Iain Duncan Smith demands that same proportion of disabled people work as able-bodied

As part of the government’s plan to extract £12bn from social security benefits, IDS has announced his latest target is “the disability employment gap”.   According to analysis of official ONS figures, this represents the difference between the number of disabled people who are in employment (48%) and the figure for the general population (73%).   The implication is that IDS expects the same proportion of disabled people to work as those who are able-bodied!   Just what does he believe disability means?   There is a long and aggravated Tory history behind this latest announcement, beginning with Thatcher’s attempt to conceal the true unemployment figures by switching applicants en masse to the category of disability and making them subject to incapacity benefit rather than unemployment benefit.

This legerdemain was prompted by unemployment spiking at 3.1 million in 1986.   It led to 1.6 million claimants being badged as incapacitated rather than jobless.   As soon as the unemployment crisis passed, the Tory government changed course and did all it could to cut back the numbers who could be classified as disabled.   The Blair continued the action, but did not get far.   The really big cutbacks only took off with the Cameron government which took on the big French IT firm, Atos, to carry out ‘work capability assessments’ on a systematic and relentless basis to force disabled persons back to work by declaring they were fit to work and therefore if they failed to get work they would be liable to loss of benefit for anything between 4 weeks and 3 years.   This infamous system generated massive complaints, but the government carried on regardless.

The objections were mainly that the examinations by Atos were often perfunctory and the questions asked largely irrelevant, and leaks from DWP staff indicated that the government had set targets for the removal of claimants from the benefit lists.  DWP of course denied this, but that can be taken with a pinch of salt from a department so desperate to conceal the truth as to now being found out using invented stories from fictional claimants, not just once but at least twice, to pretend that benefit sanctions were actually positive and beneficial!   In fact the Information Commissioner has now overruled attempts by DWP to withhold statistics of the number of claimants of incapacity benefit and employment and support allowance who died after being declared fit for work and then had their benefits stopped.   DWP then said it had always intended to publish these figures!   It seems impossible for a government department to stoop any lower than these constant lies, subterfuges and chicaneries, and since they are all politically driven IDS, if he had any integrity, ought to resign.  But of course he won’t.

11 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith demands that same proportion of disabled people work as able-bodied

  1. I wonder if it would be possible to lodge a complaint with the U.N. for genocide and/or crimes against humanity?

  2. In all my life I couldnt forsee this whots happening today yet it is culling the stock rtu ids words not mine yet on it goes there are many mps who could help stop this cull of the sick mentally ill disabled people yet it carries on without much ado strangly rtu ids took himself off to that place of disspair for many who were killed by the nazis its writen by the summer of forty one action t4 had killed many many thousands of disabled people mentaly ill all those who could work is this devil following this line has the figures of past have been surpassed and those figures now are into hundred of thousands died at their hands disgusting isnt it that the few aloud this to happen on their watch jeff3

  3. What a shame Labour is supporting these soulless b*stards in destroying the lives of the most vulnerable.

  4. They’ve closed down the Remploy factories which used to employ disabled people who had little chance of working for commercial companies. They’ve stopped DLA and other benefits which used to provide those who could do some work with enough money to enable them to do so. They’ve also taken away peoples’ mobility vehicles.

    So, people who are already struggling just to do normal things like getting themselves up, washed and dressed, and getting their meals (if they can) have had their already substantial difficulties greatly increased by this cruel government. And then, on top of all of this, they’re also expected to work!?

    Not forgetting that we still have around 2 million fit and healthy people who are unemployed. So what chance do disabled people have of getting a job now that the government has stacked all the cards firmly against them!?

    None of this makes any sense. I’m sure this must be the most diabolical government we have ever had.

    And where, may I ask, is the opposition?
    Oh, they’re busy banning people from voting for Jeremy Corbyn, who is Labour’s best chance of providing a robust opposition to the Tories. What a shambles.

  5. This government are nothing more than criminal, yes they are following the same regime as Aktion T4 just like the nazis and the those unaffected by this genocide carry on as normal as they are not affected YET.

    Why for the life of me the United Nations are taking action against this government is beyond me. As for IDS words fail me and for Cameron to allow this man to destroy so may lives just shows the character of the man. None of them are fit to govern our country.

    Who ever voted for them I hope they suffer as the majority have under this brutal regime.

  6. but the little tory party started all this off with the help of unum who are one of americas biggest crooks has of their denial to pay out it was brought to account in many states of america buying itself back into those states yet now the bigger brother beats us with the same lima software that no matter whot ones fit for work isnt rather strange that the blair babies dont talk about this much rather wanting to keep it but on it goes these devils killing more daily through their abuse of power jeff3

  7. As I recall it was Yvette Cooper who introduced harsher assessments under the WCA in 2010. This involved the “theoretical wheelchair” other refinements worthy of the Witchfinder General!

    And now after 5 years of making things even harder, because the ill and dying, and disabled, haven’t all had Lazarus moments, IDS is going to get “really tough” on the sick to force them into non-existent jobs.

    We all know that the Tories think that the disabled aren’t “worth” as much as other people, I think he figure of £2 per hour was mentioned – will that be the incentive for employers? Or do we think that Maximus, sorry Remploy, who will be running this scheme, will just put all the unemployables into workfare? The death figures published this week show that they know this is causing enormous suffering, and death, but have persisted in making the regime harsher, where the only possible outcome is more death. So it will be with this forced work scheme. We all know it, we see it, but we need the help of an effective opposition to stop it.

    All I can say, irrespective of the apparent change of heart by Ms Cooper in this weeks hustings, I would never again trust her or any of those tainted with the introduction of ESA before 2010 with providing even a basic opposition to this. We need politicians who will bleed with us, on this one.

  8. It is my understanding that the United Nations very rarely start investigations into hate crimes, but that they have started an investigation into systematic abuse of disabled people in one particular country, the UK, they are investigating the UK Government (that will be the Con-Dem coalition) on these matters. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2735958/UN-sparks-fury-launching-human-rights-investigation-Britain-s-treatment-disabled.html (reposting after correcting a typing error)

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