The State We Need

A Guardian political book of the year

In The State We Need, published in September 2013, Michael Meacher offers a coherent blueprint for Britain’s future:

The State We Need by Michael Meacher MPDespite the crash, the remote political elite in Westminster is still clinging to the same old ideas that have been tried and found wanting. We’re still told that we’re not allowed to think outside the box of Thatcherism. Set out in The State We Need is a coherent and detailed vision around which progressive forces might group as the first step in the replacement of the failed neo-conservative market model, one that is radical but also practical.

It presents a different model for business, a reconstructed banking system, an alternative economic policy, a reconfigured power structure, an industrial policy geared to the revival of manufacturing, a sharply different approach to employment and welfare, as well as inequality in society, and a fundamental reassessment of the handling of climate change.

Special offer for Labour party members, and readers of Left Futures and this blog:

Order at a discounted rate of only £10 per copy. Send a cheque, along with your name and address, to: Michael Meacher, c/o House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

George Monbiot
“This is a powerful manifesto for a just nation…”
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Robert Skidelsky
“The State We Need is a must-read for all radicals…”
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Caroline Lucas MP
“[T]his book is a much-needed beacon of hope for a better future…”
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Larry Elliot, Guardian Economics Editor
“Michael Meacher has observed the rise and fall of market capitalism over the past forty years and his book is important for two reasons…”
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Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC
“This is a welcome contribution to the debate about how to build a stronger, more equal Britain…”
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