So Tory ministers lying to Parliament is now OK?

The revelation that British air crews have been engaged in bombing operations against ISIS in Syria for the last 10 months, in strict defiance of a Parliamentary vote two years ago prohibiting this, should be a matter where ministerial heads roll.   The excuse given by the Prime Minister’s office that they were embedded with US forces and not operating under a British chain of command is risible.   The vote in 2013 was explicit that there was not to be any British military involvement in the Syrian conflict.   For Fallon as defence secretary then secretly to allow 20 British personnel, including 3 pilots, to take part in U.S.-led bombing missions against ISIS targets in Syria is direct defiance of a Parliamentary red line irrespective of whether British air crew were operating under U.S. or British command structures.   This a very serious abuse of Parliament.   If Parliamentary sovereignty is to mean anything, Fallon should stand down or be forced to resign.

It appears that Cameron himself was fully apprised of this manoeuvre.   His spokeswoman confirmed that “the PM was aware that UK personnel were involved in US operations and what they were doing”.   Her further comment that this was part of a joint training exercise are further weasel words to conceal the truth that British forces were taking part in flying US fighter jets on bombing missions in Syria.   For a prime minister wilfully to defy an express Parliamentary decision in this manner is almost unprecedented.   It is rare that Parliament seeks to pass a motion of censure on a prime minister, but the gravity of what has been revealed – a possible mission creep towards war for which there was no mandate – may justify this.

The accountability of the Executive (the government) to the Legislature (Parliament) has steadily been eroding for years.   It has now reached the point where repeated questions in the Commons, both written and oral, for the last 9 months concerning British military involvement in Syria have received answers so evasive as to be tantamount to lying by saying it was confined to surveillance or air-to-air refuelling.   As another affront to Parliamentary sovereignty it is deeply disturbing that the truth only came out, not as the result of a succession of PQs, but only after a freedom of information request from a pressure group (Reprieve).    Until Parliament seriously threatens ministers’ survival when they deliberately mislead the House and secretly break an unequivocal parliamentary decision, this country is increasingly headed on the road to autocracy.


9 thoughts on “So Tory ministers lying to Parliament is now OK?

  1. It was also lies that won them the election, so how far do they have to go before this government can be brought down?

  2. What happens when a a motion of censure is passed on a PM? I know the information commissioner has reprimanded Tory MPs for lies in parliament,yet still it continues ,they appear to be bullet proof and laughing in the face of democracy. Can anything stop this despicable government and halt their damage earlier than their full term in office Michael Meecher?

  3. Oh come on.


    Apart from the fact that these are seconded personnel; you yourself represent exactly the same political party that dragged us into this unholy mess in first place on the basis of nothing concrete more than a complete and utter pack of lies that even the CIA refused to endorse.

    Have you got faintest idea what you sound like?

  4. this lot of evil crooks fraudsters are determind to take us to another war when everyone doesn’t want it until the people rise but sadly look at whots printed on the site its whot I said the blair babies wont give in crodd over to their true party
    by Our News Desk

    JEREMY Corbyn’s rivals reacted sourly to growing support for the leftwinger’s leadership bid yesterday by insisting they would not include him in the shadow cabinet.

    Unpopular Blairite Liz Kendall, who has consistently polled bottom with just 11 constituency Labour party (CLP) regions backing her for leader, said she would deny Mr Corbyn a place on the shadow cabinet if she won.

    And aides to frontrunner Andy Burnham said he could not “envisage any circumstances” where Mr Corbyn would be on his frontbench, insisting the shadow health secretary was joking when he told a BBC debate he “might be open to listening.”

    Fellow candidate Yvette Cooper said she didn’t want to “prejudge” the issue.

    But Mr Corbyn, who has shot into the lead in terms of party support with 70 CLPs backing him, rose above another weekend of mudslinging, even telling BBC1’s Sunday Politics that Ms Kendall “would be there” in his shadow cabinet.

    The comments followed on as former foreign secretary Dame Margaret Beckett, one of 34 MPs who nominated Mr Corbyn, named Mr Burnham as the candidate most likely to win back power in 2020 — comparing him to former PM Tony Blair.

    Dame Margaret, who led the party for a brief spell after the sudden death of John Smith, wrote in the Sunday Mirror: “I saw Tony Blair come from being an inexperienced shadow minister to someone who led Labour to victory.

    “I am convinced Andy can build a movement to win again and change Britain for the better, to hold Cameron and Osborne to account and to win in 2020.”

    Ladbrokes said it had cut its odds on a Corbyn victory to just 10/3 — a far cry from the 100/1 offered at the start of the contest — making him the third favourite behind Mr Burnham at 10/11 and shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper at 11/4, but ahead of Liz Kendall out at 10/1.

    The bookmaker said if the “relentless” backing continues, “it’s only a matter of time before Corbyn moves into second spot in the betting.”

    Reports yesterday suggested some Labour MPs are plotting a coup to oust Mr Corbyn if he wins the new one-member-one-vote election in September.
    sour people greedie people who wont go jeff3

  5. We have to accept that lies flow on a daily basis from the Tories and they can only get worse the longer it is tolerated by the electorate.

    The fact is the Labor candidates are infighting and falling short of what is expected of them and yet they are still supporting Tory policies. They are destroying themselves and can’t see the wood for the trees. The party of the people “NOT” Mr Meacher aside who is a credit in his beliefs and for the citizens of the UK.

    In six years the Tories have destroyed welfare, the police force, workers rights and tribunals, legal aid, NHS, Schools, Prisons, the justice system, torn the fire brigade apart, destroyed the MOD, next the BBC, Councils creeking under the strain, workfare, zero hours, sanctions, hidden reports on the UC costing £16 billion and the benefit death statistics all hidden from public view.

    And Labor want to abstain, My God we are all doomed. Heaven help us all

  6. Yes, Jeffrey,
    Labour seems to be run by idiots at the moment.
    They don’t seem to realise that only 24.4% of people who were eligible to vote, actually voted for the Tories. They are now destroying themselves whilst trying to pander to these, many of whom are dyed in the wool Tories who will never change their views.

    Why can’t they see that they should instead be appealing to the remaining 75% many of whom voted Labour in the hopes that, should they have won the GE, they would have gone back to somewhere near their original values? Others in this 75% left Labour ages ago, many after Clause IV was taken out, and went on to vote Green or TUSC (perhaps even UKIP).

    These should be Labour’s target area, and these are also the people Jeremy Corbyn is appealing to. One of my Facebook friends has actually formally left the Green Party in order to vote for him! So plotting against him also works against the Labour Party itself, not forgetting that it’s also an affront to democracy.

    The Tories are running scared at his popularity, but they’re clever and are using a double bluff, pretending they want him to win and saying that he’ll render Labour unelectable. Unfortunately, Labour are also running scared and believe them!

    The fact that the SNP won so many seats on an anti-austerity programme should have given them a good indication of what people want.

    I think it was Jeremy Corbyn who pointed out that people didn’t vote for an increase in child poverty.

    I only hope that enough people outside of the Labour party know that they can vote for the Leadership without having to join the now much discredited Labour Party. They can register by texting SUPPORT to 78555 (£3 fee). Please share this widely.

  7. PS
    Public opinion has been shaped by Tory propaganda which was full of misconceptions. Labour should stick to what’s right, as per Jeremy Corbyn’s principles and re educate the public!

    For example:
    A new survey for the Royal Statistical Society and King’s College London shows public opinion is repeatedly off the mark on issues including crime, benefit fraud and immigration.

    The research, carried out by Ipsos Mori from a phone survey of 1,015 people aged 16 to 75, lists ten misconceptions held by the British public. Among the biggest misconceptions are:

    – Benefit fraud: the public think that £24 of every £100 of benefits is fraudulently claimed. Official estimates are that just 70 pence in every £100 is fraudulent – so the public conception is out by a factor of 34.”

    So this is the problem that should be tackled.

  8. Wanda accepted but how can we stop the propaganda it’s endless ? spine chilling apart from misleading the public, not all are so switched on as your good self many don’t have a clue what is actually happening right under our noses.

  9. John –
    I meet Tom Watson recently (he’s standing for the Deputy Leadership).
    He’s been fighting Rupert Murdoch, with some success, and said he’ll continue to do so. We need a free and unbiased press, especially coming up to elections.

    In the meantime, I rely on Mr Meacher and Facebook for most of my information! I also run my own group on there “The Real Voice of the People” – do come and take a look!

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