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Race to the bottom on immigration won’t work

The Tory programme on immigration is set to get the worst of all worlds, with disastrous consequences for Britain over the EU.   The Tories now want to restrict benefits to immigrants and to make citizens from future EU member countries wait longer before they are allowed to work in Britain.   Now Cameron is going further still with rhetoric about ‘fixing’ immigration to Britain from the EU, and has even floated the idea of an ’emergency brake’ on immigration beyond a certain level from even existing EU members.   But an ’emergency brake’ is doomed to fail both ways round.   It’s unlikely to placate UKIP supporters since UKIP will always go further in extreme promises about keeping out foreigners.   It doesn’t even get to the heart of the problem since immigration is clearly a scapegoat for wider economic disgruntlements.   That explains why London, the city most changed by immigration, is generally relaxed about it, whilst several of the areas most determined to keep out immigrants have actually seen very few.   An emergency brake will not calm anxieties in the latter areas even if Cameron could deliver it, which he almost certainly won’t be allowed to by the rest of the EU as Merkel has not made adamantly clear.
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