Cameron’s extremism is inviting an explosion on the streets

June 24th, 2012

No-one forgets that the poll tax was the trigger that brought down Thatcher.   Then a Tory government was pushing its ideology to extremes – a flat-rate tax system, a brutal destruction of manufacturing industry, defenestration of the trade unions, a blindness to community and altruism in favour of selfishness and individualism, a deliberate huge wedge driven into the abyss between rich and poor.   Today there is an uncanny resemblance to that scorched earth policy.   Privatisation is now being pushed to the point of the virtual elimination of the public sector, the banks are let off scot-free while the 99% victims are made to pay the price, the ‘big society’ is used as Rowan Williams has said as a cover for the phasing out of the Welafre State, and the wealth-poverty gap has ballooned.   Yet Cameron last night, kamikaze-like, has aggressively asserted his determination to go further still.   The Tories are like an occupying army laying waste to the foundations which will continue till they are stopped in their tracks.   An explosion is waiting to happen. (more…)