Cameron misleads the Commons again

There are three big holes in the government’s defence of the drone killings of 3 British citizens in Syria in this last month.   One is the legality when under Article 51 of the UN charter every country has the right of self-defence, but any armed attack would have to be “imminent or actual”.   More specifically the need for pre-emptive self-defence must be “instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation”.   That does no conceivably fit what happened.   Cameron told the Commons that Khan and Hussein, the two British jihadists killed, had been planning to attach public commemorations in the UK, and No.10 later specified VE Day in May and Armed Forces Day in June, long before the two men were killed in August.   On that basis the killing was clearly not within the law.

Second, there is the much more blatant fact that these killings defy the unambiguous vote of the Commons in 2013 rejecting UK bombing in Syria.   It is clear that Cameron intended at the end of July this year to recall Parliament which had just gone into recess in order to win a vote to start a UK bombing campaign in Syria, but at the last minute pulled back.   Then by September the abrupt rise of Jeremy Corbyn made it unlikely, or at least uncertain, that such a vote could then be won, so Cameron and Fallon decided to make the issue a prior settled one in order to get their way.   But this is a blatant abuse of Parliament for which the government should be expressly censured.

A third very serious gap in the government’s handling of this episode concerns the legal advice received by the PM and National Security Council from the government’s Law Officers.    Jeremy Wright, the attorney general, has been keeping a very low profile, and it is crucial that that advice, and the reasons for it, should now be fully disclosed, both regarding these drone killings already executed and any that might organised in future.

Cameron never answered any of these charges in the House, but concentrated instead on his own agenda (as he always does, irrespective of the questions asked).   That was to try to demonstrate his readiness to take tough action against ISIS and to win plaudits from the more bloodthirsty parts of the press.   But above all, he should not be allowed to get away with operating drone killings as a matter of policy without any parliamentary sanction.

7 thoughts on “Cameron misleads the Commons again

  1. Yet another threat to democracy by this government:

    “Against the advice of the Government’s official body on electoral matters, it made a change to the Electoral Registration and Administration Act.”

    “With an estimated eight million people already missing from a shockingly incomplete electoral register, this would bring the total number of disenfranchised voters to almost 10 million.

    In other words, in the year of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, which enshrined the roots of British democracy, the Government stands to preside over the biggest disenfranchisement ever seen in our nation’s history.

    The number of Missing Britons is the equivalent of losing the entire population of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Sheffield combined from the electoral roll.

    They come from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. People in urban areas, in rented accommodation, from deprived communities, some ethnic minorities and areas with traditionally low voter turnout will be the worst affected. The other worst-affected group will be students.

    Even worse, the new register will form the basis of boundary changes that will rig the electoral system for generations to come.”

  2. Traitors gate should be opened from the tames to recieve these deceitful people yet whot is not said that bombing other countries you have the people fleeing their country to come here or Europe well done cams and co swarms hay your own doing thecause of it with bombmer blair the people of britain dont want you drooping anything on another country better you should be helping to bring piece not bombs jeff3

  3. Syria. A country that has somehow managed to organise itself under the Assads to live peacefully side by side. Alawites (shia lite), Sunni, Orthodox Christian (possibly the oldest branch of Christianity anywhere in the world), and Jews of the Orthodox persuasion (not Edomites).

    Its crime? To persistently block a Gas and Oil pipeline desired by the Qataris and the UAE and the KSA, and inevitably of course Israel.

    Like Ukraine, and Libya before it, and Iraq, Afghanistan and on and on, with the only difference being whether the commodity is Opium or Oil or Gas the US/UK axis creates the destabilisations using NGO’s managed by people like George Soros NED etc with the complete support of a Mockingbird Media that creates the lies that are the pillars of our illusory world. Now the Refugees have forced people to actually look at what is real.

    Our Government(sic) looking to commit this nations forces to a war for the bankers and oil corporations using murder as the tool. Why has the “Prime Minister” not been fired and arrested? That is the question. What has been done is obviously wrong.

    The US DEA has been booted out of Columbia and drug production drops: Is that a clue anybody.

    The Taliban retake Musa Qala in Afghanistan. Big loss for MI6/Mossad.

    George Monbiot in the Guardian:

    Not my favourite journalist (I rather prefer Peter Hitchens), but who can deny his concerns?

  4. There are going to be a great number of Europeans killed as a result of the current refugee crisis in which members of ISIS have been allowed to walk in alongside genuine refugees.
    It’s time we all woke up the the fact that Europe is being transformed into an Islamic state and that Muslims will not be content until Sharia Law dominates.
    You can pontificate about our not fighting under the Queensberry Rules but as far as I’m concerned there are now two evil little bastards less to worry about.

  5. Sadly it has become the norm now day’s only to expect fiction and lies from this government, I tire of it. It was laughable in the beginning but now wearing a little thin.

    Propaganda and rhetoric that’s all they know, they control the media, I can’t for the life of me understand why people fall for it. Low intelligence maybe?

    They are ruthless, no regard whatsoever for their fellow man.

    I despair watching the PR man DC delivering a speech, if you tied his hands behind his back, he would become speechless, a trained performance if ever I have seen one.

    DC does as he pleases he is not interested in a parliamentary sanction, he is God in his eyes.

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