One of Jez’s first tasks must be to frame his project, and to de-frame Osborne’s

If there is one single reason why Labour lost the election, it’s that Osborne realised the critical importance of framing his project in a way that made it acceptable in the eyes of a majority of the electorate.   The fact that it was a string of lies didn’t matter as long as people believed it.   This was Osborne’s line: the Labour government left a terrible economic mess, we’ve cleared it up by the only means possible, it’s been painful but we’re all in it together, we’ve succeeded in our recovery and should stick with it.  Every statement there is false, but in the absence of Labour refuting all these lies, it was the only tale in town.   Labour lost because Ed Miliband, though he won a lot of support for his policies on energy freeze, living wage, house-building, etc., nevertheless neither exposed the Tory mantra for the utter falsehood it was, nor, even more crucially, produced a commanding narrative which framed his own project in a manner which grabbed the electorate’s attention.

Labour didn’t cause the economic breakdown, the bankers did.   The Tories didn’t clear up the collapse in the only way possible; they chose to impose austerity when they coul dhave continued with Alistair Darling’s policy of expanding the economy and generating growth and jobs to pay down the deficit quicker.   We were not all in it together when the top 1% have continued to increase their wealth while the squeezed middle and pummeled poorest have paid the price for the bankers’ recklessness and arrogance.   Osborne has not produced a proper and sustainable recovery , only a weak and irregular upturn trapped in prolonged austerity with no end in sight.

Why Labour didn’t say this loud and clear between 2010-15 must remain one of the unaccountable mysteries of modern politics.   But Labour didn’t, and it allowed Osborne, lies and all, to dominate the political landscape right through to the election.   Now he will try to do exactly the same again, and paint Corbynomics into a corner even before it’s got off the ground.   Labour must now urgently do two things.   It must tell the truth about Osborne’s total misrepresentation of the political record, even if it means apologising for letting down the country by not pronouncing the truth before.   But above all, Jeremy Corbyn should quickly begin to draft his own project.   It might run something like this.   The Tory bankers allowed their greed and incompetence to capsize the British economy.   The Tory government chose to deal with this by imposing austerity which hits the poorest hardest and lets the bankers off the hook.   It hasn’t worked because hard-working families are still worse off, companies are not investing and household borrowing is at dangerous levels.   We need a fundamental change, and growth and jobs is the answer to austerity.

5 thoughts on “One of Jez’s first tasks must be to frame his project, and to de-frame Osborne’s

  1. Yes, of course. Labour should think up an easy to understand sound bite and get MPs and spokespeople to repeat it ad nauseum, just like the Tories did over the last 5 years!

    They should also come down really heavily and promptly on all the rubbish, lies and misconceptions in the press. One of the prime examples is quoting Jeremy as having said it was a “tragedy” that Osama Bin Laden was killed, without going on to explain that he went on to say it was a tragedy that he wasn’t brought to trial, with the implication that he may have been killed to prevent him exposing information against people high up in the USA and perhaps even the UK. He’s also been attacked by people who believe (erroneously) that he’d attended a meeting where the killing of British soldiers was promoted. Newspapers should be forced to print prominent retractions (and not hidden away in the back pages). I do hope this will be taken in hand.

    The press is distracting people away from the really important issues with articles about red or white poppies and not singing the national anthem. (Those who died in WWII fought for our freedom, which includes being anti royalists and not having to follow such conventions). Even the Americans are saying in their press that Jeremy is being treated very unfairly! He needs to be defended, as “mud sticks.” We mustn’t let what happened to Ed Miliband happen to him as well.

    Also, people, and especially Labour MPs should be instructed not to say “hard left” (‘cos he’s not) and “unelectable” as that’ll be a self defeating prophecy. Jeremy has the strongest mandate of any Leader, ever, and they should all come to terms with this, knuckle under and support him 100%.

    I’ve always heard that “the best form of defence is attack” and that’s exactly what we need, a proper opposition that will go on the attack against the Tories (which I think we now have) but also a good publicity campaign to highlight all their wrongdoings and other misdemeanours.

    I’ve often said that had people known the truth about the Tories’ handling of the economy they would not have won the election, so this truth needs to be exposed. I still think the government should be brought down on the strength of them having misled voters to get elected and also for bringing disgrace to the country on being investigated by the UN for the treatment of the country’s most vulnerable people, which I believe they were obliged to pledge to protect.

    I hope Jeremy will do well at today’s PMQs.

  2. I would agree with all this. However, I have been studying Modern Monetary Theory, I know that talk of the deficit is a bit of a scam.
    If you look at the sectorial balances of a country, you can see that the deficit is not always controllable by a government.
    For example, Norway cannot help running a fiscal surplus. This is because because it sells so much oil that its external trade balance is very high for its population, so if the government ran a deficit or created PQE, they would get inflation.
    In Britain, we cannot help but run a deficit, because our trade deficit is so high that for government to cut and cut, and reduce the deficit, would cause high levels of bank debt/poverty or deflation.
    The MMT economists know that the deficit surplus is mostly an automatic stabiliser.
    Even some surplus countries will have one from time to time and we have almost always had one. Clintons and Gordon Browns surpluses were paralled by periods of high household debt. To much private debt is what leads to recessions and financial crises.

    Bill Mitchells states that we need deficits when we have external trade deficits, and that the framing for deficits should change dramatically, because they are injections of real asset money to the economy.
    He states that we should say that “the deficit rose and increased business and household wealth.” It should “increase our manufacturing base and exports and then be less needed for well being.” Or Osborne has cut government injections of money at a time when we need to create jobs and shrunk the real economy, making it more difficult to start exporting and earning our way out of unemployment.”
    Read this by Bill Mitchell -” Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘New Politics’ must not include lying about fiscal deficits.”
    It is very helpful to Jeremys campaign. I say this as someone who voted for him!!!!!!

  3. “even if it means apologising for letting down the country by not pronouncing the truth before.”…MM.

    This quoted partial statement is so important to so many areas of maladministration by British GovCorp Mr Meacher.

    We desperately need truth regarding:-

    1/… 7/7, 9/11, Gladio involvement re NATO.

    2/… The sham “War on Terror”.

    3/… Iraq, Afghanistan (with particular reference to Opium production under US/UK occupation), Libya (a truly disgusting and evil conflict founded upon the same lies and trickery as Syria): A war to establish a gas pipeline, and to enable Israel to claim Golan heights where oil has been found (take a look at those involved).

    I could go on. However these matters must be faced regardless of GovCorp saving face. Trust is gone, this must be obvious. The only option is to bring truth back into Politics. Unpleasant perhaps; though essential. The Mockingbird Media must be exposed for the propaganda whore that it in fact is. A new start Mr Meacher: Nothing else will do. If Mr Corbyn can speak truth without fear, then there might be a chance to partially (at best) restore our country to a position of respect.

    Monetary theory itself is a scam. It defines the prison. The deficit is irrelevant, I have already posted a very good link here regarding our public finances and how they work. Look for example at the WeRe Bank. For a modest sum £35.00 in GBP the WeRe extend £150000.00 credit, which it provides a cheque book for the purpose of paying or purchasing into the public. I am following this with the greatest interest: The other details, monthly subscription etc (leveraged at 2:1 to give you £20.00 in WeRe credit) can be read at the Banks’ site. The WeRe then guarantees in writing, forgiveness of this debt after the ten year term. So, a bond (trust res?) is likely the source. This bank is set up legally under common law and in no way functions illegally. To date a very large high street bank is fighting these cheques citing fraud, while others have caved and honoured them. People are aware and are beginning to fight back. The reason these banks are caving is because of Lord Dennings ruling re: Promissary Notes, being treated as cash. There is no way out, for the reason that a sterling denominated bank note is too a promissary note.

    In theory I could write a promissary note for any amount, the corporatisation of the individual into the Public notwithstanding. In fact I could, if I so desired, issue a public notice through a newspaper and return to the Private: What could the British govcorp do then? It would not be able to treat with me in theory, if the process of law was still in place: Now we only have the colour of law and UCC/Admiralty/ Commercial law.

    Honesty and truth Mr Meacher, sooner rather than later.

  4. I can not accept if you lie in a court of law you can be held in contempt. Why why why can senior ministers lie repeatedly through their teeth on a daily basis and get away with it.

    Why also can they flood the media with lies again daily and get away with.

    They should be held accountable immediately and if they continue should step down.

    If the law was applied Osborne and Cameron should have gone during their first day in office.

    Mr. Meacher is so right in what he says and the comments made by others brilliant.

  5. I agree we need a very clear message but definitely not a ‘soundbite’. There is nothing more grating than the rhetoric of the Tories churning out automaton lines. Telling the truth is easy; you only have to resort to soundbites if you have something to hide or are lying.

  6. This is a new start. This is just a beginning. The Labour Party regrouping around a sincere and faithful figurehead that inspires trust, confidence and therefore hope that a real offensive now can can gain some higher moral ground in the pursuit of truth, integrity and a fairer society.
    Expect no end of flak and other abominations. There will be no end to the lies, the slander and the disinformation as many in power have much to lose and will fight savagely to the bitter end.
    This is not a playground and home-time might be a long time coming: the problem here is not naughty kids.
    What we have seen from the Conservatives in recent years (with much wholehearted Labour and Lib Dem support) is nothing short of evil.
    As Tony Benn was wont to say: each generation has to fight over the same old ground.
    This is our ‘Battle of Evermore’!

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