The divisiveness of this Tory government exceeds even Thatcher’s

March 17th, 2012

To introduce regional pay in the public sector (i.e. lower pay in the poorer regions) after already subjecting employees to a 2-year pay freeze, pension cuts and a quarter of a million job deliberate job cuts – in the same budget as removing the 50% tax rate on the 1% ultra-rich – is making this government (totally Tory in all but name) into a byword of greed and selfishness for the extreme rich on a scale that even Thatcher never attempted.   Thatcher dramatically enriched the top tenth of the population, and particularly the topmost 2-3%, but this was against the background of a boom, and she never drove down to the same degree the income of the poorest by huge benefit cuts, expenditure cuts, and deliberately harsh austerity measures.   But even leaving aside the issue of provocative injustice, there are strong arguments against introducing regional pay in principle, and especially at this time. (more…)