The ugly face of Tory callousness exposed

With the world’s biggest refugee crisis since 1945, it is perhaps predictable that the Tories’ reflex response is to sensationalise the issue, lie about the facts, and pull up the drawbridge.   May kicks it off with the falsehood that the vast majority of migrants to Europe are Africans motivated by economic self-interest, when in fact 62% reaching Europe by boat this year were escaping persecution from Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan.   Foreign secretary Hammond portrayed them as marauders risking the collapse of European civilisation, when in fact the number of migrants who have arrived so far this year is precisely 0.027% of Europe’s total population.   Cameron himself described them as a swarm intent of getting welfare benefits, when in fact the number of migrants reaching Calais of those arriving in Europe this year is just 1% and each asylum seeker in Britain gets a measly £36.95 a week to live on, only just over £5 a day, and is not allowed to work to supplement this sum.

Nor has Britain taken anything like its fair share of refugees under the vindictive and callous standards of the Tories.   Last year 25,870 people sought asylum in the UK, but only 10,050 were accepted.   Germany took 97,275, France 68,500, Sweden 39,905 and Italy 35,180.   Calculated as a proportion to population size, Britain comes even lower.   Calculated on 2015 rates, Britain has been even meaner in its reception of asylum seekers than impoverished Greece!   Against the hysteria the government has generated, you would scarcely believe it that the number of refugees in the UK has actually fallen by over 75,000 in the last 4 years.

Then there is the deeply unsavoury Tory involvement in trafficked workers debt-bonded and forced to work in slavery conditions that has just come to light.   Noble Foods, the UK’s largest egg company, used labour provided by DJ Houghton, a gangmaster operation run by Darrell Houghton and Jacqueline Judge at Maidstone, Kent, and its chairman has been a major Tory party donor and lent Cameron a helicopter for the election.   The Lithuanian workers were held in overcrowded accommodation riddled with bedbugs and fleas, denied sleep and toilet breaks, and had their pay repeatedly withheld while Lithuanian supervisors acted as the Houghtons’ enforcers intimidating the workers with fighting dogs and threatening them with instant eviction if they complained.   So much for Cameron’s promise earlier this month to tackle modern slavery in Britain.

Now that the election is safely out of the way, other Tory acts of harshness and vindictiveness have started to trickle out.   They have shelved their manifesto commitment to cap care costs for the elderly in order to save £100m (out of a deficit still stuck at £90bn), on top of cutting by a quarter of a million the number of elderly and disabled persons receiving social care at all.   They have concealed till now that 1 in 6 of all job seekers are hit by benefit sanctions even though the independent social security advisory committee, chaired by the ex-permanent secretary of DWP, have made the case that there is no certain evidence that sanctions actually work in forcing people back into work, but they do cause hunger and impoverishment.


5 thoughts on “The ugly face of Tory callousness exposed

  1. Let the all in, welcome them all with open arms.

    I think if you spread that message around large parts of our constituency Mr Meacher you will find yourself out of a seat come the next election.

    Time to retire??

  2. Whilst my heart goes out to these people who tony blair should be called to account for his crimes against humanity yes we are seeing the fruits of his destruction yet we have our own people who are abused daily by sanctions and abusive dwp jcp staff were they abuse their position how can these people worry about government’s bombing of these people’s homelands they worry about putting scraps on their table yes its good being a mp when nearly all see owt but their own greedie ways yet the great cull goes on they and those greedie mps are the worst kind has you and your erk allow this cull to continue yet they wont give out those death figures to much to stomach but then christians most are not forgoten about it only to be used in emergencies jeff3

  3. Jeff watched this and can’t believe it’s happening in our country just like the nazis, this government will go down in history for destroying a once proud nation.

    They will never release the statistics they are bunch of murdering heartless gangsters nothing more.

    I knew nothing about Noble foods how can this happen under our noses and nothing is reported in the national press tragic.

    Cameron’s response to the SWARM does not surprise me , they are again nothing more than Stock.

  4. The Tories concentrate the focus on the desperate and powerless citizens of other nations, even though in many cases their interference (plus the Blairites) has contributed towards the displaced fleeing from conflict and despair; in order to take the focus off how much of our country they are selling to the powerful of other nations.

    In the same way that they keep a focus on how much the country can’t afford to provide for the poor and sick and elderly; in order to take the focus off their huge donations to corporate welfare.

    It is the wealthy foreigners now owning or being sold more and more of our infrastructure and properties and land, while influencing policies that our workers have increasingly less wages and security, that are the real danger to our shores.

    It is all of the corporates, who this government really represent, insisting on the global markets being opened up to supply them with cheap and disposable workers to increase their already huge profits, who cause deprivation flowing across borders.

    It is all of the lies Osbourne tells about how wonderfully well is our economy growing and how over generous are our benefits that in some ways lures the disposessed to our country; a condition ignited by previous government lies about the dangers of some countries and then its efforts to destabilise them.

    So now it will be that they will say that they have to cut benefits and social care further so that they aren’t an attraction to all of these people trying to get to and from Calais in order to obtain them; even while they know that it’s all lies, lies, lies.

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