Corbyn forces the Tories to take him seriously

After all the slurs about unelectability, the Tories have very quickly changed their tune and acknowledged that they are now facing a very real threat that they’ve not encountered for the last 30 years.   At a meeting of the political cabinet last Tuesday they decided to focus on the idea that they offer a better future through lower taxes, a higher minimum wage, more jobs, and better public services, while a left-wing agenda would deliver insecurity through higher spending, higher taxes and more borrowing.   If that is their plan, they have a real fight on their hands since almost all of their claims are downright wrong.

Taxes have been lowered for the top decile and for multi-national corporations, but the severe cutback in tax credits in this next Tuesday’s Finance bill will increase taxes for the bottom third of the population, even after the increase in the personal allowance is taken into account.   The £9 an hour minimum wage, which will not be reached till 2020, is actually unlikely to exceed by much, if at all, the uprating that the minimum will have reached by then.

As to more jobs, there are still 1.8 million people unemployed and the jobless figures are already starting to rise again.   Moreover, the quality of jobs created over the last 2 years has been poor: 40% self-employed on a pittance wage and most of the rest insecure, low-paid, and on zero hours contracts, and even then 11 out of 12 jobs created have been in London or the South-East.   As to better public services, are they serious?   The NHS is being outsourced and privatised strongly against the wishes of the public, education is being made to fit Tory ideology, and legal aid is being drastically pared back.

A left-wing agenda that produced growth and better-paid and more sustainable jobs could be generated at minimal higher spending while interest rates remain at 0.5% which will be for some long time yet.   But it would produce the opposite of what the Tories claim – higher income and greater security than the Tory option of prolonged austerity.   Again a left-wing agenda would certainly increase taxes on the very rich who are holding the country to ransom by their industrial scale tax avoidance, but it would lower taxes on the poorer half of the population.   As to more borrowing, the Tories have a cheek at throwing that at Labour when they themselves are forcing the 13 million households in poverty in the UK, half of them in work, to borrow more because of the £12bn welfare cuts about to be imposed.



9 thoughts on “Corbyn forces the Tories to take him seriously

  1. My understanding was that the Tories were going on the attack by saying Jeremy Corbyn “is a threat to national security” which is of course absolutely ridiculous. If they go ahead and bomb Syria they themselves will create a big threat to us by provoking more terrorists.

    So, they’ll be attacking him on the economy as well. I’m annoyed at all the statements by Yvette Cooper and various newspapers on PQE being about “printing money” with the implication that it’ll be frittered away like previous Labour governments supposedly did (which we know isn’t true).

    I’m really looking forward to a proper, strong Labour opposition that will finally challenge the Tories on the economy. I was rather hoping to see you Mr Meacher as Chancellor, but trust they’ll now listen to you, as you do all appear to be pulling in the same direction at long last.

    Best wishes to all, especially to Jeremy.

  2. Hope your feeding your analysis to Jeremy’s team..with all the cowards quitting and failing to support his overwhelming mandate for change..he needs to keep apprised of the realities…because I’m hoping he will have some time to rest awhile after a bruising campaign..enough to restore his strengh for the fights ahead. The upside is he not only has a lot of supporters but I believe his campaign managers can and should work hard to encourage volunteers to help in the coming months. This would be one type of ‘workfare’ I could and will support

  3. It seems absolutely surreal that the labour party is a left-wing organisation again. I can’t wait to see who gets appointed to shadow IDS – I hope they tear him limb from limb.

  4. Hum the tories I hope never ever to see such a government get into office again brutal but claims of less unemployed hum hovering around five million now but no matter ghey crow they created more jobs stacking shelves at the salvation army stacking shelves at those povety charities who take a slave apprenticeships you joking a apprenticeship should be four years but these one year ones stacking shelves another slave labour wages down benefits down yes they culled the stock without much of a ado yes they allowed the fraudulent banksters to keep doing it they also is the worst bit having ties to these companies they awarded contracts to isnt this fraud has if it was a person in council theyd be locked up yes they are the biggest lot of crooks to ever be at parliament mores the pity tories should keep quiet but like a cockeral seeing dawn break likes to crow out but now with jc help their lies can now be shown up jeff3

  5. The Daily Mail, et al, is a national disgrace. A certain amount of bias is expected, but this constant outpouring of establishment propaganda and bile is Orwellian in the extreme. Worse still is the fact that the sheeple still believe this BS – as evidenced by the Tories scraping in at the last election.

  6. Listening to Michael Fallon MP on Saturday I heard the phrase: “risk to National Security” and other statments. I thought he was talking about ISIS or maybe Osama Bin Laden – so was surprised to here he was talking about Jeremy Corbyn – who Jerry Adams described as a “friend to Ireland” as he participated in peace talks which led to saving countless lives in Northern Ireland.

    Jeremy Corbyn has also been criticised by Yvette Cooper for talking to Hamas – she even implied that he was anti-semitic ???? For wanting peace in Palestine? (it might be called Israel now but in 1946 it was 100% Palestine).

    He predicted the chaos in Libya in 2011 prior to the NATO bombing and lynch mob mentality which murdered Gadaffi in his own Country and has now destabilised the region and directly resulted in a migration crisis.

    He opposed the Iraq War – ditto as Libya.

    He oppooses the bombing and murder of people in Syria – ditto for Libya

    He proposes a econmic policy that would redcue Government Debt, increase employment, increase Tax Revenues through reduction in Job Seekers Allowances and increase income tax, witll increase Corporaiton Tax and close Tax Loopholes.

    Jeremy Corbyn is very unlikely to bomb a Country and kill thousands of people creating a power vacuum that will be filled by Terrorist Organisations (like ISIL/ISIS) that are usually covertly funded and supplied by the Americans to destabilise and topple other Government’s in the Middle East. So Jeremy Corbyn will instead reduce the likelihood of creating more enemies of the UK and will help stabilise not only the Political environment but the Economic environment through cooperation rather than aggressive and violent invasion.

    It seems to me that Michael Fallon was describing the policies of his own Government as the World is a more dangerous place thanks to the policy of bombing sovereign Countries (Libya & now Syria) and destabilising and toppling Democratic Countries using NAZIs to actively topple the Government (NAZI) which has now resulted in a Civil War and potential Nuclear War with Russia and China? Michael Fallon, William Hague, David Cameron are – and continue to be a serious threat to the security of every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom. Drone Strikes in Syria leading to an Invasion will cost Billions of pounds and create more destruciton and more refugees heading towards Europe ad the UK, while at the same time thye starve the NHS of funding through continued internal markets, PFI and eventually – internaitonal investors in healthcare through TTIP, which will turn our hospitals into income streams to American Investment Firms based in the Cayman Islands.

  7. George Osborne was seen laughing out loud during PMQs when Jeremy Corbyn asked about the refugee crisis.

    This reminded me of a picture of George Osborne – when he was a bit younger – sitting next to a glamorous looking lady with a mysterious white powder on the bar table in front of them, holding a cigarette and a drink – both smiling at the Camera. This may have been around the time when George Osborne was refolding towells in Selfridges.

    The glamorous looking lady sold the story to the newspapers many years later.
    Not criticising George for this – he was having a good time and nothing wrong in that. but he did seem extremely rude and childish in the House of Commons, laughing out loud when serious questions are rasied concerning peoples lives that affect imigraiton to this country and it did seem to show a complete lack of concern by the Chancellor. Perhaps that is now why David Cameron is visiting refugee camps trying to make it looks as so he cares?

  8. Cameron visiting a refugee camp, the man is a hypocrite, a PR man if ever I’ve seen on.

    He is probably hating this, sat with paupers, gritting his teeth.

    Oh!! look at me I have flown over here to see for myself.

    What an imbecile a disingenuous bigot if ever I have seen one.

    More likely fancied a day away from the office, wonder at what cost to the taxpayer for his PR stunt?

  9. Yes he caused it bombing them yet he wants to bomb some more jc better watch out those blair babies could tip the vote cams way for more bombs to be droped jeff3

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