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Osborne overplays his hand

The two most recent polls, one showing Labour with a 5-point lead and then a second two days later indicating a 7 -point lead for Labour, may just possibly suggest that the electorate is finally getting its mind around what the Tories plan to do over the next 5 years if they win, and they don’t like what they see.   They keep on being told by the Tories that the cuts are more than half over, which they plainly are not, and they had previously put up with austerity on the grounds that  by 2015 nothing much more would need to be done, and anyway cuts were for shirkers and scroungers, not hard-working people like themselves.   It is now beginning to dawn on them that all these sweet billets-doux cooed at them by Cameron and Osborne are just so much moonshine.   The £30bn further cuts (at least) in the next Parliament are going to hit them hard – tax credits cutbacks, huge benefit cuts focused 80% on women, further large squeezes on local authority budgets leading to big job cuts, etc. – and understandably they don’t think that’s fair.   In fact they’re seething.
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