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Cameron’s one-nation programme: pull the other one!

Like Thatcher declaring on the steps of Downing Street in 1979 that, like Francis of Assisi, ‘where there is discord, I will bring peace’, so Cameron in the Queen’s Speech debate has pledged a one-nation Britain – until one looks at the detail and reads between the lines.   To take one example, the most recent government statistics show that the poorest 10% of households pay 47% of their gross income in direct and indirect taxes, while the richest 10% pay just 35% of their income in taxes.   How is that to be addressed?   Further, the higher tax-free personal allowance will do nothing for the 44% of adults, including pensioners, whose income is already too low to pay any income tax. – which is why raising the personal allowances will do more to benefit the well-off than the poor.
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