.   Needless to say, this is gobbledigook.   But this purports to allow him to bank £4bn of the £18bn this year, and thus save his fiscal bacon.

Apart from this outrageous invention which shows that, when cornered, you can’t believe a word the man says, Osborne did produce one other statement of potentially momentous significance.   The slowdown and fall in tax receipts is expected to increase the deficit by £25bn during the next Parliament.   The OBR then admitted that the only way Osborne could balance the books would be through shrinking the State back to the level of the 1930s.   It predicted that, if Osborne’s spending cuts are carried through to the extreme degree he is now posing, total public spending will fall to 35.2% of GDP by 2019-20.   The implications of this for the emasculation of public services are enormous.   It is intended to return Britain to the Great Gatsby era for the top monied 5% while the bottom 50% are reduced to near-penury or forced to accept quasi-servile status in the employ of the great estates.   Public services will be totally decimated and replaced by a fully privatised market system.

There is one other big lie in Osborne’s mini-budget.   He constantly trumpets that he has halved the deficit since he came to office in 2010.   The truth is that Alastair Darling brought in two expansionary budgets in 2009-10, the effects of which take 18-24 months to work through.   In 2009-10 the deficit (at current prices) was £153bn, and by 2011-12 it had been sharply cut to £112.4bn, a reduction of over £40bn in 2 years.   But 2012-13 the Osborne austerity budgets had begun to kick in, and the deficit went up to £119.4bn.   In 2013-4 it fell to £98bn because Osborne eased up on austerity and launched the Help-to-Buy house price boom.   This year, if as expected the deficit ends up around £91bn and then rises next year to around £100bn, Osborne hasn’t halved the deficit, he’s reduced it by about an eighth in 3 years (the difference between £112bn and £100bn).   Can you believe a word this man says?


5 thoughts on “Even by Osborne’s standards this is the most dishonest budget since the war

  1. whot i cant understand is ed quietness on this has labour hadnt gone up but down under them when cams stands and flaunts labour with his lies they realy dont attack his lies on when they were in power it seems eds very quiet with cams and co but george whot did one expect with this man sorry little boy has hes no chancellor or should be allowed near any basic government running but little by little hes put us more into hock than any other government and between them sold our silver off for whot whot buttons once again to their dear mates end of jeff3

  2. With certain government ministers constantly ‘misleading’ the public, the electorate stands a poor chance of making an informed decision when it comes to voting. There’s far too much apathy and ignorance as it is and people have been brainwashed into thinking there’s no money and the only solution is even more austerity. (Apparently, the banks are currently sitting on £500bn which is not being invested).

    The fact that Miliband and Balls appear to agree that austerity is the only way, is very depressing indeed. I feel the only hope we have is for people like yourself to get together in an organized campaign and persuade them otherwise.

    This needs to be done well before the election, as the electorate then need to be convinced that an alternative plan to austerity would work. That way there will be a clear difference between Tory and Labour policies, which people will be able to understand.

    I’ve seen a couple of “who would you vote for?” type surveys on Facebook and UKIP came close to 50%!!! In my area, the Greens would appear to be well ahead of Labour. Aaaargh!!

  3. There’s a new petition:- “It’s entirely legal for an MP to lie to Parliament. Doesn’t sound right, does it? #MakeLyingHistory” on Change.org – started by Jolyon Rubinstein.

    Quote: “I want to start a debate about the importance of the truth in politics. Please sign the petition here and let’s start a public debate about how we can make politicians’ lies history.”

    Here’s the link:


    This is most opportune, as I was especially angered by Cameron who, immediately prior to Osborne’s Autumn Statement, during PMQs took every opportunity to refer to “the mess we inherited from Labour” :

    Cameron’s exact quotes, taken from Hansard, PMQs 3/12/14:

    “No one in this country will ever forget that the Opposition are the people who sold the gold, who broke the economy and who bankrupted the nation;…”

    “the economy has been turned round from the disastrous situation left by the Labour party, and that is something the whole country can be proud of.”

    “This Government have had to borrow a lot of money because we inherited the biggest budget deficit in the world. [Interruption.] Yes, it was 11% of our GDP when we came to government. We have already cut it by a third…..”

    “We inherited the biggest budget deficit in Britain’s peacetime history. The Labour party had the longest and deepest recession in a century.”

    “….. recovering from the complete shambles and mess that the hon. Gentleman left when he was part of the previous Government.”

    What’s so astounding, is that all of these statements were given in only a single session, lasting about ½ hour!!

    Something must be done to stop this.

  4. Parliamentary privilege gives MPs legal immunity from actions against them in relation to their duties as legislators, which is presumably why persons like IDS can’t be charged with manslaughter. (Though considering how many persons his intentional policies are literally killing, an exception ought to be made there.)

    However, while it’s not illegal for them to lie blatantly (as it should be) day-in-day-out, knowingly giving false information to Parliament is meant to be a serious charge and should lead to resignation or sacking; so why, oh why, when the very false information continues emitting from leading government ministers so unrelentingly, and so very provably, is squish all happening about it?

    Any why isn’t the Labour front bench having the field day – lots of field days – it ought to be having about it? Too many vested interests?

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