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Osborne is bang to rights – when is Labour going to take him down?

Osborne over-reached himself badly in this last week, what with bare-faced lies, twisting of the figures to save his own skin but which no independent expert can validate, childish responses to well-placed questions which left him rattled and blustering, concealing his real underlying motive to take Britain back to the enfeebled state of the 1930s, insisting in every other breath that he has a long-term economic plan which is true only in the sense that it’s the wrong one, and now to cap it all taking on the BBC with accusations of ‘utter hyperbolic nonsense’.    Yet he continues to dominate the landscape because the Opposition still does not have a recognisable alternative macroeconomic policy, their appeal to cutting less far and more slowly over a longer period does not present a convincing shift away from austerity, and above all does not go for the jugular that Osborne has handled the deficit disastrously with maximum pain to the country and minimum benefit because he’s fixated on decimating public services rather than generating sustainable growth (which his ‘recovery’ soon to fizzle out certainly isn’t).
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