Is that it?

June 20th, 2011

So the ‘open public services’ bill is being stress-tested in Whitehall before the natives (you and I) are allowed to see it.   One hopes the stress-testing is rather more muscular and robust than that to which the banks were subjected – before they nearly crashed to oblivion.   But we have been afforded one tantalising glimpse.   It will include personal budgets for social care (nothing new there, already put in place by the last Government) plus parish councils taking control of parks and traffic restrictions – wow, that will really sock it to them in the big society.   But this is just the softening up to the real meat which is indiscriminate privatisation across the whole range of public services – the sell-off to ‘any willing provider’.   But recent events are flashing red lights even before the process gets under way. (more…)