Cameron puts party before country

Those of us who have had the (dis)pleasure of watching Cameron at PMQs know he never answers a question.   Whatever subject is raised, he has a prepared brief which selectively explains how brilliantly the Tory government is doing on that issue, even if it has nothing whatever to do with the question.   It is of course a complete abuse of Parliament which is to hold the government of the day to account, but he gets away with it because the PM always has the last word.   However, when he doesn’t have the last word and has to see an issue through to the finish, he is exposed as the weakest flip-flopping party-driven prime minister in modern times.   At every move organised by the Tory Right over the EU referendum, he has humiliatingly caved in.

He conceded a referendum he never wanted, in order to keep his Right at bay, then promised sufficient negotiating gains in Brussels to see off his rebels by the time the referendum came, only to find Merkel, his only real potential ally in Europe, adamantly blocking any change in the rules governing the free movement of labour.   He then tried to give himself more wriggle-room by announcing that treaty changes could be postponed till after a deal had been hatched some time in 2016-7, only to be mocked for accepting a post-dated cheque.   He then caved in again to his diehard eurosceptics by agreeing not to have the EU vote on the same day as the devolved and local elections, having already made clear his view that he could see no reason why the public couldn’t decide two things on the same day.   To cap it all, he told his anti-EU ministers that they would have to toe the government (i.e. his) line, then turned turtle and said they were free to campaign as they  wished.   So much for leadership, so much for putting the nation’s interests first.

Now he’s made a further concession – having said that purdah (which bars significant official announcements in the campaign) would now be imposed, flatly contradicting his previous stance that purdah would harm British interests.   The success of the Tory Right in pushing him all over the place can only encourage future rebellions.   The claim to be able to wrest the repatriation of major powers seems doomed before it starts since Britain under Cameron’s continuous vacillation has already shot its diplomatic bolt in Europe.   This is the feeblest leadership that Britain has had to endure since the war, and it will pay the price.

5 thoughts on “Cameron puts party before country

  1. It sounds as though Cameron has been forced to do so many U turns by his right wing that he must be getting quite dizzy, like a cat chasing its tail. I only wish we could bring this appalling government down before 2020.

  2. Never in british history has a party done so much damage to its peoples has this bunch of devils never in history has one con the public out if billions while they get pay rises never in history have a government killed so many never in history has a government been fraudulent trading by giving out vast contracts to companies they have ties with never in history has a government nearly taken the nhs to being private never has there ever been a government who lied lied and lied the people have been hoodwinked by their lies jeff3

  3. “This is the feeblest leadership that Britain has had to endure since the war, and it will pay the price.”

    No, this is the most evil.

  4. Quite right, Nicola.
    The UN is hot on their tails, ref DWP deaths, etc., so apart from all the cruelties they’re inflicting, mainly on the sick and disabled, they have brought the country into disrepute. Had this number of people been killed by some other means, all hell would break loose, but very little has been said about this in the media (probably because they control most of it).

    This really should bring the government down, as surely their raison d’etre is to look after the people of this country.

    On top of that they only got elected because they misled people into thinking they were fixing the economy and that Labour made a mess of it.

  5. Agree with you all it’s quite sad really that we have to tolerate it. I am in my sixties now and never thought I would witness in my lifetime a bunch of criminal toffs causing so much hurt, pain and suffering and death on it’s own people and actually laughing about it.

    It just proves the breed / character and such incompetence of a so called educated mob excluding IDS from being educated that’s another lie in itself.

    Cameron is nothing more than a conceited self opinionated lying PR man with a backbone of a jellyfish and not fit for purpose.

    I only wish he would spend the rest of his time in office back in Cornwall where he appears to spend so much time whilst a crisis has arisen.

    I can sense Mr.Meacher’s resentment and rightly so it’s justified and shared by millions.

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