Tories promise good times are coming when they intend 5 more years of deepening austerity

The Tory propaganda machine is spectacularly successful at disseminating lies.   It has very successfully embedded it into the nation’s consciousness that the last Labour government caused all the ‘economic mess’ as though it had nothing to do with the bankers or the international recession.  It has got it into people’s minds that Labour was profligate and can’t be trusted with the nation’s finances when the economic record says the opposite: in Labour’s 11 years (1997-2008) before the crash the budget deficit was never larger than 3.3% of GDP, whilst the Thatcher-Major governments racked up deficits bigger than this in 10 out of their 18 years, so which was the spendthrift party?   It has got people to believe that cutting the deficit takes precedence over every other aspect of policy, as though expanding the economy, creating well-paid jobs, boosting investment, and raising household incomes was not much more important, and would actually generate the bigger government tax receipts to pay down the deficit much faster.

Now there are two further lies.  One is that the Tories will eliminate the structural deficit on both current and capital account by 2018-19.   This is utter fantasy since the deficit is still a whopping £92bn and in this last year 2014-15 when growth was recorded as 2.8% the deficit would actually have  increased were it not for the fortuitous one-off last-minute payment of income tax by the super-wealthy to avoid paying at the 50% rate.  Now they’re putting out a new lie for the purposes of getting elected, that good times are coming and it will all be sun and happiness, when they have every intention of enforcing a much bigger dose of austerity even than that which people have suffered for the last 5 years.   The evidence comes from Osborne himself, aggressively asserting that there will be further welfare cuts of £12bn (though when asked to explain where these will fall he keeps mum) and that he will shrink the State and public services to the much smaller proportions of the 1930s so that everyone swims or sinks by the market with precious little help otherwise.

How does the Tory propaganda machine manage to ingratiate such whopping lies into people’s minds?    It is partly by disciplined repetition of these falsehoods on every available occasion in the mass media till the ignorant are beguiled into thinking it must be true.   It is partly by the lamentable failure of the Labour party to contest these lies and to vigorously argue the truth in their place.   It is partly because the Tory lies fit naturally into the ideology of market fundamentalism which originated with Thatcher-Reagan and which the Left in the West has tragically not yet buried.   And it is partly because of the toxic influence of the Tory tabloids which are not newspapers in the proper sense of the word but propaganda machines in their own right.   One major objective of the coming Labour government must be to change this multiple bias by ruling on a right of reply, requiring all owners of newspapers to be British and to live in Britain, and changing the pattern of ownership away from private oligarchs to public trusts subject to a balanced code of impartiality.


3 thoughts on “Tories promise good times are coming when they intend 5 more years of deepening austerity

  1. “It is partly by the lamentable failure of the Labour party to contest these lies and to vigorously argue the truth in their place. ”

    This is part of the reason so many people are reluctant, despite their instinct…to vote labour! Ale aspiirations mention after the above are irrelevant unless Labour wins! Which sadly means that in my ward..a safe labour stronghold…i’ll be voting Green to shor eup and improve the numbers going over now to them. I know they can’t win..but if people see the improved turnouts for the’ll maybe make them think twice next time.

    (I would vote TUSC if we had a candidtae standing)

  2. Yet we still have greed in the party with to many blair babies still being little tories im afraid but talking doing the labour bit is far away from their greedie minds yet a few talk the talk of the true labour supporter yet more tory rule will see the ninty nine percent who aint rich suffer more through austerity which we suffer but our mps dont they put in for more claim on exspenses has such yet the ninty nine percent who aint rich will see their selves sold further down the line into slavery to the yanks through ttip or such agreements isnt it shamefull that you let em get away with their lies keeping quiet but now you want our vote I see another were you could be all getting less votes again has now more people wake up to the fact parliament is run by fraudulent crooks who swindled culled the stock through austerity measures yes greedie people who cant have any christian values at all jeff3

  3. There are several interesting and even faintly damning assumptions implicit the piece above.

    First of all, if it wasn’t for right wing press, (who and particularly the DT, did and still do an excellent job of reporting the kind of widespread graft and corruption that is seemingly endemic within government at ever level,) everyone would love us.

    Second the complete refusal of Milliband or Cameron pretty much to refuse to discuss anything except in terms of; the deficit, (” Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter,” Dick Chaney,) which has become a straw man used to misdirect legitimate criticism of policy away from the real and concrete issue such the way the disabled and the unemployed are being abused and so on.

    In my own case, (I’ve been unemployed for 6 years and actively trying to get back into work for 4,) b my and my wife, (who is disabled,) our problems are far more real and immediate than some abstract thing called; the deficit about which I remain unconvinced and somewhat skeptical to be honest, but in any case as one of the people being told that I’m being sacrificed for some greater, good I see little indication that such a greater good involves me in any way at all.

    Lastly a lot of people are having huge difficulty understanding why they should be expected to vote for a strange political party, all but defunct in terms of principle and socialist tradition, led by a right wing multi millionaire property developer who by his own admission has absolutely no interest in Labour, “we say labor but of course we really mean Progress,”) or in the interests of it’s natural constituency whatsoever.

    Speaking as some who’s followed this non debate quite closely I’m completely baffled as to what good, clearing the deficit will do me anyway?

    I’m beginning to feel a bit too much like one those tragic Romanian orphans, being told not to mind the maggots in my cot because we’re paying down; the deficit.

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