251,417 votes. Wow!

With 4 contestants in the running, to achieve 60% of the leadership vote in the first round is an outright landslide.   Jeremy Corbyn has secured a higher percentage than Blair got in 1994.   Even more significant, Corbyn’s electorate at 554,272 was more than double Blair’s, and no less than 76% of them actually voted, a higher percentage turnout than Blair got.   And another pointer to the overwhelming inspiration that Corbynmania achieved – no less than 160,000 volunteers were recruited to the Corbyn campaign – far, far bigger than in any similar campaign in the past.   This is a seminal day in British politics, marking the coming together of the two great conditions needed for transformational change – radical new ideas and a burgeoning social movement on the scale required to push through major change.

Why did it happen?   The defining moment for today’s denouement was the catastrophic crash of 2008-9, from which 7 years on there is still no sustainable recovery in sight.   It represented the unambiguous bust of the free-wheeling unfettered capitalist business model which had prevailed in the Western economies over the last 3 decades since Thatcher and Reagan.   The essence of this dominant ideology was: leave it all to the markets and let government get out of the way.   It was supposed to be self-regulating and efficient; it was neither.    Worst of all, when it did crash, the Tories imposed all of the pain in remedying it on to the squeezed middle and the battered poorest while letting the bankers, the real perpetrators, off scot-free.   The roiling resentment of the public at this monumental injustice has finally burst out, and Jeremy Corbyn was the right man to articulate this at this moment.

The central demand is for an end to austerity.   Quite apart from the immiseration it has caused, it is the wrong policy for reducing the budget deficit and is being pursued for the wrong reasons (to shrink the State, as Osborne himself has told us).   The right way to cut the deficit is by expanding the economy, creating sustainable well-paid jobs and real sustainable growth, not by contracting the economy, and that steady expansion towards full employment is what Corbyn has made clear he stands for.   Alongside this major revival of British manufacturing industry, which is the only means to pay our way in the world and preserve our living standards, there needs to be tighter regulation of the banks to prevent another crash, a halt to privatisation of our public services, and an end to suppression of the trade unions.   All of those are very powerful reasons why an unprecedented number of people voted for Jeremy Corbyn – ane they were absolutely right!

7 thoughts on “251,417 votes. Wow!

  1. Hum m and m he’s got a tough road to follow can he achieve it has now on his backbenchers are the trouble makers the blair babies they will fight him backstab him at every twist trying to rip his leadership away wouldnt it be more practical to rid the party of these greedie mps send em back to being tories yet its disgraceful that many people’s paid that 3pound only to have their votes cast aside it would have been a avalanche of votes for jc but those blair babies had tried to hide banish them but too to many they tride but failed now its a fight to get back whot the party lost jc well its a long road will he make it I dearly hope so but in my heart I see those treacherous blair babies attacking him time and time again after thought blair to be brought to account for his bombing and treacherous sell out of his people I wonder jeff3

  2. I paid my £3 pounds and was denied a vote. I complained, and I mentioned it to Corbyn’s secretary who informed me they’d been inundated by similar complaints of vote rigging.

    That landslide should have been 80% or more if we’d all been allowed our vote.

  3. Congratulations Mr Jeremy Corbin and all the very best of luck in your new role.
    My congratulations also go to all of those who helped to forge this change. But what a task you have ahead of you all, to transform British politics, no less, by embracing integrity, no less, in the face of massive opposition from obvious opponents in the political arena, a largely sleepwalking voting public and the ‘new labour’ enemy within.
    It’s early days yet and i don’t want to get carried away with enthusiasm but i might even vote for a ‘worker’s labour party’ again some day. Bring it on!

  4. I joined the Labour Party yesterday afternoon. Apparently some 15500 have joined in the last 24 hours. At last we have some one to vote for!

  5. Wow indeed! A good solid mandate, which is exactly what was needed to finally convince the PLP that Jeremy Corbyn and his policies are what people really want.

    I don’t know if the 160,000 volunteers include all the people who supported him on Facebook, exchanging information, especially on how to register and how to vote, as well as counteracting much of the rubbish that was being said about him. No one asked us to help; we just did this off our own bats, because we wanted to, because we believed in him and his policies, and because we wanted the chance of a fairer and more equal society, which only Jeremy was offering us.

    Certainly the credit crash and ensuing austerity measures created the situation that led to the current situation which people find intolerable. We’re so glad he stepped (or was pushed) forward and wish him every possible success.

  6. I volunteered for Jeremy at unite headquarters on the phones.
    I was hoping you would be in shadow cabinet but maybe you decided not to take a briefing.
    You are doing a great job yourself, Michael.

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