Can Mandelson actively advocating the ousting of the new leader remain a member of the Labour Party?

It is one thing for those who opposed the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader to make their concerns and objections known and to argue for them within the Big Tent which is the Labour Party.   It is quite another thing, when a new leader has just been elected with 60% of the vote (higher than Blair’s 57% in 1994), for a well-known Labour public figure to openly incite insurrection to have him promptly overthrown.   When the party has spoken with such unprecedented decisiveness, such behaviour is coming close to traitorous.   The Labour party has a rule, introduced by Blair himself, that anyone who brings the party into disrepute can be expelled.  Many would think that Mandelson, who no doubt was deeply involved in the machinations behind the new rule designed to get rid of inconvenient left-wing activists, has now put himself in a position to be hoist on his own petard.

What is so objectionable about Mandelson’s pronouncements is that it betrays his view that the Labour party isn’t a democratic party at all, but simply an instrument for his own clique to gain power and retain power.   He sees it as his own personal or factional fiefdom which somehow he has a God-given right to control as though that were the natural order of things.   Any deviation from this is a perversion that is not acceptable.   What is really ironic is that the Blairites have only themselves to blame because they were so confident of their impregnable dominance that they ceased to listen to the party and indeed regarded the party as an inconvenience except for money-[raising and door-knocking.   Now they are in a state of denial.   But what they cannot do, and Mandelson cannot do, is bring the party into disrepute because they cannot get their own way.

It is also worth noting that so much of the reporting since Corbyn’s elevation on the 12th has been misplaced.   The media has framed the differences of policy between the leader and an opposed majority within the PLP as a contest in negotiation in which somehow the demands of the PLP will have to be satisfied.   But that is not the role of the PLP at all.   The members of the PLP are there to represent their constituents and party members, not to act as a force in their own right detached from the views of the wider party.   That is not to say that there cannot be frank exchanges and impassioned argument on both policy and the democratic structures of the party, but once the party as a whole has spoken it does not give the right to the PLP to defy the leader and seek to enforce on him policies which have just weeks before been soundly rejected by the wider membership.


12 thoughts on “Can Mandelson actively advocating the ousting of the new leader remain a member of the Labour Party?

  1. 60 I beg to differ if they hadnt thrown out and hide votes it would have been a lot more mandy and his erk should be thrown out before they do cause any more damage you right there pack their bags cross that floor untill that day jeff3

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that Lord Mandelson should be expelled from the party for his open encouragement for a coup to overthrow the elected leader.
    Please can you give me information and advice on starting an online petition asking party members whether they agree in expelling Peter Mandelson now before he is given chance to being his plans into fruition.

  3. My suspicion is that Mr Corbyns’ actual support is in the High 70’s% to the low 80’s%. A nightmare for oiks like Mandelson.

    So far Mr Corbyn is ticking a lot of my boxes. Get rid of Trident? Absolutely.

    Get rid of the class war activities hidden under the misnomer “Austerity”? Again Asolutely.

    Refuse to take part in foreign military adventures for the eight families, and the big four energy cartels? Absolutely.

    Where I differ to some degree is with Mr Corbyns “open borders” support. It is quite apparent that this refugee “crisis” is to a large event staged. I have gathered that less than 5% of these people are genuine refugees, while the others appear to be opportunists motivated by Merk the Jerks ridiculous and unwanted (by the people that elected her) call for a million refugees to come to Germany. I hope this action by what appears to be an American CIA asset ends her career(sic).

    The influx looks very sinister indeed. The US seems rather too taken with its hybrid “proxy” wars, like to that in Syria. With the Gangster state of Kosovo now available as a base to supply such an army in Europe, carved out by another illegal and corrupt and evil attack on Jugoslavia, then I am thinking this crisis is a false flag undeertaken by the US and Turkey as means to transit a proxy force to Kosovo (?) via Germany and Ramsteoin, to facilitate a destabilising war in Europe and finally Russia. We shall see.

  4. Mandy has become a parody of himself. Like so many others, he must fall in behind or go.
    Quiet departure would be the honourable thing, but like Tony, he’ll want to wave his bits about first.

  5. What rule has he broken?

    I doubt you can actually prove “bringing the Party into disrepute”.

    I suspect that if the rule was actually deployed against him it would be portrayed as a witch hunt and pursuing it in itself would bring the Party into disrepute.

  6. Mandy doesn’t seem to realise that he has about as much authority with the Labour Party, as a step-parent has with their 14 year old step-child. His endorsement for ABC was a red-flag to a bull.

  7. Never liked the man quite devious me thinks, would not trust him with my cat. Throughout he always had an ulterior motive.

    Yes I agree with others about time he walked, a dangerous being if ever there was one.

  8. Mandleson is behaving disgracefuly and should go of course he should, Iv gone too I would work happily for the Election of Corbyn no problem there I cant work with the vile Trotskyites and his vile following they will wreck our party for good indeed Blair smashed out party too didn’t he??

  9. Mandy’s a liability, but McTernan’s worse! Anyone see him on the Daily Politics on Monday (28/9/2015)? Utterly toxic! Go on i-player and skip to 1hrs 13mins…

  10. Absolutely right, but the problem is that it isn’t just Mandelson, but other backroom manipulators like John McTernan, Richard Angell, and MPs like Rachel Reeves, Danczuk, Mann, Woodcock, and even Bradshaw, and Hunt. None of these put up any resistance to George Osborne’s fantasy economics, and they are all actively fostering dissent and bringing the party into disrepute.

    I’d like to see a long piece by Michael Meacher in that ever-rightward-drifting rag the New Statesman, but I doubt it would get past Jason Cowley.

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