Police collusion and government complacency almost as serious as NoW law-breaking

July 18th, 2011

The police have a great deal to answer for over this media crisis and one resignation, however honourable, does not exculpate their collective liability.   Three months ago the Guardian highlighted that “We now know that in dealing with the phone-hacking affair at the NoW, they (the Met) cut short their original inquiry, suppressed evidence, misled the public and the press, concealed information, and broke the law”.   Police HQ failed to change course or to intensify investigations or to act decisively on the damning information they had been sitting on for years.   The stunning Guardian revelation nearly a year earlier, in July 2009, that there were “thousands” of victims of NoW hacking came from a very senior police officer close to Sir Paul Stephenson.   Why did the police do nothing to follow it up vigorously and immediately? (more…)